Anna’s Amazon Unboxing of the SMALLEST BIKINI EVER!!!

Stay tuned to the end when I try on the Micro bikini for you guys!

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Muahhhhh Kisses on all of your bad boy parts!


tommystix87 says:

Why am I now just founding out about your channel? excuse me while I go binge watch your vids, lol.

Danil Pertsev says:


Узбекиан says:


Steven Goodnight says:

Nudity is ok on you tube as long as sex is not preformed. So change in front of the camera if you are ok with it. I am sure most of the men would not complain.

Orbital Drop says:

In a scene?

Danil Pertsev says:


jcbs says:

You’re so fuckin sexy.

michael firlotte says:

Love the first one you open wow

Holy Ski says:

That pink bikini at the end was my favorite it matches you’re hair and shows off you’re smoking hot bod. So damn sexy

CriepZy says:

i saw you on xxx site ur fucking this guy on table cuz u sliped milk on your tits:D

3364dean says:

ok i actually like that skull 1 piece lol seems your style and this IS Dean from your other placee lol 😛 2 thumbs up 🙂

James Roper says:

The red bikini looks great. I wonder how long it will take for this video to be taken down.

Shafos 4 says:

OMG! i could watch you putting on panties all day!

Rafael Aureliano says:

the t-shirt look cute on u anna

john childers says:

Wow. Anna. All of those items looked smoking hot on you. But you could make a burlap sack look good – just please don’t. Stick to the tiny bikinis and heels.

wolvie667 says:

anna do you also sell ripped fishnets??

Chris Burbeck says:

Hello Anna , I can’t to wait to say hello to you at the AVN awards . Your going to be stacking awards your so great !!!

Michael Shrock says:

love your tattoo on your back. very pretty

barawyne mapesa says:

anna you r hot in all those staff you r the most sexy gal ever saw

wolvie667 says:

those shorts Sexy as hell and love the dogs

Davi Santos says:

you usuals panties hot

David Houston says:

I hope it doesn’t come down. Dang your smoking hott

jerran sperarman says:

good video anna

Jonny M says:

Incredible Anna-fantastic navel jewelry too!

Simple Reviews says:

The pink bikini looks the best. Smaller, the better.

Samurai Fingers says:

I thought for sure this was going to be a wicked weasel bikini…too bad. You look fantastic of course, but the wicked weasel would be WAAAAAY tinier!

Rafael Aureliano says:

u look cute with the red bikini

fbennett11 says:

How do I purchase one of your used panties?

unclejemima83 says:

the skull one is great…like an sexy punisher or something :D… then the next two :O

wolvie667 says:

that “Fuck like a pornstar” top looks amazing on you makes your curves come out good,,

the guy says:

in response to your shirt….I do too.

peter shrek says:


Amin Perez says:

I like your spanish.

Tavish says:

Not to be a dick, but how can an 19 year old afford all that!!!!! Who’s card did he “borrow”???

michael firlotte says:

red is good with your hair

hallo4ever says:

That is one lucky dog…… :O

Tyson Trevino says:

That tiny pink bikini is my favorite

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