Dolly Review: Barbie and her Sisters Tiki Hut and Skipper doll

Up for review today is the Barbie and her Sisters Tiki Hut and Skipper doll.

-It’s a Skipper!!! Without a Kelly/Chelsea!!!!
-Her bikini is a nice change from the usual sporty tankini’s they like to dress her in. The color scheme is a bit more unique than normal, too!

-Her legs and torso are hollow to the extreme.
-Mattel really needs to step it up and make it a goal to create a unique looking Skipper every time around.

What do YOU think of Skipper and her Tiki Hut? Share your thoughts below!

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter:



Kewpie83 says:

@Dolly Disney, Thanks! Yeah, I would probably go for another Skipper if you decide to add one to your collection!

Emma Loucks says:

what a disappointing set! I have never been a real serious skipper collector and this set definitely doesn’t make me want to. Thanks for reviewing her!

Liam Dolan says:

i agree with you on the body being hollow and they dont give the dolls bendy knees like the older dolls also i think you forgot mention if the swim suit was removeable or molded id get the the doll cause shes wearing a swim suit and i dont have what a barbie in a swim suit it has its flaws but overall still good enough for kids and collectors

enrico santos says:

I hope mattel produce skipper with articulated body with different hair color something will be like by adult collector!

ZombieXCorn says:

I had a skipper when I was younger I remember she had blonde hair tho

Stardustceiling says:

Hi Kewpie,
  Since you’ve been collecting basically all of your life, you can probably see like I do the pattern of Mattel’s doll marketing. They seem to put out the less expensive dolls the same way for a couple of years…or until you’re sick of them… and then they do the major change of hair/ face sculpt. In Kellys case they changed her into Chelsea. In Skippers case she wasn’t even around for a few years then they’ve changed face sculpts and age and now hair color.
  I think Mattel still thinks of these dolls as only for young, short attention span children. Who are going to get tired of them and move on to the next new thing. If you had that  view of your product, which I can’t say in this case is wrong. You probably would skimp on the things you don’t think matter, like the hollow body thing. As we know from the news, Mattel isn’t making as much money from the Barbie brand as it used to.
   Sure, if they thought of each doll as a potential collectors item they would make them differently. They’d also cost more and then the parents wouldn’t buy them for their 4 year old, who’s going to destroy the doll by playing in the dirt with it. That’s who Mattel markets to, because that’s where the money is.
   I just think of this Skipper like the first straight leg Skipper, cute, not very posable, a nice doll to display with other Barbies and family members. If you’re sick of her, just wait, they’ll change her, or she’ll go away again. lol

Cynthia Lagomorph says:

I like Skipper from the Dream house webisodes… so I want a Skipper doll, but they all seem very meh, like you described. I do find it a plus that she can stand on her own. Dream House line doll articulation plus being able stand on her own would be a dream! I’d like to see better Stacie dolls too.

Julie Letford says:

Skipper has always been my favorite, also.

tofasten888 says:

I’m also disappointed with the hollowness, at least her arm isn’t bent.
We’ll just appreciate the vintage Skippers that much more.

TheVz90210 says:

I am very disappointed in this skipper doll lol. It’s disappointing when things feel so cheap. In such a popular line of dolls such as “skipper” with a strong following, quality and exclusivity should be expected. You sounded very disappointed throughout your review…. You should call them out on it.

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