Swimsuits For All Plus Size Bikini Haul + Try On

Swimsuits For All (http://bit.ly/GlitterandLazers) provided me with these suits in exchange for an honest review. I show you six swimsuits + bikinis, explain why I picked them and talk a little about having fun in a swimsuit.


Torpedo Long Bike Short Set http://bit.ly/2rUwZve
Sapphire Niagara One Piece Swimsuit http://bit.ly/2s3PdeN
Archer Bikini http://bit.ly/2o2JOi6
Speedster Bikini http://bit.ly/2sDAzry
Condessa Bikini http://bit.ly/2sStDX1
Beach Babe Waterfall Bikini http://bit.ly/2sDcmS6

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Moon Dust Shine says:

7:30 dat bak!!!!

Cutepink wink says:

Not hating I love Anna but there is no way every comment is nice! I’m sure she deleted the bad, degrading comments!! Every video is the same, tell me she never gets any hate???

Kelcie Fent says:

you’re my new favorite youtuber!! you inspired me to search for a two piece for my vacation next month and i have NEVER worn a two piece due to confidence/body issues so omg thank you for your confidence!!

Ryan Lockridge says:

Love how she’s so open and doesn’t care about what people say keep it going girl

Lilia Mestiti says:

I’m addicted to your chaaaaannneeeeeel ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

kaitlyn seward says:

Random ? But is that a mole by ur butt because if that is its funny because I have the same one in the same spot hahah

C W says:

I’m no where near your size but I can’t stop watching your videos. So amusing

hannah !! says:

this is so empowering i’m so happy (‘:

Natalie Hernandez says:

I love love love your confidence, you are a beautiful person!

LpsPandaCub04Bonus says:

You look so beautiful!!! I love the first one! ❤️

Nami Hendrix says:

I wish I was as confident as you! I could never wear any of these :((

Clarence Reed says:

Gotta commend you for your bravery and confidence you go gurl.

Hunter Williams says:

Ugh you’re a blast ❤️

Sparkly girl Meg says:

I love your confindence ❤️

AG GreenTea says:

This was the first video i ever watched so i came back to watch it again because it brought me to you’re lovely channel and now im obsessed

Donna Beart says:

u look soooo beautiful in all of them u have a very sexy curve body girl xx

Nathan Lestenkof Sr. says:

Beautiful thanks for sharing

Nation Wide says:

You’re dying.

J says:

Damn you’re nasty. On what planet do you think your physique is attractive? You’re also a liar. You talk about paddle boarding, running, swimming laps. If you shut your pie whole and actually did these exercises, you wouldn’t be on a course to be dead by 40.

Shawna Staggenborg says:

I wish I could find something to fit my gigantic boobs

Rosemary Anderson says:

My fav was the black and white one

Ducky says:


#DB14 SpursVikings says:

Damn ur fine

Trae Chancy says:

I tried wiping a spot off my screen 12 times. Its a spot on your wall. My brain doesn’t understand

Joseph Ciarlo' says:

share a swim ?

adam ramiras says:

I like your body

Chelsea Phipps says:

You are beautiful! GET IT GIRL

Madi J says:

Your confidence makes me so incredibly happy! Keep smiling, gorgeous!

Brinley Panayiotis says:

I love how confident and happy you are makes me proud to be who I am, love your videos heaps ♥️♥️

chanel gilbert says:

Honestly , i have no idea if you ever will have the time to read this comment , and it don’t really matter . You are absolutely gorgeous , every curve every edge makes you so beautifull and your confidence is just ugh so contagious like i feel like you made me smile and i feel so good when i watch your videos because you are so happy and smiling ( expect that fashionnova rant that i am totally on your side also had a sh*t experience haha ) and i really hope you keep doing videos like this because you are an inspiration to us and it is not ignored !! We love youuuuuu 🙂

vib plays says:

omg these are so cute

Emilia Thatcher says:

Amazing how confident you are xx

Green Heart says:

literally im obsessed with your channel <3 i love your personality and confidence! You go girl!

Taryn Collins says:

oh my gosh I just found your channel and im in love with your personality. you are so cute!!! Keep doing you girl!!!

Jack Saywell says:

Definitely using that sports wear aren’t you

sara scrivner says:

i liked the striped ‘girly’ swimsuit it was so pretty nd it make u glowww

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