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pieces mentioned:

asiah: large
everitt: large
brax: large
marie: large
pharr: large
skylar: large
mase: large
mia: large
diego: Large
hoodie: large
sweatpants: large


Gabriel Martinez says:

Just beautiful

Corissa Porter says:

Your body is so perf!!

Coffy n Clicks says:

best and cute video ever please full screen next tym….love to watch your videos all the tym…superb cute huge big thumbsup dear….love you so much…

Roro Reem says:

Do a hair tutorial, please

jootai says:

You are doing it wrong. The talking has to be the small window then the try on in big and elaborate way filmed.

antonioe81ea says:

Gorgeous body

Variete Digital says:

She looks like Nikki Andrea!!!

Francesca Colarossi says:

YOU inspire me girl. I love your confidence and beauty, it radiates ✨✨✨

king kapoor says:

i was going to subscribe but will pass on !! next time you to a HAUL please use full screen not small screen tab !! best of luck

Erika Gomez says:

Question what do you do about tan lines? Also do you mind sharing your bra size? I feel like we have more or less the same body type. All of these flatter u really well

Nell Monet says:

You have 0 hips and still look amazing. Goals

Joanna says:

All the swimsuits look bomb on you, so beautiful! I love the black one piece that looks like a two piece and I like the long sleeve swim top, perfect to cover from sunburn and keep my jiggly arms and rolls schmooth!

kelly says:

Please do a self tanning routine!! Your tan looks so natural and bombbbb

Mallory Powers says:

You pull off the high wasted look so well…skinny legend!!!!!!!

Natalie Kolar says:

I LOVE THIS!! I definitely have a curvier petite body type and I literally want to buy every single piece now! These look amazing on you. Such a beauty!

LickredUp says:

Wonderful haul. Got a great tan. Cheeky peeks were awesome.

Shyla Snyder says:

LOVE the black one piece with the middle cute out!!! soooo cute!!! <3<3

aobnoxious says:

Best ass on youtube!!!

Ashlynn Wright says:

Myra swim is amazing!!

Marissa Lyn says:

Your body is my body goals right here I just need a flatter tummy myself because I bloat hella easily since i have gastritis so it doesn’t make it easy for me to just drink those teas so slim your tummy so still trying to figure out what will work for me

henry filip says:

Nicki Andrea

Frances Harrison says:

Yes please do a vid on wha u do eating , exercise tips etc. I wanna know .. put me on .. cuz you r real & ur body is realistic!

oceanic815 ify says:

Full screen please.

Natasha Byrnes says:

Do you know if the lighter colours are see through?

ronnie lawson says:

You look a. Marvelous!

Grace Kellner Valli says:

Yes bitch work

Hasan Gunuc says:

Nice ass

Genelle says:

baby you look so stunning here!!!!

maracasboy says:

in a full view omg

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