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Maynardj says:

i could if she has a kid she is screwed she will be fat and never be able to get her body back period I’m a hundred percent right and very rarely wrong

john d says:

Wow have u lost weight with the shakes?

bookmarkthis says:

are you pregnant? says:

if you are doing softporn, you might as well do good videos that simulate sex, like a camera harness on top of you laying on yer back going back and forth

Kevin Feliciano says:

Great video this is my first time I seen one of your videos and you do a great job.

Adriano Aguiare says:

can I smash?

Donna Duric says:

Stepanka please oh please show your big boobies

mBLOOD42oz says:

what do you do to make money??

kane kadn says:

Lol!! You can see the huge difference in skin tone between her face and body. I mean learn how to put on some fucking makeup! Your face looks like a plastic doll or some shit. Still fuck the dog shit out if you tho.

Rick Gray says:

I would like to have a private setting and you show me everyone please

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Lyndsie Daniels says:

trisha paytas 2.0

polymorph self says:

look book is hwo thes eyoutubeers get $$ LOL nice fake tits tho

Tom Mcfadden says:

i don’t think anyone is looking at your eyes. christ you talk a lot.

Hunter Plumbtree says:

Absolutely beautiful, no fucking clue how you think you’re fat. If you’re fat than iggy izalea or however you spell it is obese

Raymond Mundt says:

I found your channel just today. It took me awhile to realize why I’m so attracted to you. You look like a Very Beautiful woman that I’m Still in Love with but she dumped me and doesn’t care for me anymore. You’re a Very Beautiful woman. Any guy would be more than Happy if you were their GF. So knock off the putting yourself down. Be Happy with the body you have, other women would Kill to have your body.

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She’s good at click-bait.

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Margaux Evans says:

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Mr Bill says:

yes your body is perfect quit being so hard on yourself you are hot

ANaza83 says:

DUMB and can be!

Steve Brickhouse says:

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WILLY G. says:

boring shit..

Edwlin Barragan says:

i like the way you look girl

Johnny Lee says:

Damn, you need to hit the treadmill and lose some fat.

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Sakil Sayyed says:

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you are a gorgeous woman

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Girls always want to lose weight when men just want a phat ol booty.

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