Wish Bikini Try-on Haul + Review!

ebay swimwear haul: https://youtu.be/d3HgQgDy_C0

ali express haul: https://youtu.be/sWAmBrbTQH4

Wish try on haul – https://youtu.be/XSIm47HWjDU

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the one that didn’t arrive : https://www.wish.com/c/5625b9ef6172a1…


Nico Leb says:

vous êtes ravissante en blanc.

M says:

Wish, alieexpress and eBay are all the same. I prefer to shop on eBay as they have a better guarantee policy. Way easier to get your money back if you’re not happy on eBay.Also most items have free shipping from china, compared to wish.

Angela Ma says:

So cute!! How long was shipping?

Jix says:

i get a huge throbbing pleasured staring at you in your white bath suit

Kelly m says:

Use code hfxdtts on the wish app to get 50% off your entire order !

Marjon Ebraert says:

Bikini CN Review ! Please!

Jen Noriega says:

I’m trying to by the black one but the link doesn’t work

LivinLikeLeny says:

I love this! I just subbed you are so beautiful

Sophia Mariee says:

Could you do an Amazon one I really enjoy these videos (If you have Amazon in Australia)

mocro girl says:

5:16 wowie moment ah ah ah ah i have now sex ah ah sex ah ah . my new song : i can see you ah ah i can see you body youre face youre dick . sex sex sex sex

Jix says:

2:22 boners

Mary Chabot says:

suck you

William Ribeiro says:

are you even real? congratulations!
by the way, i haven’t watched the entire video but i’m pretty sure that anything on you looks just fantastic!

Patrice says:

none of the bikini links work

zenia bergmann says:

3:31 I like that you are tree different colors 🙂

Erin Gosnell says:

Could you do wholesalebuying?

Ana Marie says:

Idk if you’ve answered this already. But would you mind mentioning what size you ordered? Just as a guideline, since the sizing for these sites are quite bizarre

Kurloz Motherfucking Makara says:

For your first time use my code hdslrxt for -50% ! 🙂 Thanks guys ! <3

Colbie K says:

If you don’t mind me asking I was wondering what size you got in the black one piece I am going to order and have a similar shape to you 🙂

Miss Ashley Brooke says:

I love this the one piece! It looks so good on you!

Hugo Gutierrez says:

muy lindo las bikinis

Lucy Morales says:

Can I just say, BODY GOALS !!!!

Just Ameerah says:

awesome vid, love your channel 😀 P.s. i also made a wish review

Anthony Solis says:

2:23 u can see threw those undies saw from the thumbnail….

Kleesta Brown says:

how did you connect the straps on the second one? please help.

Nola G says:

Hey! I bought the exact same bikini that you showed at the end. Yes the back is REALLY loose but what I did what I cut the straps and turned them into ones that go around you neck, and then I cut some of the strap for the back and stiched my own loop for the hook. Plus it still looks really good. Bad news though for some reason I got different sizing so the top was a S and the bottom where a XS. But they didn’t except return which was really disappointing so I just paired them with plain black bottoms. Love your video btw! Xx

Kelsey Wu says:

could you do cupshe please???

Lisa Alvarado says:

Hi Jess!!! I’ve been trying forever to find a couple great swimsuits, not cheeky ones. I am so glad I found your reviews. All the great sites that have super affordable cute suits do not offer returns. I am currently looking at YOOX.COM, they have Italian designers and most are really inexpensive. Right now I like a few from Bikini 77 Beachwear, entire suits for $24-$46 dollars. Super easy to shop since they offer suggestions from the same designer with every suit you look at.  I am just not sure if the sizes are true, I’m a 4,6 ,8 depending on designer, usually 6 is perfect for higher quality designers, H&M runs small I’m an 8 but the bottoms sometimes sag…help!

Abby Barnes says:

Please do a Romwe bathing suit haul! I want to buy a bathing suit from there but I’m super worried about it because it doesn’t ship from within my country (it ships from China I think!) :))))

Noelle Candice says:

Love the second one!!

Emma Graham says:

bought the black one piece because of you! i love it 🙂

Ri C says:

super hot

Avery O. says:


Giselle Martin says:

You don’t like cheeky? They’re my fav and so much more comfortable not having the fabric always tugging on your cheeks. Can I have them? =)

bananacanamana says:

would u happen to have a link to the black one piece? the link is the description does not work

Alicia Mccue says:

How do u use the metal closure part in the back

aspirazeroum says:


Elizabeth Donnelly says:

You should do dresslink!!!!!

Aniya Simmons says:

what size do you recommend i’m skinny and tall

Ruby Muntz says:

can you do romwe

Kathryn Bridgeman says:

hi what sizes are these??? x

Cris caridad says:

she is so pretty

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