Modest Swimsuit Collection 2017! High Waisted and One Pieces! Michelle Reed

//Hi friends! Today’s video is all about my favorite modest swimsuit pieces. These range from high waisted-one piece swimsuits. I know we all define modesty differently, but these are the swimsuit pieces that make me the most comfortable while making me confident!


Swimsuits Mentioned:

Suit #1 Bottoms-
Suit #1 Top-
Suit #2 Bottoms-
Suit #2 Top-
Suit #3 (Similar)-
Suit #4 (Similar)-
Suit #5 Bottoms-
Suit #6-
Suit #7-


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Menley Langham says:

Hey Michelle! Can you do a video about how to deal with homesickness in college?❤️

Alexia Hood says:

I get my swimsuits from pink desert, they are really good quality and are very modest

Ashley Haratyk says:

I was so excited when I saw that you had made this video! It’s great to be able to find videos such as this, which still hold to Christian values 🙂

Adventureinlife says:

There was this Summer Beach Bible Study Group of about 30 people that I was apart of years ago. After much persuading and encouragement I was finally able to get one of my best friends to come join me with the group. (it was my third year being apart of the group) As you can imagine modesty was a priority within the group. Girls were instructed to wear one piece suits or tankini’s. Though one girl there (been there for five years) usually wore a tube top and bikini bottoms. And the men rarely went shirtless. In the three years I was apart of the group there was never an issue. Except when my friend tried to join the group. Her first visit she wore a tankini similar to what some other girl would wear once and a while. She was approached within 10 minutes and asked put on a t-shirt, we were not happy about it but she did put on a t-shirt. The follow Sunday she joined me again for the group but this time wearing a one piece suit. But it still wasn’t enough… she was once again asked to put on a t-shirt but this time she was given an over-sized XL bland t-shirt that went down to her knees. Which I found out they had brought that shirt specifically for her to wear. I had an argument with the peer-lead group leaders and we could not come to an agreement so that was the last day that my friend and I went to that group.

Your probably wondering why she was treated so differently from the other girls in the group especially with one girl wearing tube tops and bikini bottoms most of the time. Well my friend was very petite, 5’3″, exceptionally attractive facial features (she was a model for 2 years), and she had a 26D bra size. The girl with the tube top and bikini bottoms on the other hand had an overly exaggerated pear shaped frame, a little on the heavy side, some people may say “plain-jane kind of looks”, and was flat chested like a man. I learned that day that unfortunately some Christian groups have double standards like that… if someone doesn’t have what most would consider to be attractive/sexy/beautiful looks they can nearly wear anything and no one will say anything to them. But if your someone who is considered to be attractive/sexy/beautiful and has certain curves you are expected to go overboard in trying to cover yourself up no matter where your at.

Thank you for making your very well made and heart felt video. Any feedback you have on my experience would be welcomed! And very nice lovely choices in the swimsuits you like! God speed to you!

Marissa says:

I’m usually into tankini tops and swim shorts but I bought my first swim dress and I’m so excited to wear it.

sethywethy love says:

no disrespect but that green wall really reminds me of my grandmas restroom because it’s the same exact color

Lois Rose says:

If anyone is from the UK, supermarkets are amazing places to get swim suits (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s). They always have gorgeous one pieces that are quite cheap too!

vegita chandra says:

Where is your lip shade from?

MissCatus May says:

I needed reviews from awful because I don’t want to get a swim that shows my cheeks

Erica Wolf says:

Michelle where is your necklace from?

Emma_Graham says:

Favorited this video! Thank you for these awesome ideas for girls who feel more comfortable covered 🙂

Noell Allen says:

pink and palm leaves high waisted one is way cute 🙂

Danielle Marie says:

Very cute I usually get mine from Aerie or jc penny

Bella B says:

I loved the first two and want to get them but im a 34a would the tops fit me? Do you think i would feel comftable? Please anyone that reads this answer please i need to know ASAP

Brianna Martin says:

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I have been searching for this video for months!!!!! Thank you so much!!

aprilbeauty05 says:

I’ve been a fan/friend of yours for a long time, but a few months ago you blocked me on instagram…… @rebeccaaboston and i still don’t know why. all i have ever done is supported you and i just want to keep up w you on instagram lol

asiacmarie says:

My favorite was the pink palm leaf one from Old Navy!! So cute:) I also agree that youtube is trending swimsuit with not a lot of coverage, so it’s great that you made this video!! Definitely gave me more idea for where to buy most modest swimwear<3

Grace Jackson says:

Michelle, I just found your channel and it is so wonderful and refreshing! I’m definitely subscribing!

