hi 🙂 here’s a try on bikini haul for you guys!


$$coupon code$$


Spaghetti Straps Printed Bikini Set:
Low Waisted Cami Bikini:
Low Waisted Cami Bikini:
Reversible Pleuche Bikini Set:
Reversible Pleuche Bikini Set:
Reversible Pleuche Bikini Set:
Cross Back Reversible Pleuche Swimwear:
Square Cut Out Bikini Top and Bottoms:
Crossover Lace-Up Bikini Set:
Printed Off The Shoulder Bikini Set:
High Cut Buckles Plunge Bikini:
Floral Sequined Bikini Set:
Leaf Print Padded Cami Bikini Set:
Plunging Neck V String Bikini:
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snapchat: @supcaitlin
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layla says:

lol she did the tana vid bc she got 7,000 views and 24,000 subs

Miadaskate says:

God I love your body. Why as Asian girls so damn sexy?

sunbum96 says:


Joe Shmoe says:

Please do a video on how to shave your pussy.

Dayana Garcia says:

Half of this shit is what tana had on her haul wtf n she says so many random things…

Lexi Marie says:

The reason I found your channel is from the whole Tana drama and I’m so glad I did! I love your videos and you are sooooooo pretty!!!

Sophie Elsom says:

the cotton candy pink looks so good on you!

George Maxson A says:

i was from your “Asian Stereotype” video and click if this right away so…. which one were you in the Asian Stereotype?

seriously i was so shocked! no matter who and which one are u in the video, the small girl or the girl wearing glasses PUBERTY is really…. all I’m saying is you lool good!!! keep up the work.

alexia m says:

oml dude you’re so beautiful!!!!!!!

Anna Huang says:

Hey girl what’s ur size for the bikinis?

Caitlin warren says:

I’m really skinny and I hate it because I wish I was curvy but your confidence and how good you look make me feel better

emz chinx says:

when are you going to do car vlogsss

Jackelyn Conway says:

soo cute! ive ordered from them a longgg time ago and i still havent gotten any thing 🙁

Julia B. says:

I literally heard when everything fell and I wondered if you were okay lmao

Chogyel Ye says:

talk slow

Riya Belani says:

You could totally wear the orange one piece as a body suit with jeans

Roman Fox says:

What’s with asian chicks being against doing stomach exercises?

nedar giordano says:

your so gorgeous, wow. human doll.

Dayana Garcia says:

Half of this shit is what tana had on her haul wtf n she says so many random things…

nedar giordano says:

Your gorgeous, I would love to cover you.

elise goth says:

Found you through the tana drama, and I already love you haha <3

xiAknight001 says:

id take a bullet for u

Noelle Saenz says:

where’s your bralette from?


Are you Hmong btw? You look like it but I couldn’t find your last name to make sure haha.

Erin Morgan says:

hey @retrogirl this is that annoying bitch that tried to get views by using tanas name saying tana scammed her

DJVaza says:

That was Legendary ^^

Liv Kugel says:

Great video ☺ I love your style x

Melissa Lucy says:

I’m in love with your Channel! (: new subscriber here

Artisthe Best says:

please do another chit chat grwm! i love those

Erin Morgan says:

also stop smacking your lips

Leah Hovell says:

What size do you order if you have dd boobs but wear small bottoms:/??

Awkward Me says:

Your body is goals!!! Love the haul! My favorite was the off the shoulder cut out floral bikini! I’ve been eyeing that for awhile too! So cute on you!

Anna Rodriguez says:

You’re beautiful

katebetke says:

what sizes are these?

Butter Cups says:


Racheal Cook says:

get a boob job and you would be perfect

Skye Payne says:

try criss crossing the straps on the back on the first bikini you showed!

Felicia Rose says:

what size did you get for th off the shoulder ones ? did it fit well? 🙂

Madeleine Rose says:

I miss your videos!! Glad to see that you posted again :)) also, you could wear that last one piece as a body suit with jeans probably

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