can it please be warm again so i have an excuse to wear these bikinis?

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business inquiries: peacelovecaitlin@yahoo.com

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Vivian says:

idky I feel like Caitlin acts so different and like weird or awkward in this video

DJVaza says:

Real Nice 😀 ^^

Hc248372 says:

Your body looks amazing! Please share what you did to lose weight (even though you said it was only like 5 pounds)

Rosie Glow says:

*rose gold? Lol

Erika Jayus says:

Lol girl that blue top was tooooo big

Teresa Nguyen says:

Such a helpful video!! I’m about to order the bandeau bikini set because it is so cute!!

Modified Curls says:

What size are you?

Sammy Martin says:

Those seem super cute but instead of describing in detail what the back looks like with 1000 words, just turn around, lol

emz chinx says:

Please start vlogging again

Krema Morasses says:

Great video

Micael Beem says:

What happened to your belly piercing?

Caitlin Burks says:

We have the same name. Spelled the same and all.

Miadaskate says:


Jess says:

Can you please start vlogging?

carlos canisales says:

Ur beautyfull love!!!

Alisa Le says:

Her teeth are so nice

mylifeasliz_ says:

Dude I love your fucking videos. You need to post more, make daily blogs

Kristina Le says:

what size did you get the white striped tube top in?

KenYiHimurA says:

No head = dislike

Erika Hills says:

U need food your hungry

Dd .Ee says:

Where’d you go

SGYS says:

glad to know that someone has the same problem!! i have small boobs too girl, it keeps me from buying so many cute stuff!! also depresses me extremely haha

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