Watch me try on 8 sexy thong bikinis from! Are they wins or fails? This thong bikini try on haul is new for me! I don’t normally wear thongs, but that’s about to change.

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larry ferrante says:

This is better than porn

Zykia Walker says:

Look at them brest

Eric Rait says:

You are so sexy and cute. It’s nice to see you having fun with your videos. So down to earth


Will you marry me? PLEASE!?! so gorgeous

larry ferrante says:

Boing!!! I love these videos…sooo hotttt

Zykia Walker says:

At the end that you going to do my dick

mark cassidy says:

It was hard to watch,i mean REALLY HARD 😉

Kat Wonders says:

Hey Guys! Do you want MEMBERS ONLY access to cheekier photos and videos? Become one of my Patrons and get in on all the exclusive action! XO

Zykia Walker says:

Look at that was

cbmirada says:

The black one is definitely my favorite, you look incredible in it

dominic hollon says:

Nice woman

Fabien Jonzo says:


STNeish says:

Oh lord…

Robbert van Brenkelen says:

So I just saw the first one, the white one. Let me just stop you there. That was perfection. And you say that wasn’t a fit? So what’s to come next? Wow. People tell me youtube is boring… But I ain’t shouting out. I go shush. shhhhhhhhhhush….

Paul Trekker62 says:

You need some sun Kat

odex361 says:

Nice Ass

JJ Gonzalez says:


Rober Nunez says:

Esra vieja esta bien buena ♥

barry crocker says:

shit your thong

Obi1kenobi10 says:


Doug C says:

The white one fits you the best and accents your body perfectly, but the color is wrong. You look good in the color blue and that on looks good too. Some of the others look more like underwear than bikinis. The leopard one looks great too. But honestly only a couple look like traditional thongs. Several have way to much butt coverage to actually qualify as a thong.

Tech Beta says:


Zykia Walker says:

Are you single

Shayke Speeer says:

DAMMMMNNNNN girl! You could make ANY bikini look good.

G.E.R says:

You are gorgeous

Jason Wayne says:

No tattoos either,
How Refreshing.

Zykia Walker says:

Look at that pusee

solngv8 says:

Nice bikini body. Your hips have the right ratio that makes the guys go nuts. The white is my fave.

Zykia Walker says:

Your sex sea

Chris Cole says:

Gorgeous body

James Marquis says:

Guys, had enough??? Embrace MGTOW!!! MGTOW is freedom. MGTOW is life. MGTOW-breaking the power of the pussy!!!

Jelly Belly says:

My eyes just lost their virginity

Killian Mackenzie says:

Well know I finally know exactly what the sweetest of dreams are made of!

Len Kleinschmidt says:

Will you send me a pair of these thong bikinis worn unwashed please thankyou

singo79 says:

Don’t know how this ended up in my suggested feed, but so glad it did! Wow!

Zykia Walker says:

G0hit me up

Chris Pierce says:

The black strappy bikini is by far the best and hottest. My god you are STUNNING

Len Kleinschmidt says:

There is NOTHING about you that’s like a boy YOU are ALL Woman you goddess sexy lady I LOVE YOU

Len Kleinschmidt says:

I want to thank you KAT for allowing me into your bedroom to see you wear these things and all else you show

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