The Perfect Swimsuit While Pregnant!

Finding a swimsuit while pregnant is tiring! I’m trying to find the perfect maternity swimsuit, but it’s hard! I think I finally found one that I like! I try on a haul of dresses and swimsuits for pregnancy, so I can get ready for our babymoon vacation! Austin will be back soon, and I’m trying to relax before he gets here!
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RB B says:

Jess, I am this emotional about people leaving and I’m not pregnant! Sometimes I hate it.

Sara Fraterrigo says:

You should do a “day in the life of stella and maple” video. I LOVE the voices you do for them xD

A Childers says:

Those two bathing suits are perfect for the babymoon. You have all the coverage and modesty you want with just the right about of belly to showcase your sweet little one on the way. That casserole looks great. I’d have to use spinach cause my hubby hates broccoli. I’m sure Austin misses you just as much. So sending you peanut butter fudge would be a bad idea..

Erin M says:

Your brows looks great!!

Amber Trivette says:

Beautiful swimsuits, Jess!! ♥♥ Much love from a new subscriber ♥♥

♡ Jessica ♡ says:

Tomorrow’s my birthday and it’s so awesome getting to watch you guys the day before (:

kailin gillis says:

girl! go back and buy that adorable pokka dot dress!! You looked wonderful in it! Hope you have a productive time while Austin is away!

Kirsten Strother says:

Now I’m a green eye monster. You have no stretch marks. How do you do it Jess? My stomach looks like a road map from all the stretch marks.

The Omana Family says:

Love the swimsuits and the dresses are to die for. I will have to try that egg casserole, looks yummy and my kids would love it. Eeep so excited to see your baby unboxing, lol sounds like you received a baby in the mail.YouTube voice, “Hi, welcome to my baby haul!” Haha I have to light that fire under my butt and get this package sent to you, 3 toddlers does not make things easy. Eating healthy and getting some exercise are so good for your pregnancy, not just physically but emotionally. Good for you Jess, you’re doing great!!!

Samantha Linke says:

The time will go quickly! My husband has been gone for 4 months, on a deployment, and I’ve kept myself busy and just stayed positive! Hang in there ❤

Lorena Patterson says:

My husband went on a business trip on Thursday for 2 weeks! I got SOO MUCH done in two days. Planning on going down my whole list. I cried when he left, but I am so productive! Haha

T G says:

Everything looked great on you … pregnancy “dressing” is so much more fun than when I was pregnant, almost 29 years ago, we covered everything and maternity bathing suits were “ugly”, enjoy, you’re looking great.

Rebekah McDermott says:

I love watching your videos during your pregnancy because it makes me feel like I have a friend on the same journey as me because I’m only a couple weeks behind you 🙂

Owen Creed says:

The swim suit with the roses was beautiful on you.

Bobby Norman says:

Marie Norman here..
Try …awesome.
Thrift store on line. I know your about saving money. Be Blessed, love you guys, puppies too!

Jaime Brooke30 says:

The striped dress is pretty! Yay for non maternity dresses for now and after pregnancy.

Zoé The honest mum. says:

You really shouldn’t have soft serve icecream when pregnant! They hardly clean the machines and when they do they clean it with bleach! I was so sad when I found out because I love McDonalds thick shakes!

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