TRYING ON SWIMSUITS FROM WISH!! | Expectations vs. Reality are they any good?

In today’s video I am trying on swimsuits from!!
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The swimsuits:

Black High waisted Swimsuit:

pink swimsuit:

orange swimsuit:

light blue swimsuit:

red swimsuit:

black one piece:


Blue Shiny says:

42:00 why do i always stop at this moments

Simone Papapavlou says:

Hi Can you please do Lingerie from Wish

Tanya Uys says:

Loving the red one on you

Ionescu Adrian says:

I was having the same popsoket

moon shadow says:

No matter what you wear everything looks so good on you!!

jen mandado says:

love your vlog very helpful thank u

Emily 3118 says:

i don’t know why but you remind me of Sylvia Gani. just subscribed btw ❤️

sei yon says:

what do you do with the swimming suits u buy?

Alissa S. says:

your body is actually perfect like all of those swimsuits would look terrible on me

Sheila Lobert says:

You are incredibly beautiful. I know we all have body envy no matter what our body type, but you are phenomenal from head to toe, and your eyes, especially, are gorgeous; I love your personality, and I love that you care about using the correct word for things.

Lia Priest says:

Don’t stop say today we are doing an exciting video because it is unique

Kashvi Rateria says:

She looks like the older version of Lauren Orlando

Lolooh Silva says:

mesmo entendendo duas palavras adoro seus vídeos kkkk

Jazlien DeWitt says:

Anything on wish for plus sized tends to be terrible quality tho

Jayy Jokela says:

That first burgundy one looks AMAZING. Like they all do, but especially that one

Berit Glerum says:

I absolutely loveee ur videos but please stop with always saying : okay so. It is so annoying .

Teagan Love says:

The wish people should make a wish store

KayCeeEmm m says:

Just curious but with fall approaching have you done a video about wish coats & jackets? Some of them are really cute & im thinking of buying one but I’m scared

Samantha Cruz says:

the red was my fave!!!

Chimyra Johnwell says:

You are very entertaining.

Eryn Johnstone says:

Damn she skinny

liedschnitte says:

First red one is the best

WeThePeople HaveSpoken says:

Whoa whoa whoa whao…. what are you hiding??????????? Government secrets? The meaning of life? All of which is pretty selfish!!!

Ashlyn Ebey says:

I don’t really like the orange on you. You look really washed out. Like the style tho. Love you Mia

Diana f says:

The first bathing suit was your best

ChantelleAli says:

The first swim suit looked the best on you, and your body is gorgeous!

Rora's World says:

I’m on the first one and I’m thinking u are so pretty❤️ I’m almost 12 and I’m hoping I look like u when I’m older❤️ u beautiful girl❤️

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