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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

What I Bought:

Wrap Dress (Small):

Palm-Print Bathing Suit (Medium):

Orange Bikini (Medium):

Shipping Price: $19 (Express Shipping from China)

Shipping + Handling Time: 5 Days


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Kaeleigh says:

I LOVE the palm swim suit and my measurements would put me in a medium but I’m worried about it being not long enough (I’m 5’8″) since I’ve ordered from them before with a one piece swimsuit and the medium was too short on my body. How tall are you? It looks like the straps are a little loose on you?

Alea Greene says:

OMG!!!!  YES #prettygirlMAGIC!!!!!  those bikinis tho!!  *applauds her enthusiastically*

Onelson19 says:

omg ur so pretty. ur voice is really sweet too

Abbey Good says:

The bathing suits are beautiful! But, is it weird to say that you’re SO gorgeous?! #Goals in every way, subbing!

Queen of Tacocatlandia says:

Appreciated your very thorough review. I found the background music you used a bit distracting.

Christine S says:

me, too…don’t want to sound stalking, but I was thinking “dang, she’s got a shape” and kudos for showing it. Thank you so much for the vid cuz I was wondering the same thing about Express, ie whether it was fast. I’m ordering before traveling in a couple weeks and of course, have waited til the last minute to think about clothes.
And like the others, your skin color is gorgeous!

Kasey Ann says:

Thank you! This was very helpful 🙂 I ordered swimsuits and am a little scared as to whether or not I’ll like them. I figured the amount I paid was worth finding out, but I keep seeing bad reviews online. So thanks for this! I think the leafy swimsuit looked very good!

Alex Kelly says:

Your items look so cute.
I want to order from them, but I’m nervous because they have some bad reviews.

suzyhendrix2 says:

That orange is PERFECTION ON YOU.

Kate Richardson says:

Can I ask what size the bathing suits were that you ordered?

hellooohailey says:

Hey! I have been doing some research on cupshe and more than 75% of the reviews are all 1 star and saying they never got their orders or the customer service is really bad when it comes to returns. Have you had to return anything yet? If so, how was that process? And should I order the swimsuit I have been wanting? I hope I don’t just waste my money

Melissa Tedja says:

about what age group do you think fits a small for bathing suits?

Paula Miranda says:

Have you gone in the water yet with any of the swim suits? The palm tree one looked like it was a tad big in the back it kind of bulged a lot on the top part in the back. I’m wondering if it stretches out easily or if when wet it gets way bigger? Thanks

Sarah Wolbach says:

the orange suit looks gorgeous on you!! your voice is so sweet and relaxing too oh my goodness <3

alyssa alvarez says:

Hi, Thanks for the insight! I just placed my first order at CUPSHE and am nervous about the fit of the bikinis that I ordered, because in my past experience when I’ve ordered from over seas the sizes are smaller than they should be (example: a L is like a S). Would you say that for the most part the sizing is reliable? Thanks!

K London says:

the all look good on you

pg gutierrez says:

Love the green and white bathing suite! <3

Melodica says:

You have lovely skin and a killer figure. I loved the off the orange bikini. Not sure how practical it is for swimming, but it looked great!

Jasmine Gantt says:

You skin is gorgeous

Amberscupcakes says:

Your body is legit goals

Paola Berges says:

You had to ask for a size larger or the same size?

Cara Guilbeau says:

What sizes did you buy on your swimsuits? I am built really small at the top and blessed in the hips.

Dani McGrew says:

You look fantastic in that orange swimsuit! Thanks for the review!

sheenamurphy1985 says:

what size are you

Melissa Roberts says:

ow are there sizing for the bathing suits? I plan on buying a few but I’m not sure what size to get.

I usually wear a small in US sizes of course,

dudereallythough says:

your skin is so gorgeous ! literal chocolate lol

Ísabella Sól Gunnarsdóttir says:

You are so gorgeous!!!

Rosalyn Jones says:

Girrrrl, you would look good in a feed sack!! Thanks for the review. I’ve seen cupshe pop up on Pinterest and didn’t order anything. I was about to take the plunge and decided to google for any reviews and found your review. Perfect! The Asian sites have gotten bad press lately so I am so glad I found you. I subscribed so I’m looking forward to more reviews!

Kacey Oneill says:

You should be a bathing suit model I wish I could look that good in a bathing suit

uluvCandi says:

Yaaassssssss!!!!!! Lol #werk loving those pieces girly!!!!!

Tyreisha Washington says:

I am thinking about ordering from here, but I was nervous about quality. So is it safe to say that it isn’t worth spending money here?

kdatnie hcionm says:

When I went on there site, I found this super cute bathing suit. My only concern is that it only shows one size option for the top and bottom, how were you able to find the right size for a two piece?

karenvibess says:

Your hair and your skin are so beautiful

Aliscia Marie says:

The orange bikini is stunning on you looks great on you skin tone!! Love it!!

esther williams says:

the palm bathing suit was my favorite thing. it looked so cute on you.

Bri Briggs says:

your skin is beautiful! loved the video, would love if you would check out my channel

Leslie Martinez says:

I heard that some ppl’s order doesn’t come on time etc, do you think it could be because they used the free shipping? do you recommend the express shipping over the other shipping options?

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