Testing straight maternity size 16, will it fit plus size 16? Finally a try on haul for you andddd it’s a big fat flop! I can’t believe such awful product is on the market.. Here is my experience as a size 16 pregnant woman buying size 16 maternity clothes!




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Check Dress:

Luxe Shirt: NA


Swimsuit: NA


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Lyla Catanese says:

Agree with you 100% every time I buy from boohoo it’s just rubbish. I always fall for it because it’s so cheap

Paige Doevendans says:

It’s soooo hit or incredibly miss with boohoo! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I’ve bought dresses from boohoo but I got them from the plus size range. Usually a size 20/22. Half the dresses I bought are now falling apart and I have hardly any clothes I fit into now. I feel your pain girl! Feeling 100% like a whale and having clothes that don’t fit you is the worst! X

jenna____ says:

How frustrating!!! I am not plus size but I can only imagine how annoying this must be. You just want to feel and look nice when your pregnant when u sometimes dont feel that way. I bought alot from cotton on when I was pregnant and just went up a few sizes

P Kemp says:

Boohoos sizing is definitely ridiculous, I am usually a size 18 but when I order from boohoo, to actually get something that fits my size changes depending on what I’m buying and even then it’s a hit or miss. If it’s something like a Simple tank dress I can get an 18 but if I buy a top I have to buy a size 24???? There’s no consistency anywhere.

Caity says:

Boohoo sizing is crazy! I am usually a womens size AU 8 (at Kmart, Target etc. for reference) But I have to buy size AU 12-14 from boohoo and even then shorts and jeans are sometimes still too small!

Love Kimberley Day says:

Love the jeans if they were the real get size lol I’m a size 14-16 and always buy a size 20 when buying from Asian sizing hahah

Mel Morgan says:

This is literally my life!!! I’m a 14-16 and boohoo clothes run such weird sizes!!! You’re beautiful girl! I’m soooo nervous to buy maternity clothes!

Chloe Marson says:

I feel like being a size 14/16 is almost the worst size to be. Because you are both straight and plus size but stores like valleygirl and temt don’t always Carry those sizes and most plus ranges sometimes only start at 18. I feel like the only places I can get clothes at the moment is Kmart or the op shop. Sometimes city chic but they cost a arm and a leg. ASOS seams to have plus size maternity but I would suggest trying op shopping

Stephanie B says:

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and had tried boohoo maternity and it left me in tears too I have body image issues and their clothing left me feeling like crap.
Just remember your beautiful and boohoo sizes are absolute crap

Jenna Askwith says:

Just discovered your channel! Love it!

What is your accent? It doesn’t sound 100% Australian xx

jez says:

I feel that boohoo do not actually accomodate to plus size women. They may have larger sizes but they do not fit properly as they should. They always end up too small or looking boxy and weird. I’ll never buy from them again

Just a melbourne mummy says:

Oh that sucks that it was such a fail, the idea of each item had such potential too. ASOS maternity is great, apparently fashionnova does their curvy and maternity range but I’m not sure what it’s like, I’ve never ordered from fashion nova before.

desi says:

Omg I’ve had this problem with boohoo!!! I’m actually a size 10-12 Aussie sizing and my god… I got stuff from boohoo (in my regular size) and I actually ended up in tears because I felt like I looked humongous. Worst way to feel when you’ve bought clothes thinking you’re gonna look stunning. Never bought anything again!!

jess s says:

Try asos maternity would love to see a haul from them and hear your thoughts x

Georgia says:

I think you should buy something more expensive and try to spend more money on something. Usually things that are better quality and material cost more so I think you should try that 🙂

MelEngel says:

I hate boo hoo it’s just shit. I LOVE yours clothing from the UK and they do plus size maternity 🙂

Rachel Hortz says:

Boohoo is a joke!!! I am plus size and the sizing are shocking i wear between a 16-24 in that website so you never know what your going to get it is definelty not consistent sizing.

You are beautiful, loved this video! Keep up the amazing work xx

LAURA says:

Boohoo sizing is wak

Sabrina Lyons says:

i honestly don’t know how plus size mums bought clothes while pregnant before the internet. Im a sz 18 and while i was pregnant a couple of years ago, it was such a pain in the ass to find comfy but cute clothes (that weren’t super expensive), i basically just had to rely on the asos maternity section (which still isnt v good for plus size mums) and the stretchiest clothes I already had on hand. its pathetic how companies just kind of presume plus size pregnancy isn’t a thing and don’t really sell anything for that demographic

X I says:

Jeans West does amazing maternity clothes – especially jeans! I had them for both my pregnancies (3 years apart) and I’m a size 16-18 and they are so flattering and so comfortable. They are a little pricey, but for someone who lives in jeans, it was worth it for me. Keep an eye out for sales!

Linda Soo says:

I’m not even plus sized and I find their maternity range horrible. Most of it was see-through and I was annoyed by how much was really short or bodycon. They really are not a good place for maternity clothes. I’ve found ASOS better but the more independent brands tend to be better.

caitlin kelly says:

I have never bought from boohoo, but katie, THANKYOU.
Because now, I will never ever buy from them ever because of your honesty, i am a size 14, and i am DISGUSTED for you, i feel like im too big for mainstream stores.. but too small for plus size.. ☹
Honestly try kmart maternity clothes, theyre actually the bomb for maternity!! Please please try kmart! Kmart maternity haul would be fabulous! ❤

Tyler Dwyer says:

I was a size 16 during my last pregnancy, I highly recommend the H&M maternity jeans, even the Kmart ones are good, I found them more comfortable towards the end when I got really big as they sat under the bump. Boohoo maternity is garbage, everything I bought from the maternity section was extremely see through and small!!

Jess Anne says:

I am going to be honest I lived in leggings while pregnant, and I just bought normal clothing but I got bigger sizing than normal and for jeans I had target or big w maternity jeans can’t remember but they were comfy

Demilee says:

Never had a problem with boohoo’s sizing tbf, usually spot on for me.

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