DD+ Swimwear Recommendations

Summer is only a few months away, so to help out those ladies who happen to be well endowed up top, I wanted to share with you a few of the places where I purchase my swimwear 🙂

Link to ASOS DD+ : http://us.asos.com/Women-Swimwear-Beachwear-Fuller-Bust-Dd/s0aei/?cid=10120

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Chelsea Renee says:

I love this!! I am a tripple D and you would never know looking at me, lol! But I am like you, I love an underwire without the padding. I found a good swimsuit from H&M  from the Beyonce collection but my boobs are always falling out. I’m going to check out the places you suggested!

BM1904 says:

What size did you get in the orange top from ASOS?

Ashley Gauthier says:

Thank you! this helps so much… Asos is killing it with the cute bathing suits

aussieome says:

I just ordered one off of HerRoom by Freya, have to get them from my bra brands apparently. ASOS suits look so great, but even they only go up to US G cup and I wear UK34FF/US34H :/ So ladies, check out DD+ lingerie sites like HerRoom, Figleaves, Brastop, and Bravissimo <33

Tori Lynne says:

Ugh girl you saved me!!! I’ve bought so many swimsuits that do not fit. These are also affordable which is what I need! I’m a 34 DDD at vs and I usually buy my swimsuits there but they don’t sell them anymore. Every place I’ve looked is either way too expensive, doesn’t fit right or doesn’t have my size. Thank you I’m going to order one now!

NubianQueen04 says:

Great video! I didn’t see the link in the box…

Yanna Rosado says:

Gracias por la sugerencia… me gusto mucho y sigue haciendo mas vídeos. Suerte!!!
Xo from The Dominican Republic

Gabby Cario says:

Thank god for this video. All my family has big boobs and we always struggle finding nice swimsuits and this video is a huge help!!

ursula living says:

thanks so much for this video. you have saved me

Caroline Chalue says:

I’m a 34-36 dd

Sarah Infinger says:

I’m literally a 34 F and no places make good enough bathing suits. I hate summer.

Caroline Chalue says:

My sears doesn’t have any clothing

MsMcBreezey says:

hey, try checking out surania.com   they let you custom design your bikini/bathing suit and size for about the same price as something you’d get at Victoria Secret. they have a lot of designs and colors. I’m newly obsessed and wanted to share. happy shopping!

emilee says:

Im 15 and have double D boobs and let me tell you, it is so hard to find a bikini top that fits both my boobs and my waist/shoulders since I have a petite frame and huge breasts. This helped a lot though, thank you! 🙂

Sweetface Kiss says:

Thank you so much!

Preeti G says:

OMG, you angel! Thank you so much for informing me about Asos and their cute large sized swim wear. I’m a tripple D for VS (which is a cup size G for everyone else) and it is always so difficult to find swim wear that covers me properly, doesn’t have excessive padding, and has underwire for support.

memoriesliveon says:

Girl I have the same issue!

Chelo Ecevido says:

Thank you!!

Clinton Evans says:

Y u dnt do a try on

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