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Cute Doggo says:

Congratulations on the new baby!!!!!

Mom2Lisette says:

Damn this girl moves fast. Broke up with long time boyfriend, got new boyfriend and now pregnant all within what? 6 months? 1yr? Slow down hun some time to yourself and your kids would have done you wonders

Rebekka E. says:

A big like for thus cute clothes <3

Kaja Lindsay says:

I’m so sad people are posting shit about her pregnancy and passing judgement to the point she needs to turn comment section off… there’s no recipe for a happy life. People are so incredibly judgmental instead of understanding and open minded. Ya it was fast but who cares!? She’s happy, her kids are happy, Frank is happy, let them be! Stop trying to make them feel shame about something so beautiful! Britney, you know what you’re doing. I wish you could turn all the haters off and not have to modify your channel because of some dumb ass bitches out there that’s so insecure in themselves they drag others down to make them feel better about themselves. They can go and FUCK OFF! Congratulations girl!!! So excited for you guys 🙂

KoolKat100067005 says:

If you don’t like her having more kids just for the YouTube and merchandising dollars, quit clicking on the videos. She can’t stop having kids, because that brings in more viewers and a bigger demographic to sell phone cases to. Shameless.

SimplyChristine says:

I know this had nothing to do with the video but since some haters, trolls, and asshole people have to be judgy bitches and ruin it for the rest of us who actually care and are happy for you! im making my comment her…
I am genuinely happy for you guys i cried watching it, please please don’t let these people on twitter facebook youtube Instagram anywhere make you feel like you can’t be happy about this excited about your news.

I def know what you mean by when you know you know. I got pregnant really fast with my now husband.
we met Jan , i got pregnant may , he proposed to me oct , i had her feb, and we got married may 2015 and guess what were happily married for 3 years and together 4 with 3 beautiful kids. i knew my husband was my soulmate the moment i met him. my oldest is by a different man (who was never in the picture since i was 11 weeks pregnant with her this man right her took her on has her own since the day he met her and he still does even with him having “bio” kids of his own now he doesnt care about blood he tells everyone she is his daughter and i see this in frank how he treats your kids has his own ..
congrats to the both of you britney
lol sorry for this long comment hope you see it 😉

StephieAck says:

Wow, they are quite high priced for swimwear.

Jordyn Denise says:

It’s interesting so many people have negative things to say about such positive things happening for her and her kids. Y’all are blowing my mind. Congratulations girl! You deserve so much happiness and I love how happy you seen with Frank. Low key can’t wait until he’s finally part of the intro. When you know, you know ☺️❤️

Beyoncé Pad Thai says:

Disabling your comments for the pregnancy announcement isn’t going to stop comments. You’re putting yourself out there so don’t be surprised when we’re all eye rolling at how ridiculous this is, bringing another baby into your very current mess. Smh… those poor kids.

ilianarep says:

She disabled comments on the announcement video and Instagram announcement picture. Then she disabled comments on Nolan’s picture cause people had to go there so as to comment. Now, I guess she’ll disable comments on this video too at some point cause negative comments start to build up. People won’t stop commenting..what’s the point of not allowing subscribers /followers to voice their opinion?

BecomingJohnson and Baby Bug says:

Seriously! You need to get off of YouTube and figure out what youre doing with youre life. Because you are not a role model to anyone anymore. You disgust me.

Crazymary Cobham says:

What’s wrong with you you already have 3 kids barely been with that guy now you are pregnant what is wrong with people omg what were you thinking really

crazylovingit1 says:

Just wanted to congratulate you all – so happy for you as you grow your family!

Malaika Whitfield says:

Thinking about all the people who commented before swearing she’s pregnant and me thinking they were crazy lol

Kate Dennen says:

I really hope things work out for them. However, I do hope that she’s just honest about everything instead of trying to sugarcoat it to make it look good. Just own it. Be like.. yeah I met him in April, we accidentally conceived a couple weeks or so later, and it came as a shock to us and we were really nervous but now we are trying to make the best of it…. instead of being like it was love at first sight and I knew having his baby a couple weeks after meeting him was the right thing to do bc we love each other so much blah blah. Just own it. Shit happens and people will respect you a lot more if you are honest about the situation.

Kelsey vlog channel says:

Here after the pregnancy video, where’s all the haters now putting us down who just had that gut feeling. You don’t jump right into buying a house that quick just after knowing someone only a couple-few months.
Congrats Brit and I’m sorry I can’t remember his name lol please forgive me.

Eve Fields says:

I came here after the pregnancy video to just say congratulations. I understand your “you know when u know” i met my husband in jusne started seeing and living together in august and married him November 14 2016. I dont judge sometimes u just know and some times it takes time

Jessica Colvin says:

So unfair that she feels the need to disable the comments in her pregnancy video. Probably doesn’t feel like getting all the hate comments on such a happy and beautiful moment. Point is…they look so happy so if you feel the need to comment something to bring either of them down at this time..just don’t. Let them be happy and let them just enjoy this moment together. Every baby is a blessing and they are in love and they will give that baby a beautiful life. Brittney and Frank if you read this..congrats to you both. So many well wishes for this pregnancy and a long long future of happiness together.

Noelle Lai says:

I’m due with baby#4 in January too!!! So happy for you guys and thank you for pushing through despite all the drama. You are still one of my favorite YouTubers and I find so much comfort (even though I’m a little scared for baby 4) knowing that I get to share this journey with you. Love you! ❤️

Kendra says:

What a MESS

MAV&MAMA says:

congrats britney, i’m beyond excited for you and frank!!

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