Hello guys, I have always been so intrigued about clothing and bikins from Zaful, so I thought why not try them out for myself! I give my 100% honest opinion and actually end up being extremely surprised with the result! I really hope you enjoy x

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Everything I bought:

Ribbed Texture Lace Up Bathing Suit:
Smocked Bikini Top and Bottoms:
Low Waisted Padded Scoop Bikini Set:
Bandeau Leopard Print Thong Bikini:
Bandeau Lace Up Bikini Top and Thong Bottoms:
Strapless Ruffles Smocked String Bikini Set:
Strapless Ruffles Smocked String Bikini Set:
Tiered Bowknot Cut Out Mini Dress:
Slip Ruffle Summer Dress:
Ruffles Bralette Smocked Bikini Set:

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Vanesa Reyes says:

I really think the ruffled dress looks super cute on you !!

Olivia Finstad says:

One og the best zaful hauls I have seen, you just gave all the information that I would like! Thank you 🙂

Amy Davidson says:

where is your outfit from? The stripe pants and white top, I love xx

Sunnysideup says:

Very nice Paris, Please do Gymshark try on … Thanks

TheHarmandali says:

ı want to you married

Claudia Samoilenko says:

And what cleanser do you use?

Janae D says:

bummm goals af

Logan Williams says:

You have a great body.

Maddie Knutson says:

Dude, your butt is so evenly tan I am jealous omg

Justin Rausch says:

I think I love you. Are you single? Lol


super super video paris very nice binkinis good job im in minneasota have a good week

Andrea Ryan says:

The first yellow swimsuit top was upside down. Just to let ya know.

Peter Shainian says:

You did a great job at modeling the bikinis.

Kiara Georgiou says:

Girl i love your personality!!

Saniya Young says:

Does anybody know how to track their order on Zaful? When I purchased my stuff I didn’t get an email but I screen shoted the page where it confirmed that I purchased. But I’ve been trying to find where to track my order down or see when it’s coming but idk how to do it

crystal Saengmany says:

Thank you for this amazing haul! Loved the bikinis you picked out. Super cute:)

halle slyter says:

oml whaaa ur body is so perfect and ur skin looks so soft and perfect i’m jealous girl

Jayden Baird says:

That first dress literally looked like a napkin lol

Paris Brett says:

Hello guys! I hope you enjoy the video!! I was thinking about filming a general Q&A about myself so leave any questions you have below!! xx

jada whitley says:

Hey, where are your pants from in the intro they’re super cute!

Shar I says:

Why do Australians accentuate their R’s

stuff store says:

por que hay bikinis iguales en aliexpress mas baratos?

Francisco Perez Alconchel says:

Where does your outfit at the beggining if the video come from?
Where can i buy It in Spain?
Are you coming to Spain in a near future?
I’d like my family let to know you!

Kaylee Morgan says:

You are adorable! Love this haul, Im thinking about purchasing some Zaful bikinis myself 🙂

Aisling Cattle says:

what did the bikinis turn out like in the water? did they go see through or anything x

Claudia Samoilenko says:

What is your favourite summer activity?

Lindsey Lucy says:

I really like the color yellow on you it looks so pretty!

caroline bouldin says:

I love your pants in this video, where are they from?:)

Vampirucciah Vegana X says:

what size did you take of the bikini light blue?

Stella's Senior says:

Thank you this helped me so much!

Brooke lll says:

What do you do for your tan??!!


She’s so beautiful!

unverchase says:


Maggie Hummel says:

You have the best taste!!!

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