Trying On CHEAP Plus-Size Bikinis | Amazon Bikini Haul & Try-On!


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Products Mentioned:
Black Floral Halter Bikini
Bandage Criss-Cross Bathing Suit
High Waisted Tropical Swimsuit
Coral Flouncy Bikini with High Wasited Bottoms
Mermaid Gradiant Ombre Bikini
Retro Colorful High-Wasited Bikini

HEY BABESSS so today I’m trying on insanely cheap bikinis under $20 (for the most part!) from Amazon! These are SUPER inexpensive and really cute so I thought I would test them out and see what you guys thought! If you liked the video don’t forget to give me a THUMBS UP & subscribe! Until next time… ILYSM!

What Am I Wearing?
Bikini: Amazon


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LissiYecenia says:

nice bikini

Rayyychael says:

Mermaid one is my fav

strong power thank you says:

I’m really a fan of your hair!! It suits you much better than the blonde hair imo! GORGEOUSSS

LoonyLoser says:

I have that same criss cross swimsuit but in black, Im not particularly lacking in the boob department so I had to buy a black bra for the swimsuit

Elizabeth Yousfi says:

Hey guys please help me get my YouTube channel to 100 Subs by summer

Mya Taylor says:

Can I ask you something? Do you get chafe and how do you treat it?

Erika Moulton says:

so stunning ❤

Lauren E says:

Seriously love your hair!!

Katy Kitty says:

You’re so pretty and I love your positivity! xx

Bloody Tulips says:

The mix and match ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lucy Fisher says:

I admire her confidence so much. Beautiful inside and out 🙂

sandra ferreira says:

This just made my day and when loey did this it made me happy because she is happy with her body shape

Stine Nilsen says:

You look so beautifull with that haircolor!

Amanda S says:

The victoria secrets where I live still do lots of bathing suits :s btw I love the white and black sporty one!

Bonecrusher The Decepticon says:

You are the embodiment of HOT. Sorry I had to.

lana love says:

you resemble lucy hale in a way

Amy Witzke says:

You inspired me to go out and buy a bikini! I’ve always been ashamed of my body, but seeing your confidence really moved me. So I bought one and went on vacation to LA and I felt fantastic. Thank you for being you! ❤️

juliana valle says:

she’s super gorgeoussss and beautiful fuck what society says. yes u can be beautiful and overweight !

Jasmine E says:

What size did you buy in the high wasted tropical swimsuit?

Jkhardy says:

your so beautiful and fabulous <3 amazing video

Kim's Beauty+ says:

I really liked the floral rose print, tropical print, the mermaid one was a cute color scheme, the ruffled pink top and the last top you tried on.

EnchantedMystery1 says:

Loey!!!!! If you cosplay you should cosplay as Rose Quartz from Steven Universe! I just thought of this randomly. I feel like you both are a bit similar. Your both nice and kind, and are positive.

nicky hewitt says:

So hot

Valérie Laprise says:

I love how comfortable with your body you are. You’re so friggin beautiful!! Why aren’t you a model already?!

Phoebe Cate says:

I love the palm tree one! You are so cute!

Heather Cantrell says:

Love you soo much! Your tastes are sooo on point! Also I know you (and all of us) are more than your body but have you gotten stronger? You just seem like you have more muscle now :). Regardless you you are flawless as always!

LadyPamala says:

Love, Love, Love the Rose One. Thank You for showing us all of the suits.

MissKittyNayler says:

I always look forward to your videos Loey! <3 Love you and keep being you!!!!

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