Hey loves
Can pregnant girls wear Fashion nova too ? Do they fit right ?

Comment below and let me know which outfit was your fav.
Please give this video a thumbs up if you like it / want me to do another fashionnova haul.

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Hey loves
In today’s video, I’m going to show you where you can buy really nice clothes that look expensive at an affordable price. Fashionnova is one of my favorite websites, where you can buy affordable clothes online. Fashionnova shipping is great as well I’m in Germany and usually I receive my packages within 5-7 days

I’ve listed the links for all of the outfits at the top so you can see them in case you liked specific pieces.

If you enjoyed this video please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up / also PLEASE comment down below if you’d like for me to do a fashionnova activewear haul.

Love you guys 💗



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Shonais Bynum says:

Can u do a house tour?

Ashmini Foo says:

U guys look like sister

autumnkat lives on says:


CHEVY BOY!!!! says:

Beautiful, both of u!!

Miz Timah says:

I wondering if fashion nova small is a true size small cause tiffanie you have more shape than me and I wear a small too

R Preston says:

I WAS LIKE….. HOW……. WHO?….. WHEN, WHY!!!!!!?????

Semaediong Asuaiko says:

Pls do a zaful bikini haul

Keenan Linear says:

I got scared I thought u was pregnant bae

Ezekiel says:

Not going to lie that song in the beginning was lit

Sarah Kollie says:

Love it

TheSweetestChocolate says:

Girlllll i had to stop my conversation at dinner to see if you were pregnant!!!!!!

Jana Cam says:

I never clicked so FREAKIN FAST!!!
Girl, I was like,
“Noooooo, DRE gonna TRIP OUT!!!! LOL

LaKeva Crim says:

I just started binge watching you. How tall are you?

Momma Love 3.0 says:

is that first dress that you and your friend try on In the Medium, what bra are you wearing. I can see no outline or anything like your not wearing one but I dont see nipple so you must be. I recently got an augmentation so all the bra that fit me are HUGE but i cant hide my nipps if I go without

bhad bhabie says:

yassss queen❤

L Dub507 says:

I love the striped dress and the 2 piece. Beautiful as always

Phazimamooi Momakwe says:

Nice body gal

Omar TMJ says:

wow… two gorgeous ladies. outfits are lovely.

ueno ocean says:

Thought tiffanie was pregnant. Not crying anymore. Stay sexy tiffanie

misunderstoodkj says:

@2:26 Tiff, what kind of undergarments do you wear with this dress to keep the underwear liner from showing?

xxtamia says:

trying to get more viewer huh, with the title

Stevo S says:

What’s intro song?

Amy D says:

you’re both so stunning !! x

JazmyneAlexandria says:


Mrs2u_ says:

Your friend look so adorable

ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV says:

Nice video my dear ,, the pieces are nice for a hip pregnant woman too.

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