TRYING ROMWE SWIMSUITS!! | Worth your money??

In today’s video we are trying swimsuits from romwe!
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Items Mentioned:
Adjustable Straps Bikini Set:
Striped Bikini Set:
Button Ribbed Bikini Set:
Knot Bikini Set:
Tie Side Cami Bikini Set:
Lace Up Swimsuit:
Contrast Trim Side Tie Bikini Set:
Jungle Caged Swimsuit:
Cross Back Low Back Swimsuit:


Uchigawa Seki says:

what size is the pink one?

Tally Tanner says:

How tall are you… How much do you weigh I want the light pink swimsuit and want to know if it will fit my sister who is 5 5″ and 111 lbs cuz she never can find a suit that fits…

Chloe Couszins says:

I love it

ahmet salih hilal says:

very sexy ass ,, ı want you ass licking..ass hard anal fuck

Samarah Carney says:

I looooove the swimsuit at 5:25

Annna Munoz says:

Ur body is goals


Eu acho fofo. Eu não consigo imaginar uma calcinha tão grande aqui no Brasil kkkkk eu tentei usar uma vez, ficou péssimo em mim.

Selena Mercer says:

You should get other cloths from them and review it? Please

elle rigen says:

I actually marked my calendar. ILY MIA M.<3

Satisfying Colouring says:

How old are you

Lily Schuller says:


Kirsten Smith says:

I wish I could wear them cute small tops. My boobs are to big for them

Nia Cheishvili says:

I hate first one Love second one.
Third one is good color but top is “no”
Ford one is perfect color and is sporty tooo
Fifth. is cool one l knew top was for knot
Sixth is awful
Seventh —_—
Eight l adore it!!!!
Nineth basic nineties

Alex Badger says:

Love the red one piece super cute

Anime Queen says:

I love Romwe I got like 6 sweaters from there

Only me Online says:

Can i join team always sick

Marianna V says:

8:00 ….. isn’t that brown??

Edit: yup ok

Katie Newman says:

the pink one was AMAZING, if I had your amazing body I would wear it, but I look like a potato D:

Tiffany Wixom says:

Red is an amazing color on you! It seems to make your chest look bigger! Both the reds one looked amazing, and Im not a fan of red. Lol

lizzy bellott says:

2:00 I totally agree, all one pieces always feel super tight and feels like it tugs

Katie’s Unicorns says:

Shit I ordered a small but I’m only a teen…..

Luci & friends says:

That pink lace one look so beautiful on you!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Paull says:

A tip for the one pieces! Cause I have noticed it with one pieces on my body too. A lot of one pieces are meant for the “bottoms” to be kind of hiked up on the sides like cheeky hiked up bottoms. So they should go up to your hip bones. That way the rest of the swim suit will go up farther on your body. Since your hip bones are higher thats why it feels like it would be weird to have the swim suit bottoms start there… idk if that MAKES ANY SENSE

Simon Butler says:

My eyes are blue so if I would wear that costume my eyes will fit with the blue color

Raging TRex says:

How are you going to do a swimwear try out and only show the one you like how it fits? The reason why I’m watching this is so I know how it fits in the top and the bottom

Willow Murphy says:

I LOVE the second one

Rose Bascom says:

She had the red bottoms on backwards 5:40

Sydney Thompson says:

You’re sick voice kinda makes you sound like Brittany Murphy, it’s cute lol

Vanilla Pudding says:

I really like the pink one!

edna shered says:

I have a short tourso

rendoodle says:

Okay has no one noticed that the green swimsuit just has a huge ass weed leaf right on the front of it??

Keni Kat says:

I love accents and hers is one of my favorite, am I the only one who loves the way she says bag 0:47 #americansaren’tasfacinating

Lauren Elizabeth says:

it’s hard bc I feel like everything fits you

Ava Kate says:

Hi hello can i have your body please?? you are SO beautiful!!!!

Ruby Patton says:

How do you get bloated from being sick

XxOfficialkyanaxX says:

Sis you’re a skinny legend

Olivia bauer says:

I got surgery today and can’t do anything so I have been laying here watching your videos for like 4 hours straight. You are officially my favorite YouTuber. You are so pretty and your personality is the best thing ever. You and your mom are goals for a mother, daughter relationship.

2cool 2behipster says:

red looks good on everyone except redheads, people always forget about us

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