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I hope you guys enjoyed my first maternity clothing haul! I can’t wait to do more 🙌🏼

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Maternity jeans: size 2


Dress: (similar)

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Erica Carrero says:

I LOVE those jeans! When I had my son (almost 7 years ago!) I only ever found the full panel ones. I think they also make it where the panel is nude colored too so it will work under light colored tops. My one tip when you’re shopping is to keep an eye out for longer tops. Sure you can always go larger in a normal top, but the bump grows out and so it will make your top ride up in front if it isn’t long enough. Cami’s help with this also. I’m really excited to follow your journey! I can’t believe how fast you have popped! I was 14 weeks when I had my first ultrasound and still didn’t believe I was even pregnant aside from feeling sick. It wasn’t till a few weeks later that I really popped!

Shelby Witt says:


Carmel Supportbeams says:

New look for black maternity jeans !! Uk store but can get them online

Priscilla Delgado says:

Do you have an email where I could contact you about something personal? I don’t have IG or snap

ArielLadyMermaid says:

You’re such a RADIANT pregnant woman!!! And your personality is like SUNSHINE! I’ve been such a rain cloud since I found out I was expecting. You’re inspiring me to get up and TRY lol.

Brooke Brandon says:

Girl im the same way and everyone thinks it crazy that I only like to wear thongs lol

Lucero Urquiza says:

My new favorite word to describe things: gooey

Lizzy Dosenberry says:

GIRL! Im 21 weeks pregnant today, all Ive been wearing are leggings and dresses. I have one pair of shorts, I totally feel you when it comes to not wanting to wear JUST maternity clothes. I love fashion, and its hard to feel cute pregnant. Even though its one of the best and amazing miracles from God. Oh! and also, the boobs will keep growing girl! They will keep spilling out. My husband loves it, LOL

1310cheese says:


Sabrina Clark says:

Cutest bump!!

Brooke Brandon says:

None of those jeans are even long on you lol you must just like them short

Abisola Salisu says:

I was so excited when I saw your pregnancy announcement. One word of advice, work out! I wish I’d known the benefits during my pregnancy. Postpartum abdominal separation is real and is such a pain after baby. Work out, hit the gym, and eat your protein.

Sarah Searle says:

I managed to get away with normal clothes for approx half my pregnancy. By 20 weeks I couldn’t stand having jeans (even maternity) touching My bump. I bought 5 or so maternity dresses (cute ones do exist) and never regretted it! Some I could still wear after giving birth (I choose nursing friendly ones for this reason) but a 40 week bump puts quite a stretch into the clothes so mostly they are just packed away in case I’m mad enough to do it all over again!

Chiara Tanner says:

Kohl’s if you have this store near you

Amanda Kari Cunningham says:

How far along are u? I’m 16 weeks myself.

Darrah Nichole says:

omg i’m still geeking out. sooo crazy to see these videos from you!!! such a happy time. enjoy it love. praying for you guys xoxo

laura oconnor says:

Girl ASOS maternity!! They have jeans dress shirts, like not maternity with the weird sides! Like looks like normal clothes but maternity! Also follow Ashleyterk on insta she just had a baby has really great pregnancy advice on her blog!!

ssinlove1 says:

asos has black jeans!

gisselle gianni says:

T-shirt dresses !! You can wear them as it is or tie them up in a knot with jeans, leggings, or biker shorts as you get bigger. Its so comfy and cute. Hope it helps ❤

Carissa Welch says:

I found some cute black maternity jeans at h&m. not as cute as the blue jeans with rips, but the cutest and most affordable I could find so far.

Samantha Blower says:

Just cuff the jeans so you don’t have to cut them :))

Do_it_because_yolo _ says:

H&M also has great maternity Jeans!

Aiyanna Wolfe says:

Just a tip: I was a 0 in jeans when i fort found out I was pregnant. I’m currently 24 weeks and the maternity pants I bought when I was 12 weeks don’t fit me. So I would go a size up or two for future jump.

Kelly Biermann says:

If you don’t want it have to buy a bunch of maternity pants get a belly band and you can still wear your normal pants! I wore them almost my whole pregnancy and it was so much more comfy than the maternity pants.

S Harvey says:

Go to H&M! I don’t no if they still sell maternity jeans, but I saw some really cute black ones their before. Also, check clearance I have seen some for $10. Good luck!!

Amanda Kari Cunningham says:

Just wait till ur second trimester and u get as big as I am…I said the same thing I didn’t wanna lose my style but some days as long as it fits idc wat I look like…lol

Isabella Ruffolo says:

You should check out H&M they have a maternity section and even their regular line would probably fit if you just size up! Im from Canada but im pretty sure its the same stuff as the US

Linett Moure says:

I’m 5’1 and you look waaaaaayyy taller!

NinaRose Pertina says:

Talking about underwear is very relevant and actually kinda important when becoming pregnant. I learned something new, even tho i don’t plan on having a baby for quite some time

Sara Rahtz says:

Never heard clothes described as gooey lol know what you mean tho

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