Fin Fun Mermaid | Monofin, Tail Skin and Tankini Review

Hello! This was taken on Wednesday, by the way, and I have my fabric for the clownfish tail!
I can’t wait to see you all when I release the tutorial; but while I was waiting I made this Fin Fun review for you all!

The 3 P’s are below, by the way.

I will be releasing my clownfish tail tutorial in April 🙂

Mono-fin –
Problems: None really, although when I swam in it the day after the seams sort of rubbed and the threads started to unravel.

Personal notes: Your ankles can rub, put in the black plastic (the clear plastic can break and/or bend), at the beach put it on AT THE WATER (I didn’t and I bent my clear plastic, which is now useless), at the bottom I don’t like how it is open because it looks fake (I might sew a zipper on it but I haven’t yet, its very useful to clean out sand with by the way)

Perfects: Works perfectly under water (Tried it underwater today!)

Tail Skin-

Problems: None

Personal notes: It goes super high on you because there’s no waistband, the end opens (and looks sort of fake), it was made of 2 different fabrics (not just 1)

Perfects: Fits with the monofin, very colorful, very very VERY comfortable.


Problems: It didn’t come with a bottom piece, not like it matters because you have the tail skin on, but that might be useful in the future. I’m sure the bikini comes with a bottom.

Personal notes: TIE A KNOT on the back. You don’t want a bow to come undone in the middle of your mermaid swim :O

Perfects: Fits super well and matches the tail 😀


Clownfish tail tutorial coming out April 1st!

Fabric: I said lycra in the video, but when I went to Joann’s that night they didn’t have it I got some spandex for the regular stuff and I can’t remember what I substituted for organza I’m sorry 🙁 BUT it will be in the tutorial (I promise)

Monofin: Don’t have one? Get one. Have one? Good for you! 🙂

Pattern: Look at my How-to video, it will save you time once I release my tutorial (I will not put in how to do the pattern, because I already released a pattern video)


Victoria O'Neill says:

I was thinking about wearing diver’s socks with my Monofin Pro. That way it will keep the ankles from rubbing and hopefully will keep my feet from slipping on the plastic part. I want to have the waistband taken down lower also(to high up for me and loose on waist). I wish the straps were not as stretchy also and the same pattern as the tail and not black(middle of the cups also). Velcro strips might be easier than sewing in a zipper(but not sure on that one yet). Fun Fin will make you a special order on the tail to your exact specs but it’s twice as much money :(. Thank you for your tutorial. I think Fun Fin needs more people(like us) to give them feedback so that they can make better and more functional mermaid wear. I agree – all worth the money and so much fun!

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