I’m getting summer ready with this bikini and swimwear haul from Zaful.

All order with over $30 save $3, over $50 save $5, over $80 save $8, over $100 save $10, with coupon code: ZFYT0 (ends : 17st October)

Zaful website:
Women’s Spaghetti Strap Coral Print Bikini Set:
Flamingo Print Round Beach Throw:
High Waisted Graphic Bikini Set:
Halter Color Block Plus Size Bikini Set:
Cami Print Push Up Flounced Bikini Set:
Spaghetti Straps Striped Plus Size Swimwear:
Long Sleeve Leaf Print Swimwear:
Polka Dot Push Up Bikini Set:
High Neck Leaf Print Stringy Bikini Set:
Letter Top with Printed Briefs Bikini:
Palm Leaf Print Plunge Swimsuit:

All order with over $30 save $3, over $50 save $5, over $80 save $8, over $100 save $10, with coupon code: ZFYT0 (ends : 17st October)


nmeyers92 says:

You are perfect in every way! Finally a style Youtuber that has a body like mine and a style very similar! I wish I was as confident as you are! You just look so desirable and sexy in my eyes and I can’t see myself that way, I don’t know why.

Lisa Schobesberger says:

FINALLY someone who is actually plus size and NOT morbidly obese.
We have a similar figure, I have a larger chest but it’s so helpful to see someone wearing the same size as me and not giving a shit about it.


marina svensson says:

finally, someone who doesn’t look like they’re gonna have a heart attack at any second

Luminous Achers says:

She actually has my dram body

Tamika Jordan says:

you’re lovely. This was an awesome video.

Valérie Bélair says:

Hey! I am not actually plus size at all, but my chest is huge compared to the rest of me. I was wondering if anyone knew what cup size the colour block bikini would fit? I would love to order it, but don’t think I could stomach another bathing suit being too small at the top. (it’s honestly one of my biggest insecurities and I always feel like I am popping out and indecent), anways… Thanks <3 btw love the video and you look AMAZING!

Laila liesching says:

I have the SAME long sleeve swimsuit but I am a petit 12 year old and the swimsuit comes in all sizes and I HIGHLY recommend it

Sheena Hansen says:

Why “thank you” for not calling you plus size??! Would that be a problem?! Would people like you less?

Ashley Hutzel says:

It is so nice to see someone who has a similar body to me❤ glad I found your channel !

haiskybear says:

You aren’t plus size

Heriberto Martinez says:

nice ass baby

Lustria StormBorn says:

I love that long sleeve suit!!!!! omg

Amber Zapata says:

love your vids loved every swimsuit and your beautifull

Lacey Johnson says:

Sorry to inform you but you are NOT plus size!!

amandabelg503 says:

I think if you stitched a running stitch down the middle front of that blue shell bikini and gathered it, then it would fit properly and tighten up the boob area…Also you could clip a pin on it and do the same

mirandaschalen says:

Lovely vid, but the music was distracting.

Tay Jane says:

I’m in the in between size. Normal sizes are too small but plus sizes are too big. I usually wear a size 15 in junior jeans and large shirts. I don’t even know what type of bathing suit would work for my body. I have small boobs and a long stomach with short legs

PMSM3x1burrit0 says:

I’m glad I just found your channel! My body type is pure Latina: medium sized chest, tiny waist, flat tummy, thick thighs, and long legs with a big butt. I’m not plus sized but not a size 0 either. It’s so difficult to find clothes that fit my waist and legs. Funny thing is, tight dresses and bikinis look best on my figure. You have a very similar body to mine and it feels great to find someone else like me! I hate that we are placed into a plus size category when we’re what curvy really is, we’re fit and sexy!

SugaKookieMonster WithAlienJinandJams says:

Love ur hair love ur tattoos love ur style…subscribed! Lol

JelloBieber says:

Love the video but the music playing under you speaking was super distracting!

Beth Noble says:

How long did it take to come? 😀 x

Bella Lord says:

Your definitely not plus size you have an amazing body so jealous

Lisa Hofman says:

Hey girl I just watched this on another channel, loved the vid so I subscribed and liked he video but then I realized the person who uploaded only had 8 subs. Then I saw the thumbnail in my suggested for someone else posting this video, also not you. This is the third time I’ve watched your video and I’m assuming I’ve finally found the real you. Just thought I’d let you know in case you weren’t aware. So sad people do that 🙁 love the vid!

Francene French says:

I don’t think any of these bathing suits are sold for plus size women… I really think this title is misleading and unfair. On the Zaful website the only have a handful of plusize swimsuits and no of them are cute…. 🙁 . Yes the suits are cute and you look great but you know you are NOT plus size so for you to title this video as though you were is annoying

Harriet K Lacey says:

Dude you have a great body and sick tattoos.

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