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Mathew Dymski says:

Body is so sexy

Akash Barik says:

I will surely love to be your Cameraman.

Derek Darvell says:

You look very sexy and stunning love! My favourite Bikinis seeing you where is the Light Pink, White and Red.

Redneckandcuban Hottie says:

Shuburt bikini !!!

Canal lixeiro na merica 2018 says:

Too much punheta

Bill Running-rabbit says:


grbluen says:

Smokin’ video!

Dave Hanson says:

What a perfect ass!

Johnny K says:

hope i can say it but your navel mesmerizes me.

b lue says:

i love your personality. you are absoultely astonishing outside <3_<3 but what i really like about you is this nice and humble personality . and so sweet. what don't like is those pervert guys who sometimes comment without respect... but there's always this issues when you are just so incredibly hardworking and nice <3
love you, keep doing what u do. your videos are so honest and true, (what u talk about the clothes u try or your stories or the contests or workouts). I literally love u, i would like u to be my personal trainer btw, cause i would have that nice personality you have to motivate me! ^^
ps.: sorry for my regular english :S

Steve Henry says:

Hey lady. You shouldn’t be posting videos like this on YouTube. This is YouTube not porn

LikEaTraveLife says:

is there an invisible bikini?

Nathanking99 says:

Stop pretending you doing try on you are prostitute, lol your parents must be proude.

Troll Face says:

U should try to wear more Sexy clothes.. See through and stuff like that

Ari Dugarte Try On says:

Your are amazing! i started my try on haul channel because of you, here you can see my first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLKYx3P738o

ZenPiggy says:

0:02 I wonder why

mataozil says:

She’s making No Nut November difficult for us

DeathMiner9000 says:

Can u make porn?

Francisco toledo says:

I love to jerk off looking your amazing ass

Emma M says:

I love the blue high-waist suit!

Hans Schmid says:

Please make a Freddy Wr.Up Pants TryOn

Black says:

Permiso comentario en español pasando :v

jim beam says:

Youtube channel for trying on clothes…simply…wow? Guess you are just using the “talents” you have.

TheBagBalm says:

No pads this time please.

Charly Jum says:

Decir que eres hermosa es irrisorio y poco significativo.

James Andrews says:

Glad I started following your insta lol

Moises Cano says:

I like the pink one the best on her I think it’s her body that makes it look great

Cactus Cob says:

No nut November fail

Mathew Dymski says:

Body is so sexy

Moises Cano says:

You look great with all of them

F-zero91maru says:

be hot if she changed on camera be full nude.

if only this website allowed sexuality/nudity

V3GOLD says:

Can the guy stfu :DD

spencer davis says:

normal waisted bikinis look best on you!

Teagan Kaye says:

You look incredible babe!

Callsign Vega says:

I would user that fine ass as a pillow, a hand warmer and something to eat off of. 😉

Walter Fink says:

You look fantastic in any swimwear that you try on. Just some look more fantastic than others. As far as nipples showing through, I happen to like that. As sexy as they come. But, if doing that, its uncomfortable, use the pads. Like I said, the bottom line is that you have a beautiful figure!
Your definitely model material!



jose manuel prvncxh trrs says:

dAt aSs

Paul Bryan says:

The red bikini has me torn up!!! Amazing Body!!!

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