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Rupert Saldivar says:

Hi casee you’re so gorgeous

Robert Haney says:

You are a great model !!!!!!!

Pamela Waskey says:

You can see your books thru your shirt on your night routine .

mickey kris says:

how much coffee do you drink?..

roaddjack2 says:

wow this lady has amazing curves pretty funny damn near perfect!!

Tommie Freese says:

Great try on haul. You fit them real well! I really like the white one piece and wish you showed how it fit in the butt a little more. Might be too cheeky though.

Walter Shade says:

I can sneak you into America now that Donald is running the show. I have a small shed outside my house you can live in. Text me your number. Let’s fucking make this happen.

genute vadeikyte says:

Actkiras bikini atrodo graziau

K.E.V. says:

great channel 🙂 I’m sure if you keep this up you will get lots more subscribers in no time.

Julia Arnold says:

What are you hip waist bust measurements for reference, hope that’s not weird haha

Gail Willis says:

You could get buried in those bazoomas and be very happy for the entirety of your life.

Eduarda Rebocho says:

Haha the brazilian song in the beginning totally matched tho

Steffen E. says:

very well explained and nicely presented. Best Reviewer on YT i think. Great work. keep it up

rachelheartsmakeup07 says:

your body reminds me of Holly-Daze Coffey on girl, you look amazing girl!

Ram Lakhan says:

goddess from head to toe!

Viking says:

omg amazing body keep it up casee

Liz Leticia says:

you are such a cutie omg <3 i love your vids and we almost have the same body type so this was really helpful, thank you very much <3 you got a new subscriber xx liz

Mario Herrera says:

Damn, your booty is crazy gorgeous hot. You have the perfect hour glass figure. The best part is your voice and stunning eyes. You are sooooo beautiful.

genute vadeikyte says:

man reikia kavos

Katherine Cole says:

You are probably closest person body wise for me to pick suits, but just in case what are your size stats like how tall and cup size how much do you weigh that sort of thing! Thanks

kemuael says:

I like the first black one with the zip at the front, the black one piece with the buckle straps at the back and the white one piece.

Kristen Chang says:

What Boob size are you?

Josh S says:

I know this is probably something I shouldn’t say but before I do I want to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous Casee. from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, amazingly sexy and I can’t help but to stare at your butt and your boobies, your face is amazing sweetheart and I love your eyes and your smile is just breath taking. but back to what I was gonna say what size are you. like 5 foot 5 inches and like 120lbs… I’m just trying to size you up with my fiance she is 5 feet 7 inches 125lbs and I like those bikinis so I was just wondering the sizing so I could surprise her with a few of them. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks sweetheart and keep up the videos. btw idk is if her boobs are as big as yours lol. So help with the sizing

Dan C says:

Lobe your swimwear hauls and try ons, i’d never get tired of listening to your sexy accent and looking at how gorgeous you are.

dominic Herrera says:

beautiful boobs

A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí says:

We uploaded zaful hauls on the same day! I love your picks! Makes me want to pick up more! Your body is AMAZING. xo

gus ngh says:

Best ass ever!

Gady Marcus says:

Wow looks so shining and sexy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

fabio bautz Boeck bautz Boeck says:

I wish sucess for your channel, you appear to be very sweet. Just don’t bother about the excessive comments about your body, it’s beautiful but you’re much more than that.

Natasha De rosa says:

The size of the white one piece pleaseeee

Sattler says:

just please dont yell!! & speak a lil slower, it seems like if you were hyper or so…no being mean at all, just asking & suggesting

David James says:

Lovely body. Can I request that you do the video in the bikini next time plz

Kat says:

what size did you get in the rose all day suit? what did you think of the fit

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