CHEEKY BIKINI TRY ON HAUL | NEW! Forever Young Swimwear Bikinis

Watch me try on 5 **NEW** Cheeky Bikinis from Forever Young Swimwear! This cheeky bikini try on haul is one of the best!


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Rene Palacio says:

I love the last one.

Randy Gorski says:


hazyhit420 beardog says:

You can tell the perverts by they had to make a new profile to watch the post..

Robert Matko says:

Lucky bikinis

Focet Wigwum says:

Wow girl absolutely beautiful. You looked good in all. Nice

Chris Counts says:

Try on some heels with those swimsuits

ozzyg82 says:


Jim Atyeo says:

Hi Kat, In a world of people who are 0-10″s you are at least a 12. However, those eyes and your personality are easily 15″s. Thanks for entertaining us mere mortals.

Mickale says:

I want to eat your a$$!

flapjack david Beckham says:

Muito gata linda

Chris Testerman says:

I think the last one goes great with your eyes

Hashmountain says:

I love women that have those dimples right above their ass cheeks.

John Saunders says:


Irving Zisman says:

I would like to make a rape of this woman

Lucas Münstermann says:

The baby blue bikini was the best

Say Ten says:

Love your tits and ass

John Waldron says:

I want to Conker the World with you Hit Me Up

Michael G says:

I’d love to pinch your peach ;<)

Cachaceiro Cruzeirense says:

Essa mulher é um espetáculo

jon x says:

Nice body complete package

shawm3n says:

Peach pinch lol OMG you cracked my ass up.

Johnny Hearn says:

I have just found you on you tube and wanted to say you are beautiful and the lace bikini looked so sexy on you ty

Precisionmetalheadx says:

@Kat Wonders The light blue one looks best on you by lightyears.

Emanuel 25 says:

Hi kat whats your hieght and weight? Becauseyo have perfect body

Marcos Arboleda says:

U r Awesome


Wow so good subscribe subscribe ad me now

Kat Wonders says:

Hey Everyone! Which swimsuit did you like the MOST and the LEAST? I’d love to hear!! Also, check out the extra content on my PATREON page! xoxoxo ALso, join my LIVE BROADCAST on the new YOUNOW app! DOWNLOAD NOW —–> and search Kat Wonders! See you there!

Cecaer Zapela says:

marry me.. please. !hermoso angel!

Miss Naughty says:

You are absolutely beautiful and I adore your cheeky videos xxx

jameyjacade28 says:

Do girls even watch your channel?

Jose Gandarilla says:

You so Fine I will stick my dick in you

Rod Silva says:

U need start to show how far ur cameltoe looks from behind !!!!!!!!!!!

Internetlife01 says:

Gurrll damn how do you get such a bod because wow i wish i was that fit

Clément Hennuyer says:

U are beautiful

Timothy Haskell says:

I’m not trying to nit-pic, but it might a little more helpful if you showed exactly where the peach is being pinched.

Om Gholap says:

You beautiful in each and every bikini.

Larry Bedard says:

Peach pinch looks amazing on you! All of your suits show what a beautiful peach you have! Never be embarrassed by your perfect body!!!

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