who’s looking out for our babely bods so we can SWIM this summer?! MEEEE!


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Eric Briscoe says:


Krazy Scarlett says:

Your so awesome i love your videos!

Lindsey Raughton says:

I NEED that phone case! Amazon?

Wario Lover says:

You’re awesome and entertaining

Gabriel Valle says:

You are gorgeous

Wata Meloon says:

Love your confidence girl, you’re beautiful.

xPanda Lover says:

i totally love your confidence!! You are super cute and your videos are great!

Shanna Moxley says:

New sub love ur videos. I love that you’re so confident

Lois Harbour says:

She even loved the ones that didn’t work, lmao, no hate, I think she is sweet

Mrs. Cream says:

I can’t wait to get that lace up swimsuit in royal blue!!!!

I enjoyed your girls support girls tee-shirt.

h hodges says:

that baby blue swimsuit is cute on you.

Arran Mara says:

I love your glasses – where are they from?

Brenda M says:

that blue suit is to die forrr

jonesha taylor says:

just subscribe because I love how detailed you are in the videos very informative and plus we wear the same size almost and you make a good model

ShesBlessed x3 says:

just found you, vid just started, i already subbed because of ur shirt <3

Casey All says:

I love your personality.

kanatapaw says:

green swim costume is discusting on you

Samantha Thompson says:

Just subscribed and I love you!

Shani O says:

Your glasses gave me inspiration for the frames I’ll be picking out today!

Donnell Boone says:

Show that belly button without shame Queen Ang!!!

kirstinlov86 says:

I bought the red white and blue suit for the up coming holiday. It is a bit big but not falling down big, the only thing is that if your short the skirt overlay is super long lol like past your knees long. When I put it on I died laughing, I know how to sew so I reconstructed it. Sem riping toke forever, it’s very well put together. Removed the overlay and sewed the bottom to the top and add some extra traps under the bust (my books are huge lol). I love it now

Trash Barbie says:

Torrid is really good for swimsuits

María Belén López says:

New subscriber here! Love your vibe! Hugs from Argentina!

BreeKayBe says:

That last one scares me, I could never wear it myself. I wish I had the confidence to do so but I’m scurred.

Denise He says:


lovethosebudgies says:

The umbrella print one and the light blue one are fabulous and very flattering. Love the back detail on the light blue one.

Kasey Elliott says:

I was thinking of buying the first one a few days ago but was worried on fit. This video gave me the confidence to buy. Thank you 🙂

Shilla Anjadini says:

“This is like fifty shades of weird”
You’re so funny! I loved watching this hahaha

Unique music says:

those are really cute I think I’m getting the blue one though I wear size 18

Lindsay Tries It says:

Just stumbled onto your videos and I am so glad I did! I am always looking for Youtubers who promote body-positivity, so thank you and can’t wait to watch more of your videos! 🙂

Jenna Crothers says:

YAY finally a real plus size woman who knows what looks good, too many plus size woman on youtube push themselves into sizes 3 x too small and it puts me off. i just subscribed to you

elsbeth steel says:

you are so beautiful and an inspiration to body positiveness xxx definitely subscribing !!

TheMomLife says:

I really like the darker blue suit! 🙂 and my favorite swimsuit is from amazon and it was cheap. I have did a try on on my own because I love the suit so much!

jonesha taylor says:

that first suit looks walk around the house comfy

Lala Jhuon says:

I Like your channel dear.ANG

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