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Samantha Pardoe says:

OMG i have that Alice in Wonderland top! You look amazing in everything


Gorgeous tan lines girl

Opinionated Ravenclaw says:

Swimming dresses are the best !

ann3tt says:

I liked the first best :), but also a lot of the others. You looked cute, and your body looks nice. 🙂 (I do not mean that in a creepy way haha) I have more of a pear shape myself, so I’m always worried about the bottom of the swimsuit. I wish they would make swimwear as sturdy as underwear for me

itsabbyokay says:

The things you pick out are so unique and different and I love that you dont care what people think

miranda brazier says:

I was so surprised to see that you found some with underwire. i am way too top heavy and anything without underwire looks horrible:(

Alex McCormick says:

Could you do a video on bralettes? I have big boobs too and can never find a bralette that works for me :/

Beate Vitolina says:

Aww No honestly I think you look great! You’re not fat at all you look quite slim and lovely actually. You don’t need to worry about it at all you are so beautiful inside and out, be confident! 🙂 I loved the sparkly mermaid swimsuit the most it was so cute! great haul! ^_^

Hollie Morris says:

Ellie you look amazing!

Katherine Wright says:

You total babeeeeee <3 Love you

Klaudia Urbanska says:


Chrymoon says:

omg your new hairstyle suits u perfectly!

Sharada Cox says:

You look great! You don’t need to worry about your tummy and butt! Thanks for promoting healthy body additude! I want to call that suit “kitty nips” lol!!

bartman bart says:

Very cute….

Jacqueline Perez says:


Lucy Saunders says:

Ellie! your figure is amazing and you have a flat stomach these cozzies make you look so flattering!
Couldnt halp but notice how much you look like Stephanie from lazy town here 😀 haha. xoxo

DarkManOfMuffins says:

Would you do another haul from them but of normal clothing instead of swimwear please??? 🙂

Klaudia Urbanska says:

when are you going to bring out another tea&toast talk?

McInHeather says:

You look so good in the try on clips! personally, I think swimming costumes are more attractive than bikinis ^_^

ukp42 says:

And a pretty face, freckles and a Pizza Towel. What more can you ask for?
Love from Scotland 5* 😀

Nerdy Unicorn says:

You could try adding straps to the kitty swimsuit your self if you can sow or if u have a friend that can sow

Carly B says:

Damn girl! You’re looking good! You’re my fave YouTuber because you’re so close to my size! When I feel down about my size, you’re my fave to watch bc you rock it!

Shannon S. says:

Ninkcompoop is definitely one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen. So beautiful

Roger Yip says:

micro bikini next ? but the sec green one looks realy good

Sarah Cooke says:

Where is your tshirt from?!

SparklingHollyBVB says:

I love how passionate you are about your body Ellie! Im very self conscious about my body cause im a curvy girl and you inspire to be proud of my body ❤

Fran99x says:

Your figure is beautiful & I love the confidence you have! Be proud of yourself and your body girl! ❤️

Kaitlynne Walters says:

I just wanted to tell you how cool and sweet I think you are and how I wish you were my friend in real life 🙂

Suzanna Stejke says:

Ellie u look great,also have u lost weight? xx


ELLIE YOUR BODY IS FIRE!!!!!! Your boobs looked incredible in the first suit! seriously, you look absolutely ethereal. love you xxxxxx

Sara Burkett says:

Aww I love your hair style! it’s a choppy and cute 🙂

Ashton S says:

Imo the kitty one looks the best

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