The C-String REVIEW …

hmmm, yes odd little thing…. I was supposed to do this video years ago when I first got it, but I never got the chance, so here it is, finally!

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Camera used:

Filmed on canon 600D with With Canon 24 – 70mm f/2.8 L

And sound by Røde Stereo VideoMic Pro!


Алекс Флиртошоп says:

лучшие с-стринги на

Podings says:

I watched this without sound, and your facial expressions tell me you aren’t very keen on this peoduct. 🙂

TechXSoftware says:

So this is how to put combine a String in the C programming Language…

mystuffisreal says:

Jimmy Kimmel brought me here

stanley cheong says:

i know it is availabe in  online at my place too  . should i as a man buy it

Janshevik says:

Maybe it got name from strings in C, which are equally incomfortable and cumbersome to use 🙂

J P.E. says:

Yeahhh…I would just go with seamless underwear if the design of whatever you’re wearing doesn’t reveal your hips. The problem is, some of the really sexy dress designs have extremely high slits or cutouts that would require something like this or for the wearer to go completely panty-less (kind of gross and uncomfortable). I wonder how those Hollywood stars manage that… google “Jaimie Alexander dress” or “Maggie Q black dress” and you’ll see examples of what I’m referring to.

FatherBootyHands says:

wow you are good looking

David Daniel Wouters says:

very insightful, I know these are avail. for men as well, but I dare not order one… do own normal thongs/strings though.. but how do you think male’s are supposed to wear THESE? mmm… with our uhm.. equipment shall I say… or and have you heard about, or seen those new one-sided sling thong thingies? the so called “String Latéral” I’ve seen some guys in an episode of The Only Way Is Essex wearing them and I was stupefied that THAT even exists…

Inspector Steve says:

Why would you buy that? Looks extremely uncomfortable.

vincent cartagena says:

Not to make lite of your first experience with a c-string but sounds like all that was missing from your day was to pee standing up thats a really fucked up pair of panties lol

dedpxl says:

show us you wearing it you dumb bung-eyed cunt.

RagonMouth says:

I was hoping she just show us with her wearing it…..

Хомяк Хомяков says:

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Anindita Adya says:

The whole time I kept thinking, it really looks like it’s a rad head band or something. If you just put it in front of someone who has no idea what it is, I doubt their first three guesses would be ‘underwear.’

Unworshipediety says:

I made a video response of sorts to this. It was done in good fun and yeah, hopefully you don’t find it too overly offensive. I just found the piece of clothing to be downright ripe for some comedy.

BoiseG says:

Why not just go pantyless for the evening?

vincent cartagena says:

Great Review Shorty Those aren’t really sexy pair of panties anyway but if your still interested in no panty lines i saw something like that but well you’ll sea for yourself
Ps.this is the third time i wrote this but i forgot what i wrote cause i had to get pic and video links i write it on my phone

etr news says:

Jimmy Kimmel brought me here lol but yea your a HOTTIE 🙂 

Chinmay Nayak says:

Very informative vid. I followed till the end hopping to see a little demonstration.. of how it works of course. 😉

pongespob says:

Barbra Streisand’s British clone reviews provocative beachwear. Next she’s going to sing “People”.

BestWatermelonEver Lol says:

Do they fall?

usergroupX says:

Wow .. wrong video.. I was looking for C string   as in C language string type

SuperSourDee1991 says:

your such an attention whore, your saying you cant believe your talking about it and you act all wierded out by it, but then there you are showing the internet how much of an adventurous whore you are

TheTiburon0 says:

It does look medieval. Something more for women to suffer.  Based on this, I wouldn’t get it for my lady.  Thanks.

Alex Dark says:

OH MY FUCKING GOD, I was searching for C language string syntax because I forgot which quotes the printf() uses – single or double, I end up here. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD IF IT HAS UNDERWEAR WITH SUCH IDIOTIC NAME

Jeffrey Figueroa says:

Lmao same here with the C string tuning. You are so pretty though! Just had to watch the whole thing

Your Dearest Danielle says:

hahahahaha I have totally seen this on the internet but I never thought of looking up a review until I saw yours! That is too crazy! I feel the same way, like it just wouldnt even stay on. that is crazy. I just dont know why someone would think this was a good idea to make. , Fashion is so crazy.

Mim Kuster says:

I was looking for strings in c and somehow I’m here now. Wtf

Marschii Marschkovski says:

Digger, was ist mit deinen Augen los?

Test Android Root says:

I am not sure where she is looking at when speaking to us

Badoww says:

you find it hard to say cooter?

Tiwaking Tiwaking says:

That thing is one fart away from nudity

Aaron Esparza says:

Aylike des video

vincent cartagena says:

How’d it feel to be a guy for a day lol feels like it was gonna drop lol nice review

Amaru amaru says:

Ugly of crap the least you should have put it and not make me spend my time

TheAquaStan says:

1… love your honesty about this crap product – great video…
2… you look Beautiful – you are a Natural – you every face expression is Sincere and Cute..
3…Fhuck  all the RETARDS and some of  their comments below –

Eduardo Aguilar says:

Can you wear that during pregnancy

Trevi680 says:

what’s wrong with ur eyes

mandy says:

Whats the damn point of this item>?…you might as well stick a band aid on your twat if youre covering up so little.

Daniel Grooms says:

Anyone else trying to program strings in the C language?

Дмитрий Харатьян says:

who searched, here is it:

Using CString

Visual Studio 2013 Другие версии 0 из 2 оценили этот материал как полезный – Оценить эту тему
The topics in this section describe how to program with CString. For reference documentation about the CString class, see the documentation for CStringT.
To use CString, include the atlstr.h header.
The CString, CStringA, and CStringW classes are specializations of a class template called CStringT based on the type of character data they support.
A CStringW object contains the wchar_t type and supports Unicode strings. A CStringA object contains the char type, and supports single-byte and multi-byte (MBCS) strings. A CString object supports either the char type or the wchar_t type, depending on whether the MBCS symbol or the UNICODE symbol is defined at compile time.
A CString object keeps character data in a CStringData object. CString accepts null-terminated C-style strings, but does not retain the null character in the stored character data. Instead, CString tracks string length. CString does provide a null terminator when it exports a C-style string. You can insert a null in a CString, but it may produce unexpected results.
The following set of string classes can be used without linking an MFC library, with or without CRT support: CAtlString, CAtlStringA, and CAtlStringW.
CString is used in native projects. For managed-code (C++/CLI) projects, use System::String.
To add more capabilities than CString, CStringA, or CStringW currently offer, you should create a subclass of CStringT that contains the additional features.

Peter Bonde says:

why is this video so sexy to me? 

Ricky Hicks says:

May as well be an eye patch review. Put it on…:)

Barbara Rose says:

We agree with much of what you say – Forget C-strings & go for normal seamless underwear or a Strapless pair (Shibue for example) instead – That said though, some people still are still buying C Strings! We’ve given you a mention in our C String review where we’ve picked 6 options for women and, yes, 4 for the men – – Thanks again for the review, hope you don’t mind us including it in our guide.

Gaurav Vadher says:

evolution of panty.. hipsters>bikini >g strings >c strings… I wonder what could be the next

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