Swimsuit Try-On Haul
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Here is my summer swimsuit try on haul for 2016! Enjoy! Let me know if you want to see a Back To School Haul?!
Love Channon Rose

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Chrissy H says:

You are the sweetest and cutest! Thank you for always being true to yourself!

friends in the skye says:

stop saying bad words.

Jaida LaRoche says:

i the pink one is perfect because u have huge tits

Z0mbi3Peach says:

the pink suit is business in the front, party in the back haha

Daisie Mauve says:

Rock that bikini GIRRRRRLLL

milfinu says:

I remember doing a few Swimsuit and Leotards try-on haul’s in the 80’s. Swimsuits and Leotards just flew over the dressing room door’s. I got so much compliments on how cute I looked.

Halimah Army says:

Love ur body girl. Ur total body goals !!!

Glass Eye Gaming says:

The one-piece swimsuit rocks!

Makayla Malone says:

she should do this again since she got her implants taken out

Alyna Tijerina says:

Love how you said I don’t care

Robynne Michelle says:

I think that the white one with the bull skulls on it looks absolutely amazing on you 😀 ! It’s so flattering 😀 !

Lacy 124 says:

Anyone order stuff and it still not arrive ?

Em Inem says:

What’s the eagle cover up called?

Emily O'Rourke says:

I love the blue reversable one!!! it’s my fav! ♡♡

Lester Nester says:

Your back is fine. You are human. You, like the rest of us, are flawed. Go forth, and be happy.

Rachel Rachel says:

I’ve heard that Zaful sometimes scams people. I know people that order from them and they get their order but then other times they don’t get everything they ordered. So I’m nervous to buy from them but their stuff is so cute!

M and M channel says:


america says:

what kind of surgery did you get on your stomach? :O

Talia Shayna says:

those sunglasses all look so good on you

Tomislav Vrdoljak says:

more squatss

Peacha says:

love your hair at this colour

Trisha B says:

Why is her back so discolored?

Anthony Madden says:

lay off the plastic surgery, you’re beginning to look like a clown

Tania Mo says:

Fuck that little girl it looks bomb

M and M Vlogs says:

I really wish I was your kid

Annya W says:

DAMN your body is amazing girl

Kourtnie Beherns says:

U r my favorite YouTuber ever I watch u every day and for my birthday my friend got me the book but we got in a fight and we aren’t friends anymore and im really upset about the book and u r a model ur so pretty and i know u work out and ur body look amazing ilysm

Prettypinkfro says:

You workout a ton huh

Jaida LaRoche says:

it looks like something an Indian will wear

Super Mega spararna says:

Mid life for her

Madeleine Barlow says:

“I wish I had a model body” *is a model*

Peyton Halpin says:

Why do you have scarring on your back?

Norah Williams says:

She’s going to be such a good mom

Jaida LaRoche says:

I love Gabbie

xoxocolee xo says:

if any one is gonna judge your body fuck them!!!! you fucking gorgeous no matter what inside and out !!!!!! can’t always get the perfect tan things happen !!! lol

Jaida LaRoche says:


Amy Mendez says:

Watching this after watching your most recent swimsuit try on haul and girll you’re body looks so much more different. Your hips are wider and of course your behind has grown so much compared to before. You look great, stay dedicated x

niamh langton says:

chonnon you always say things don’t look good on you but you look amazing

M and M channel says:

Channon rose I’m only en but I have seen every one of your story times and I love you you are my idol

Terri Carson says:

Not to be rude but are u 52

yuno_ANIME lover girl valdez says:

I love urbano videos OMG ♡_♡

Mia Farlow says:

are u talking about Gabi from Niki and Gabi


what’s wrong with her boobs


smokin body!!!!

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