I Bought 7 Amazon SwimSuits | Size 12-14 | Try on Haul

Goal : Find affordable swimsuits that fit my curvy mom body while not looking sloppy. Let’s see how this goes … wish me luck !!!!

This is a bit long winded…in a time crunch ?? Skip to the nitty gritty lightening run down of each suit at the 19:12 minute mark.

P.S. sorry for the blurry moments ! I have a new camera and am still learning how to use it !!

Let me know in the comments if you like these type of try on videos ???

Throw back bathing suit haul : https://youtu.be/eqKdUOk35Tw

Sunless Tanner Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion : http://shopstyle.it/l/I7kX

Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish : http://bit.ly/2I0P2ZR

CHECK OUT my blog post for more try on photos and close ups…

Swimsuits I tried on :

Red / Pink Bikini, Size 12-14 : https://amzn.to/2ru4RNO

Coral Bikini, XL 16-18 : https://amzn.to/2rtoCVN
The one they sent accidentally : https://amzn.to/2jJgugp

Red Flutter Top High Waisted Bikini, Size XL : https://amzn.to/2jLKfNj

Navy Blue top with Floral High Waisted Bottoms, Size 3XL 12-14: https://amzn.to/2IrClqC

Patterned One Piece, Size XL 12-14: https://amzn.to/2jH46NL

Leafy Green One Piece, Size Large 12-14 : https://amzn.to/2Iqq3i5

Mommy and Me Swimsuits High Waisted Floral Printed Bikini Set, Size XL & 6-8T: https://amzn.to/2jJI2SM


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S.K. says:

Thanks for sharing! It was really nice seeing someone with the same body as me try on swimsuits 🙂 You are gorgeous and any swimsuit you go with would look great on you. The navy was my fav because it catered to every curve of your body, and I want one too! lol

Auburritos Yum! says:

I actually have a few Walmart swim suits. I personally like them.

Auburritos Yum! says:

the three with high waisted bottoms I fell in love with

mrtalent09 says:

Truthfully they all look beautiful on you. You are a very stunningly gorgeous lady and I believe you would make anything you wear look great. You should feel very proud of yourself. You are absolutely amazing. If beauty could fly, you would be Superwoman for sure

Janie Brown says:

Maybe I missed it, but what size were you in the Patterned 1 piece? Thanks!!

ApolloOno says:

Immediately ordered the leafy bottomed one after seeing it on you. Beautiful, girl!

Harriet Shearsmith says:

I love a good haul video! This is fab!

Heather P says:

4 or 5 but you need to get 7 anyway for the matching suit for your daughter.

T. balab says:

A great body.

TheOtherChanelle says:

Thank you for this!! Ive been searching for swimsuits and this video was so helpful. I ended up getting two of the high wasted ones

Cindy Horst says:

Patterned one piece hands down

Ashley Mischen says:

I love how confident you are(:

MariaElia says:

This video was so helpful! I have your same size and going away in a couple weeks. Thank you!

theloveleesarah says:

Your beautiful! This is awesome!

DoryAlexTV says:

Love this video! <3 Thanks for sharing.

Julie M says:

Suit number one – the band is just too loose. It’s an easy alteration and shouldn’t cost much at the tailor. I do it with all my bras and swimsuits since I have a hard time finding tops that fit my cup size and my band.

Nikcole Buswell says:

Love the suites! LOVE your confidence!

LaciAlysia says:

Navy high waisted was awesome but I really like the green Mommy and me one. recently i ordered my 3 yr old daughter the Mommy and me in orange. I’m gonna get one later bc I had already bought 2 before I seen those so I’m super excited too for those. I wanted to see the quality and for before ordering as well. My other 2 are from Amazon and wish. Haven’t got the wish one yet but the one I got from Amazon was super awesome. It’s a highwaisted with orange and green palm trees. I love it. Thanks for this review bc I need to know what size for the Mommy and me. I’m the same size as you with smaller boobs so now I know to get a large. Thank you!

M M1989 says:

I really like the navy blue with leaf print bottoms. That one is sooo cute.

Chelsea Olivia says:

Omg you look SO GOOD in that navy high waisted leafy one!! love it so much!

Katie Arnell says:

I love the last 2 and I liked the red one too. Actually I might look for that red one on Amazon hahaha I like the bottoms a lot. I like swimsuits that cover my middle more because 4 years after my youngest I still have my baby fat HAHA

Liz Truthteller says:

10:52 gorgeous!

Briona Hurshman says:

I have looked at these swimsuits idk how many times, thank you for this review!! You are so bubbly and fun. I loved it.

KMichelle Argus says:

The band riding up means you need to change band size. Look into it not sure which way you need to go

den graham says:

you’re lovely.. love those beautiful stretchmarks in your belly… ummmaaaahhh… I am a real man…

Savannah Houck says:

Navy blue with leafy bottoms literally looks SO flattering. Like that ones the BEST

Samantha Crane says:

Subscribed and bought the leafy bottoms and Navy top through the link. I love seeing my body type represented.

Monique428 says:

Thanks so much for this video! You look Awesome!

mariiana vargas says:

I really like the highwaisted ones those are the ones id deff wear. They look great on u tho babe xoxo
@miisfiittbeauty on ig

Kaight Conheady says:

Navy blue top with leafy bottoms was giving me life on you!! i hope you ended up keeping it!! I ended up ordering it because of you 😀

mystic05jm says:

I would love to see more outfit vids from you

wpdh9102 says:

Omg im too embarrassed to even weaar a one piece youre so confident. Tank top and shorts for me 😀

ariel ayala says:

I appreciate this sooo much bc your closer to my size except my bust is a lot smaller.

Kristina Gutierrez says:

omg all 3 of the high waisted ones i am in love with!!

Shauna Torres says:

love you… love the blue top with high waist and the really fun print one piece! you are gorgeous

Ashley Ellingwood says:

Absolutely love the navy/palm suit!

alexis monique says:

all of these were so so cute on you! i’m definitely gonna order some ♥️♥️

Susie Topete says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEO, i don’t buy a lot on amazon so this is super helpful

Dilya A says:

This was really helpful! Off to amazon site to check these out!

Erica Burton says:

You have a beautiful figure! I love your waist! I’m just completely straight no shape haha

Toni Morrow Wyatt says:

5,3,4, and 7. Those are my favorites. Of course, #7 with you and Sophia matching would be so sweet! Thanks for modeling these suits for us. It really helps give us an idea of what to look for when shopping!! <3

Lex K says:

I love all the patterns!

Brittany Crawford says:

You are stunning! I am about the same size as you and have an upcoming beach trip and have been stressing about swimsuits! Girl, you just made me feel confident! Beautiful! Now I’m going to go order at least 3 of these! THANK YOU for sharing!

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