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In this video I try on a bunch of different bikinis and swimsuits from Wish that are only $3!! (I splurged on some and spent $6 haha but the prices definitely fluctuate so keep that in mind). I’ve seen videos like this on YouTube where people try on super affordable clothes and bikinis from websites like Amazon, Wish, Ebay, Romwe, etc. SO, I thought it’d be fun to try on some really fun looking bikinis from Wish!

Going into this video I didn’t have very high expectations because after all, you get what you pay for. But, I was pleasantly surprised at high nice a lot of these bikinis are (not too sure how they’d perform in the water so proceed at your own risk) I mean if we’re only talking about aesthetics and the fact that some don’t quite fit, I’d say for $3, they aren’t too shabby. There were some shockers though, don’t get me wrong haha.

However, watching this video back I definitely think that some of the ones that I thought looked “good” weren’t exactly that! 🙂 xx

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B I K I N I S:

White Frill Bikini:

Tan Bandage Bikini:

White Twisted Low Drop Bikini:

Red Low Back Bikini:

Black Strappy Bandage Bikini:

“Sabo Skirt” Bikini:

Green Push Up Bikini:


PACIFIC SUN – Nicolai Heidlas Music (No Copyright Music)

F A Q s:

How old are you? 18
What camera do you use? Canon 600D
What nationality are you? Australian

Hi There!

My name is Conagh Kathleen and I am a 18 year old Australian! My channel is all about my passions in life! I have always wanted share my love of health and fitness, all things makeup and beauty with the world. My channel will show many, many makeup tutorials, fitness information, vlogs, and any other videos that I think of! Stay tuned for a new video every week! (hopefully).

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Robert Martin says:

Your ass is perfect

Anthology_Ant584121G Peralta says:


nikta lohman says:

this make’s boobs grow fenugreek and body lotion let it rest for a week applay at night and let it stay on for the night

menny gameplays says:

She’s small but she’s beautiful as god could make her

Guido DJ says:

those eye brows… damn pls keep m natural you have such a natural beautifull look with those curly curls around you…

Ivy Maki says:

You look like young Taylor Swift!!♥️

leroy d says:

Ur amazing was looking 4 bikini’s for my gf and you made it look like they would look good on anybody

Sara Cdlove says:

Very hot!!

David George says:

You have those short underdeveloped Neaderthal arms and legs.

Heather Is cool says:


Lexi Day says:

These r cute …………………but like just imagine the tan lines

Ozkar Radovzky says:

You are soooo cute by the way!!! Ojos hermosos color nebulosa!!!!

Coffee Hutchins says:

Sorry #1 was the best.

Swèè kiiÑaaa beauty says:

حمد لله على نعمة الإسلام

Joy Lau says:

Your so pretty

Tank Dempsey says:


Anthology_Ant584121G Peralta says:


Mike Trujeque says:

Tilt the camera more down when doing reviews plz

ericsolojedi says:

U r so sexy don’t shame urself… big boobs r over rated

Sabina Christensen says:

Love your hair like that

Paige Bukowski says:

I like the green one

Emma Kernan says:

Your name is like an English person saying the name Conor

NZ Shares says:

How come all you stupid Bikini Bitches have 2 first names LOL as your name ?

mico bikini says:

• zeraca Women’s Vintage Tie Side Bottom Triangle Bikini Swimsuits (M10, Black)

noff says:

“if you have boobs” lmao I can relate


i do not think your size is actually small.I am not a hater of yours but i think you are just a liiiiiittle bit medium just to be honnest.

NZ Shares says:

Anyway I luv u xxx

Meli Xo says:

I liked them all on you! I noticed the vase about to fall too lol you can pull off a lot of different styles hun

fsantora says:

your cam isnt low enough

Maria Francisco says:

Thank you for being comfortable with your body and bubbly. It makes me happy about mine. 😉

Esdeath says:

be happy with your small boobs cuz there aint a swimsuit top that’ll hold big boobs properly…. unlessss it cost like 150€

PastaTheMaster says:

If your buying underwear or bra off wish(and if your allowed to return items if you don’t like or the don’t fit) can you get a disease or something?

Aesthetic Sprinkles says:

You made all of those bathing suits look soo good

Truth Exposed says:

OMG another chunky female doing a sexist swimsuit video. Disgusting!!

Ryan Mayer says:

6:54 for a goodie

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