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My Etsy Shopping Disaster!

Hi there! I’m Piper Blush, and this is a personal review of my experience shopping on Etsy for a crochet micro-bikini.

I often shop online for clothes. Usually, the pieces I buy from the web are one size fits all. That way, I’m not disappointed. I got the only possible option. Shopping online can become a lot more hazardous when searching for tight clothes, such as jeans or long sleeves. Also when looking for clothes that don’t have much fabric. Like bikinis and tops. You can never really be sure of the real size and how it will fit on you. Here you go, Online VS In-Store Shopping!

Please note that I am not sponsored, by Etsy nor Beach Bunny to make this video. I only give my honest opinion on what I think is best to do when searching for the greatest way to purchase a bikini.

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Life happens…

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Martin Deanda says:

With all due respect I would love a picture of yourself in something see through or even in your Birthday Suit Sweetheart , something to keep my day dreams of you alife and strong forever ,

Im a finger says:

Little bit to big

D00DManPerson says:

It’s amazing…. :O I love it

Chinmaya Dixit says:

Educational video wow piper great moves

Sam Bawlz says:

i think go smaller

Jose Elias says:

Goooooooooooooooooooooood daaaamn

DeathArcher says:

“wouldn’t wear in a public place ”
>wears it for the entire internet to see

Rav Ael says:

“I definitely not gonna wear this in a public place”

one punch says:

my whole take away from this video is etsy is a scam, don’t buy anything from etsy.

69 Troll master 69 says:

The bra is too big

vladimir makarov says:

Christian Channel !

G.M says:

Youtube promotes hoeing

Orestis Agathagelou says:

no no girl its fine I would tell u to take it in a smaller size

Vladimir Pejić says:

Waaaaait, disaster?

Ethan Garcia says:

i think it was the right size, imo.

Godly Horse says:

Kill yourself

A Goon says:

It fits perfectly (winking emoji)

Hidalgo Herrera says:

Estas preciosa

______ says:

it’s too big

EXTRA T H I C C says:

This video’s thumbnail. K.

TheEnigmaStyle says:

I like the size, very nice. Yes. That size might be just perfect miss piper. mmm, now that I think about it. Yours are just so much smaller than the model. The bra I mean. You really make it fit Miss piper, and me, blush haha. x

Martin Deanda says:

If you do by any chance consider my request of sending me pictures of you in your Birthday Suit Sweetheart I would greatly appreciate it and would Cherish you forever Sweetheart

Oholiska says:

I think it might be a little too big tbh.

Magma Games says:

I think that it fits fine

Jann Chavez says:

Your perfect omg

Roger VANLEEUWEN says:


Guillermo Ortíz says:

Papa bless

Ass Milk says:

Very nice size piper

Der Messias der Satire says:

Well I’m …….doing…… research

James Miller says:

I’m here from h3h3. I’m just going to speak on behalf of YouTube. This happened, and we the audience are letting it happen.

Quaweds says:

Frick sake… “I’m not going to wear it in a public place” Next minute posts a public video to youtube.

ladypyramidhead says:

Thank you for this educational video. I love learning.

Markus says:

Could be smaller

Lexi's Here says:


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