GIANT Summer Swimwear Haul from Zaful – Try-on + Review!

-Open me for all the info!-
[So I don’t normally make vids with my new hair before the next hair transformation is done, but I made an exception! So stay tuned for the HT video next week! :D:D]
The last Zaful video I did I kept mentioning:

Zaful’s website:
Huge sales for sports clothing:

Use code ZFP2018 and all orders with over $50 save $5, over $80 save $9, over $100 save $12
^Like I said, I don’t earn commission and none of the links are adlinks.

For all of the items:

For the individual items, in order of appearance:
Padding Bikini Set:
Self Tie Molded Cup Thong Bikini Set:
Tie Dyed High Neck Padded Bikini:
Ribbed Braided Cut Out Bikini Set:
Caged Bandage Bikini Swimwear:
Self-tie Padded Monokini:
Piping Tropical Print One Piece Swimsuit:
Abstract Print Cut Out Swimsuit:
Mesh Panel Bandage Bikini:

Mesh Panel Crop Sweat Tank Top:
Sports Bra And Mesh Tee Two In One:
Caged Strappy Mesh Panel Sports Bra:
Mesh Back Seamless Gym T Shirt:
Side Drawstring Sporty Shorts:

My measurements, taken right before filming:
Bust – 34”
Waist – 27.5”
Hip – 35.5”

Disclaimer: I was 100% flexing my body the entire time I filmed the try-on parts, so please don’t think I actually look like that 24/7, I super do not and only when I am trying to keep my body as tight as possible bc I am filming a swimwear haul for youtube :p

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FTC – Thank you to Zaful for sponsoring this video so I could do my favorite type of haul for you guys: a swimsuit haul!


Stephanie Sanchez says:

You can put the top from the last one bikini with the bottom from your favorite bikini. They would match and you wouldnt have to wear a bottom that will make you uncomfortable.

Esvenia says:

you can buy a bra „extension“ thingy for the hooks so it won‘t be so tight, try amazon or h&m. That could fix the cross strapy sport bra

Lorrane Rodrigues says:

Your body is perfect (;–;)

Tara Leavitt says:

They make bra strap extenders if you want to make the one that was too tight fit better you can try that they have the hooks on one side and the loops on the other side and come in all the colors you can find them at most stores

Amethyst Rain says:

I can’t believe that black two piece was a large……..who’s in charge of sizing at zafu?

YunaKitsune says:

These Bikinis are so beautiful :3 But none of them would fit me I guess xD

Gaëlle Carles says:

You’re beautiful, your style is beautiful, your dreads are beautiful, your face… And you have a f*cking perfect body !! But stop to hurt it

Tori MacLean says:

I know that , in Canada at least, you can buy bra band extension things at most bra stores. You might be able to find one wherever you are at the time to wear the sports bra more comfortably

Clementine lps says:

Do you have a mental illness? In what world does your hair look good? I’m shocked I actually want to stab my eyes out

Andi Burbank says:

for the sports bra that was too tight, you can buy bra clip extenders online, maybe that will help you out!!

Clementine lps says:

Who wants a girl who cuts herself and has no ass?

Jordan Rose says:

For the top that is a little too small, you can extra bra clasps which will help a lot and make it a little bigger

Мария Кононова says:

Hello again, this is your fonatka from Russia, the swimwear is very beautiful, you all go, you have cute freckles

розовая бестия says:

Love your confidence !

Maily Junet R.S says:

4:37 I LOVE

Tad 436 says:

I wish i had her face..

wild child says:

Ugh whatever you do dont erase your videos you are My inspiration

Eddy Levecque says:

hello kerosene as usual you are beautiful, top model, super hairdresser.a multi function, I hope you’re fine? I love your style I love you too. Big kiss.

Sharif Ali says:

I’ve come across this by chance don’t get this wrong, no matter what your wearing, it’s your body that’s making those swimsuits look good.

Big Booty Bitches 3000 says:

This is why I’m gay

4stringz says:

7:36 favorite look

Anna Reitenbach says:

a dance video would be nice someday. you are so cool 😀

ET the Alien says:

I love how she not just another pretty face by expressing herself through her style ❤️❤️❤️

1000 Subscribers with no videos?? says:

Babyy..i love your style
(Instrument plays)

Yacko Znk says:

11:37 :-* :-* wooooooaaaaow!!! beautiful

Duh It's Kaitlyn says:

I start school this Friday…. summer is literally non existent for me at this point.

T'Shay Stevens says:


Alex xtz says:

You rock them

dea 40 says:

How do you stay skinny

Andii Hölen says:

What do you do to have that pale skin intact? Sunscreen does not work for me.

Sir Luster Purge♂ says:

Why not have someone cut your hair?, like a friend or someone, so that way it can be accurate.

Silver fans says:

your bangs look weird

Neon Midget says:

Do you workout ???? if so …workout video? ^.^

Terbie36 says:

I’m sorry but that hair doesn’t become you. Your head looks like a dick with that hairdo.

Chey Silly says:

With the sports bra you can always get a bra extension for it.

Tuğfan Kahraman says:

Çok güzelsin yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Megan Louise says:

Meu Deus! Vamos nós casar? Por favor ksksk amei ❤️

RedRose41 says:

I have an online store suggestion it’s called Dolls Kill and you might like and any one who watching you

I kinda doubt you’ll see this comment anyway

the real pepe says:

If she had bigger tits she would have been perfect

Elena Delgado says:

I like them all, even tough i am your opposite and I can’t really be comfy in black bikinis unless they’re just bottoms paired with a non black top. I own a gorgeous black top that I barely wear because I don’t like it with black bottoms and i havent found a bottom that I like with it lol. Concerning the one pieces, I think they look grrrreat on you, in me the bottom is always too snug so I really liked the multistrapped one for myself!, in my opinion the zipped one looks better like half zipped, like a bit up from where the boob begins, thats my personal liking, it makes me feel like the zipper opened cause my boobs want freedom to scream “I AM WOMAN! =D” the last lingerie type bikini, imo looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you and I do have a TIP FOR YOU! since the bottoms already have an extra strap, you could try to get a similar strap and tie it from the top triangle rings (you get me right?) so that it goes over your neck, that way you solve how it’s kind of loose but at the same time it’ll just look like the bikini was like that originally. Since it’s obvious you’re like me, a sucker for multistraps, I think you’d love it and would look great =) so really hope you read that last part. Muak!

OG Lurker says:

New apartment? Show it off plz

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