Women Try Plus-Size Swimwear

Swimsuits for all!

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Moa C. Andersson says:

My mom is plus size i have never seen her in a swim suit. Only bikini

jazzi's here says:

They look fabulous

Josh Peterson says:

That first girl in red so hot! I’d smash that where’s the girls like that curvy and plump?

TuffKat says:

I bought a bikini. it’s good material but their return services are so bad. the top was big on me. they don’t give back your refund. this company needs to be considerate. change up the service , please…

charly evans says:

0:09 She’s adorable

Cas says:

I love how they’re all tall and then there’s Kristen it’s great

htkim says:

Sheridan is so beautiful, love seeing her in buzzfeed videos!

Liquid Flat Soap says:

if you notice this youll see that plus sized people tuck their rolls into their underwear. And your not plus size or curvy. Youre fuckin unhealthy. Plus Size is overweight. You are obese. Do you see the difference.

harry blaze says:

its not curvy its called being unhealthy

Maya Abarca says:

let me just say these women it the video look beautiful in these swimsuits. All of the women have different shapes and all look equally as beautiful. As a plus size women my self I know how hard it is to look and feel good in a swimsuit. I have stopped swimming and I think I might start again with these swimsuits. I truly think people are opening their minds to having more than one body standard in the world.

caiti says:

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Jazzmyne.

VictoriaBubbles Bun says:

I would love to see the Rebel Wilson line on this page!!!! PLEASE!!!!

ThaTea Chyy says:

You guys are pathetic

Josephine Gallagher says:

There lieing about sizes

Pickle Monster says:

I wish they made videos like these for really petite women that have trouble finding clothes because everythings too big or long

Kitten Central says:

Sheridan and Jazz look AMAZING in those swimsuits

Alexa Manchester says:

You guys should try the ta ta towel

And Tou says:

Body fat and curves are not the same thing.

Leolivia says:


TheHalfBloodPrincess says:

When Jazzmyne uses Kristen as an arm rest, it hits too close to home. #allmyfriendsdothat

Bhavana Venkatesh says:


Andre Jackson says:

It’s like saying a balloon is curvy

Grouchy says:

Millions of years of evolution to make the perfect hunter-gatherer human and we end up glorifying this.

Troy Sackett says:

All I have to say to everyone in this comment section and the girls modeling the girls in the video are dying like fr you did this to yourself

Lexi Walters says:

They definitely look sexy!!!

alessandra says:

Fat not curvy

magic cheeseball says:

they look great and having confidence will get you outside more swimming and exercising instead of sitting inside eating doughnuts getting fatter and thinking you look too fat to go swimming. people come in all sizes get out there and have fun!!!

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