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Zaful Triangle Bikinis:
Yellow Pretty Little Thing Bikini:


Cesar Pallares says:

WOW! YOU HAVE A GREAT BODY! Congratulations!

Jade says:

I hope you had a good flight, how long is the flight to Bali for you ? I’m from Aus and it’s only 3 hours but I can only imagine how long it is for you.Enjoy your holiday, I loved Bali x

Patrícia Teixeira says:

Be careful if you use that Listerine for your oral hygiene…that’s like bomb for your gums and teeth. By the way, can you please tell me how many days did it take for the Zaful bikinis arrive to your place?? Cause I’m from Portugal and I think it would be almost the same time… I love them on the website, I’m really thinking on order 2 or 3 of them.
Have a nice stay in Bali! Looking forward to watch your videos in paradise 🙂 xoxo

Edmondo Cortopassi says:

you’re right, you have a nice little ass.

Amanda Iandoli says:

Thank you so much for explaining all your bikinis, I really love the yellow pretty little thing one and the triangle Zaful tops. I hope your flight is good and safe and cannot wait to see the Bali videos 🙂

Kathryn Patterson says:

Have an amazing trip!!! ❤️

Love B00ty says:

awesome, you are so pretty

Tubs & Dumbells says:

Enjoy Bali!!!! Can’t wait to see your next vlog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

sophielaa says:

Nooooo I love the stripey bikini! It looks so lovely on you!! Hope you have a fabulous trip!

Vanessa Janisch says:

I love how you’re taking more bikinis on holiday than I have in total haha. Super envious of your collection

rrobotman says:

Hope you have an amazing holiday.

PositiveVibes says:

The red bikini omgggg divineee

fabifitusa says:

Do those gymshark shorts come in full length?

Brian Brewster says:

Good God u have a great ass!!

Cynthia Maria says:

Wish I had a body like yours!<3 Enjoy your holliday!

Imogen Giles says:

WHere is your be positive today too from?

Aristides Roman says:


Roy Thorne says:

I love the way that your face and attitude imply you are sweet and cute, and demure. But then you show your figure, and you look proper badass!! Epic musculature.
Enjoy your holiday.

Chuck Pickel says:

your so pretty and perfect that the ugliest bikini would look great on you.

Dre Dre says:

Sexy love your sexy ass

john doe says:


boing g g g g g

hadenough says:


- JstChini says:

When you said “with the pill ” did you mean birth control pill ? Sorry I’m pretty clueless but if thats what you meant i always wanted to ask which birth control pill do you take? and for how long have you been on it ? and does it affect your fitness regiment? and have you had any side effects or your overall experience with it ? Could you maybe do a vlog or chat about it as I’m considering to go on it but I’m very physically active with fitness so i dont know how it will affect me so id love a second opinion from someone who’s already in the fitness industry. oh and i love you and your channel <3 :*

Pikachu says:

Mijn god kan het nog saaier. En hier kijken dan 52duizend mensen naar. Omdat een middelmatig oogend meisje zonder tieten een bikini showed. En alle mannen gaan: Ohhh wat ben je mooi en jij bent zo perfect en ik hou van jou. Mijn god man je kan wel wat beters krijgen dan zo`n over het paard getilde blonde ijdeltuit. Krijg eens wat zelfvertrouwen man.

Vinod Tripathi says:

Those curves and bubble butt

Bethany Jayne says:

Hey Meg just wanted to say your videos are the only thing that makes me happy, I’m currently in a bad place and I’m very grateful for your videos x

Manuelgsx says:

Love it !!!!

Shawn Tramp says:

Your body is goals!

Alyssa Hunter says:

where did you get your lights?

Brad Castleberry says:

Thumbnail physique craazzy good proportions

Daniela Louise says:

I just have to say that you are such an inspiration! I find it quite hard to find fitness blogger/vloggers/insta etc. that don’t make you feel insecure about your own body. You are one of the few influencers that really motivates me instead!

Have a great trip!❤️

Dre Dre says:

Show more ass

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