Vendela Olsson says:

I love these! :D<3

ThatsVee says:

Really nice ideas for more modest swimsuits 😀 love the colours!

Pitchpoling Pals says:

You’re so pretty!!

The Lost Sinner says:

These are not modest!

Angelica Rambo says:

Cupshe has surprisingly nice swimsuits! I’ve found the shipping takes a tiny bit long, but for how sketchy it looks I’ve loved all the pieces I’ve got from there and they are modest and WONDERFULLY PRICED. Most places are so expensive anymore. All my swimsuits are from cupshe and target. I also love the ones they have at Torrid, because I’m a bigger girl, a lot of my friends have suits from there, but can’t bring myself to spend that much.

Sofia's Life says:

where is her ring from?

abslol1 says:

I love the Aerie fold over bottoms!!

Jaci Dean says:

Awe yes so happy to find one like this thanks so much for doing this!

Aly A says:

I personally feel less comfortable in high waisted bottoms because of my body type, so I buy regular ones is that fine? I also mostly wear high neck bathing suits or at least ones that aren’t the v cut kinda because I don’t feel comfortable in those is that modest enough you think. I don’t want to dishonor God at all. And it is very hard to find swim suits that are and are affordable.

Grace Ervin says:

What watch is she wearing??

backwithnat says:

yay, i am so sooo glad you made a modest swimsuit video! i typically wear bikinis, but i’ve recently found them uncomfortable. one pieces are also just more practical if you actually want to swim. i’ve been looking around for some super cute high waisted bikinis though bc they seem sooo flattering, so thank you for sharing those ones!! my favorites are the high waisted green leaf bikini and that black one piece 🙂

Hannah Boyd says:

where is your necklace from?? soooo dainty and perfect

Kassidy Stanford says:

I know some CupShe swimsuits are on Amazon prime if your nervous to order of the website or if you want the free two day shipping

MiKayla Rose says:

These swimsuits are so cute! High wasted and one pieces aren’t really my style but they are still so cute!

Grace DeValois says:

You should totally mix and match the green and pink palm leaf swimsuits!!

MissCatus May says:

Will you do a modest haul for zaful?

Emma Dorsch says:

Where is your jewelry from??

Shanna says:

I’m 13 and I’m pretty tiny (5 ft 2 in) and I went bathing suit shopping because for camp I have to have a one piece and I only have bikinis and I couldn’t find a cute flattering swim suit that fit me and I have to find one by tomorrow . I tried Target and Jcpenny and I don’t have a dillards near me and I can’t shop online because there’s no time and stuff online never fits me. I’m usually an xs in Juniors/womens so does anybody have any suggestions for somewhere to get one? I can shop in the girls section because I need bra padding and my style is too mature.

Maggie Daly says:

Ahhh finally. I always hate trying to find modest swimsuits because a lot of the ones I like are bikinis and don’t have the print in another style

Maddy Limee says:

I only wear one pieces usually but thank you so much for doing this and i agree with that whole try on thing, there’s a time and place to wear swim suits and I wouldn’t want my body online like that either.

booitsmichelle says:

the palm trees pattern looks cute <3

Madison Grace says:

I seriously love these! The two from Old Navy are adorable!!

Alisha Nguyen says:

I feel the same way! I can only wear high-waisted bikinis and one piece swimsuits too haha <3

Koy Fortin says:

use them not onlyshow them

Jaefar SABNW says:

If it uncovers more than the face, hands, and feet, the Bible advocates violence towards the woman and all religion declares it immodest.
Holey, see through, or form revealing is also immodest.

Natalie Hutchinson says:

can you make me one plz plz plz

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