Plus Size Bikini & Swimwear Try On Haul 2017 | Swimsuit For All Review

Thank you Swimsuits For All for sending me these suits!
In the summer, all want to do with my time is read books, cuddle my partner and my puppy, sip lemonade or iced coffee, and swim. For years the options for plus size swimwear were bleak, which is why I am overjoyed that the plus size fashion bikini industry has exploded in the last few years! Today I’m doing a bikini try on haul and review of four suits from Swimsuits For All, a brand who carries size 4-34, which I believe is the largest size range out there. That speaks to me, everyone I know can shop here, and that’s TRULY what the body confidence community is all about. It’s not about promoting one size or body type ahead of another, it’s about us all coming together to celebrate our unique beauty. Beauty isn’t a zero-sum game, it’s a festival of confetti. I share these videos as “plus-size”, because it’s a descriptor, like “blue eyes”. I am plus-size, I am fat, and that’s how people who look like me can find me. But that’s not all that I am, and I love anytime I can promote a brand that sells ALL SIZES!

Red Bikini
Gabi Fresh Burgundy “Window of Confidence”
Gabi Fresh Lace
Cactus Swimsuit

FTC Disclaimer- These suits were sent to me by Swimsuits For All, all opinions expressed are based entirely off my experience. Links used are affiliate links which helps support my content. Thank you!

Flower Fringe Kimono from Torrid, cream crochet jacket from Roamans.









2601 Blanding Ave
Alameda Ca 94501

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Thank you for stopping by my channel! I’m Cora, a Makeup Artist, Plus Size fashion blogger, and “All Bodies Are Good Bodies” Body Positive Activist based in Oakland. For 9 years I’ve been reviewing beauty products, sharing makeup secrets, and plus size fashion. Eccentric Style is my passion and I’ve made it my life’s work to celebrate beauty outside the box, and encourage to see the beauty in themselves.

Livin’ It Up by Otis McDonald


Kitten Puff, Jr. says:

Sex on a stick yes

bleubeauty71 baker says:

Great Video as normal! Girl I am a size 6 and I have the same back issue, it doesn’t matter what size you are we all have “imperfections”.  Kudos to you for putting yourself out there, so others can not only learn from you but maybe able to find a bathing suit (which is hard for everyone of every size).  As far as your hair, I spray a color protect or use a cream and put my hair up. especially right before the beach or pool. Remember your hair is like a sponge, so if its already “wet” it won’t pull as much water in.  The cactus one is soooooo cute and you could still get away with wearing the top for normal just cut a t shirt or get a large tank top with deep sides! As always your the best.

Hannah Kayee says:

I love the lace one and the burgundy one the best but they all look great!

Jacqulene Noel says:

I used to wear swim caps for swim team. They were always those rubbery ones. I found that sprinkling some baby powder in the cap and rubbing it around helped so much with the pulling when trying to get the cap on and off. Sometimes water will get up in there, but mostly just around the hairline.

Dale Dale says:

if you lost some GUT you would look so much HOTTER!!

martin lote says:

love tham all you look great, greetings from the uk.

Adriana Zavala says:

my boyfriend says you need to put some clothes on hhahaha fuck him jajaja

Alcyone Presea says:

wow your face is really beautiful and your look is cool

Kristie McCann says:

SSFA has a great gallery that shows real people in their suits. While many are larger, they have a lot of sizes representes in that gallery.

ItsJenJenAgain says:

Seeing you try these on and *own* it makes my heart happy. Thank you for being a beautiful example of body positivity.

Mandy Pants says:

I love swimsuits for all. I’m on the smaller end of plus size and have large breast and got my first bikini from them. Their customer service is great in helping you find a great fitting suit. My mom also got a one piece from them that she enjoys a lot. I’m actually very saddened that I lost my bottoms at a mountain BBQ. But can actually replace just the one piece from them.

Netchanok Lankford says:

Love your makeup!!

Kate T says:

Your confidence is inspiring to me, and that makeup look is on point. X

Alisha Stephenson says:

I don’t wear them any more, but I used to wear a swim cap to stop dye-bleed. I didn’t like the way they felt or looked, but it was just something I accepted as a necessity to protect my color. I guess it’s just a matter of how concerned you are.

Karen Bentley says:

Love your confidence.  The polka dot bikini is smqking hot on you!

Tabetha Akins says:

You look fabulous, I am totally sharing this with my friends who are my size or bigger. I love the black one, I think I need that.

Kristen Earl says:

So funny, I really like the cactus one

Theresa Wood says:

I’m a recent subscriber and I just love your attitude and confidence!

brummbaer50 says:

All that clothes you Show are wonderful…. and thats, because they are weared on your perfect Body… sexy is one word, but you are damn sexy !!! I adore you !

Nadyl Aprille says:

tbh ur fat, no offense but its true, but ur still beautiful just the way u are

SarahGee says:

I live for Gabbi Fresh’s swimsuits. I have 2 bikinis from her launch from last year and an olive one piece from this year…and I’m obsessed. But now that burgundy one is calling my name too. haha

Gaming with KMC says:

I like you bueatiful chunky and still sexy

Toni Smith says:

Ive been binge watching your videos, and I just wanted to say your body confidence is so empowering!! And you look fabulous in the polka dot bikini xxx

bryonnajones says:

You remind Me Of Christina Applegate… Also… What Size are You? Nextly Go Girl in My Opinion…

Styling Curves says:

I just ordered from them and was super impressed with the selection. You loved amazing. I love the mauve suit on you.

Plump Cosplay says:

Love all theses suits..

Jessie Borrell says:

I swam on team in high school and we had to have swim caps for practice and races. If you get one that’s latex rather than silicone it can help with not pulling/getting stuck to your hair. However, if you submerge your head a lot or do any kind of laps, you’ll probably still get your hair a little damp. One trick is to wet your hair under the water and then put your cap on because then less of the pool water will get absorbed.

Sindia Pérez says:


Jessica Osborme says:

I’m soz but there’s nothing sexy about them

Carina De Jesus says:

soooo sexy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jay Lytes says:


Breanna Ditterline says:

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I admire you so much for saying fuck you to societies beauty standards and loving yourself fully. I myself am a very curvy hour glass size 16. I’ve always thought other thick women were so beautiful but never saw that in myself. Then I found women like you on here and instagram and realized how wrong I was. We are all so beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. So much love to you sister.

Lauren Mires says:

ok so idk what size i am S M or L i put my measurements into a size calculator for swim suits and it said 34 american/British am i plus size?

Miss Lady Chloe says:

“It’s a window of confidence.”

Mikey, the new Shakespeare.

Sarah Karpyshin says:

Swim caps are cool and comfortable. Get a good quality one. However my hair would still get wet, but I was doing laps on the swim team.

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