I Tried ASOS Fuller Bust Swimwear… | Toria Serviss

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Siobhan McArdle says:

i miss the victorias secret swimsuit line so much 🙁 this was very helpful!

wanhungyeong wonggyu says:

I got two swimsuits from this range which im pretty happy with but i wont risk buying from them again , the fuller bust lingerie is a gamble some of the most ill fitting cheap feeling lingerie i’ve ever had,total waste of money.

David G says:

You are gorgeous! Too bad the suits didn’t work out. That’s the problem with online shopping. You don’t get to see before you buy so you don’t what you’re going to get until it arrives.

Jeff D says:

you looked beautiful, but i get how you dont want to show that much cleavage

Raq Apparel says:

Toria!! I’ve got a big bust and small frame, so I know exactly how freakin hard it is to find swimwear!! That’s why I started Raq. I’ll message you now! xx

Briana Milton says:

Just so you know I work for Victoria’s Secret support and sales and online we do have swimsuits in pink that carry sizes for smaller women that have a fuller bust! I personally don’t have a bigger bust but I heard from my friends who do have a fuller bust that they work perfectly! I’d definitely check the Pink swimwear out.

NostraDaley says:

The pink one looks like underwear doll but you look aaamazing in it..
still not sure I would wear it as a swimsuit… wait I wouldn’t.. umm

Ok.. look I am not even sure how I got here but you have such a pretty face I got drawn in.

I agree with you though, that one after the pink one looks very uncomfortable.

Good luck with your channel. What a great idea.


Black one looked the best on you , very pretty.

32DorBust says:

#1″WOW”! is right, I thought when you tied it higher, it looked better. #2 IMO, looked the best, classy, great fit, and stylish. #3 Print design weird looking, and smooshes you down, doesn’t flatter your shape. #4 Great color, and sexy fit, but looks more like a “I’m planning on getting lucky tonight bra” than a bikini top. #5 They owe you a refund on this one. Bottom fit great, but design reminded me old school girdle.

Casey Dean says:


K Mejia says:

I feel your pain !!! 32 DD ad I got the same problem on the bottom half

Ashley DeFrancesco says:

Loved! This was so helpful. I always struggle because i am between a 30 and 32 band size with DDD. I can never find anything cute and could only get tie backs! Glad I am not the only one with the struggle

NowYouSeeMe says:

The ones that have individual cup sizes are pretty good! (I.e. not ranging between two sizes)

Nehru Marcus Mohammed says:


Malia Sanchez says:

This is exactly the problem I have always had please make more bikini videos! It helps me so much!!!

Ma Sato says:

The last one looks like lingerie more than swimwear

Brian Noone says:

anything black looks good on you very good video you remind me of a girl name Tiffany that I dated wow she could be your sister LOL have fun keep up the good work

NostraDaley says:

Dude is a lucky guy 😉

Jacqueline W says:

Thank you I hope ASOS improves their sizing because they really have such cute stuff. I’ve bought fuller bust swimwear from ASOS as well and have had the same exact problem I thought I was going crazy. My favorite DD cup swimwear brands are Athleta, Profile by Gottex and Pour Moi. You can find Gottex and Pour Moi on barenecessities.com and swimoutlet.com or I even found them on eBay. Target’s Shade and Shore line has some cute ones too.

Artemis Papadopoulou says:

Could you send me the link for the top of the bikini in 3:45, please?

Freydi Tafoya says:

I love love your vídeos

Emily Skailes says:

Look at Bravissimo! They do bras and swimwear. I used to think i was a 32DD and nothing ever fit right, i found out through bravissimo I’m actually a 30G (and you definitely look bigger than me) and now everything fits like I always wanted it to it’s actually amazing! If you can order off them maybe try a 32G or something!

WayTooFresh says:


mib says:

damn i wish my boobs were as perky as yours
I thought you looked really good in all of them except for the black pattern and the too small zippered one was not the best fit :/

Jacob LaCasse says:

Honest and confident, awesome video!

Katelyn Henry says:

Thank you! think I might order some of the ones with underwire and supporters those are the only ones that don’t sag on me lol.

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