Summer Swimsuit Haul | Brooklyn and Bailey

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Many of you have been asking where we buy our cute, but modest swimsuits, especially in our Last Day of School video two weeks ago!

We decided to give you a full look at our swimsuit collection, and accessories! Hope you enjoy it!

Here are the links to our swimwear looks: (we tried to give multiple links in case some sell out)

Look #: Bailey’s Black Suit w Kimono
* White Tunic Dress:
* Swimsuit:
* Hat:
* Sunglasses: OR

Look #2: Brooklyn’s Aztec Pattern Kimono & Suit
* Kimono: OR OR OR (similar) OR (similar)
* Swimsuit top: OR OR
* Swimsuit bottom: OR OR OR
* Sunglasses: OR

Look #3: Bailey’s Striped Romper & Aztec Swimsuit
* Swimsuit top: OR
* Swimsuit bottom: OR
* Hat:
* Dress: OR
* Sunglasses:

Look #4: Brooklyn’s Kimono and Blue & Pink Sequined Swimsuit
* Swimsuit:
* Kimono:
* Sunglasses: OR

Look #5: Bailey’s White Cover & Chevron Tankini
* Top:
* Bottom:
* Coverup:
* Sunglasses:
*Pretzel Pool Float:

Look #6: Brooklyn’s Black Romper & Rose Tankini
* Romper:
* Sunglasses:
* Swim top:
* Swim bottom:

Look #7: Bailey’s Black Swim Cover & Cherry Tankini
* Swim top:
* Swim bottoms (cherry):
* Swim bottom (Target):
* Swim cap:
* Sunglasses
* Romper:

Look #8 Brooklyn’s White Swim Cover & Gingham Swimsuit
* Romper:
* Swim top:
* Swim bottom:
* Hat:
* Sunglasses:

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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. The swimsuits from Kingdom & State, and Rad Swimwear were provided to us free of charge, with no requirement for review. The rest of the swimwear and accessories were purchased by us.

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Mahi Patel says:

were to you both live

Ambercrombie says:

I love how they don’t wear bikinis, I’m not allowed to wear them either and this makes me feel a little better about it lol (nothing wrong with wearing bikinis tho!)

Olman Avila says:

I saw Baileys underwear

Alyazia Alyafei says:

looooove them

Anessa Shaffer says:

I liked Brooklyn’s 2nd bathing suit

Cool kid S says:

They sort of do wear bikini but it’s not showing because it’s high wasted

KristinasBadd says:

I love the cherry swimsuit

AGgirl1200 says:

It’s so sad how their modesty level has changed for the worse over the years. They wear bikinis, and crop tops now and it’s sad. The media and Hollywood have truly done a number on them.

Faith Chapman says:

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and i mean LOVE the cherry tankini!!! (i know this is kinda late though)

Genesis Yescas says:

l love you

Crystal Hall says:

once I was riding my bike and I flipped and fell and landed right next to poop !!!

Geydi Perez says:

I love your videos and your songs

Paul Detweiler says:

I hate you Bailey

Megan Slone says:


Megan Slone says:

Ladies, are you Christian?:)

BriBri Vlogs says:

from 3:21-3:26 u can see bailey’s private spot

Lisa Lentine says:

how do they afford stuff like that tho

Allison Hammond says:

i love all these swimsuits! i have a trip planned to myrtle this yr im so excited to go shopping for these suits

Makayla Coffey says:

Do u guys have a tattoo on y’all hands

Chrystal Mayfield says:

When you filmed this video I moved

shania cutey says:


Megan Slone says:


Chanel Geary says:

let your youngest sister do a swimsuit haul please

Abbie Rose says:

I didn’t even notice that they didn’t wear any bikinis in this and tbh I really could not care less. Its their lives and bodies and they should be able to feel comfortable in anything they wear xx

Just Smile says:

I have a little question, did you have a cat because I see one in your intros….

Queen. Lailaa24 says:

I tried finding swimsuits like this at the places you found but they are all out … in trying to find modest swimsuits too … help please

Tiodora Torres says:

I like Brooklyn’s swim suits

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