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We’ve made it to 6 months pregnant! Feels like a little milestone! Weeks 22 – 24 of pregnancy have been the best yet! The pregnancy symptoms I’m having now are totally manageable! My hormones have ramped up a little, but they’re not out of control. I can’t wait to use my maternity bathing suit soon! Let me know what pregnancy products you’ve enjoyed! Thanks for all the encouragement & support!





📍 Phoenix, AZ


Newt Daily says:

I’m having trouble thinking of creative and unique ways to honor my kids in tattoos any thoughts

Lila Tate says:

I love your channel

Olivia Gordon says:

When she grows the buying stuff gets worse lol. My son is 1yr 9 mos and the amount of clothes and stuff I buy is ridiculous .

patty marquez says:

Hannah be careful since during pregnncy u cant use salicilic acid which is used in acne treatments

Jhun Cruz says:

Does it still help if I download a bunch of games then uninstall them immediately?

lizuruu says:

Hi Hannah! I just wanted to suggest a metal thermos bottle for your ice water. I went through the same thing when I was pregnant. I always wanted ice cold drinks. The metal thermos bottles keep your drinks cold for sooooo long! Like the whole day will go by and the ice isn’t even melted. They have lots of different styles, like different openings or drinking spouts or whatever. You should definitely check it out =)

Chatana23 says:

I’m so happy for you for everything going on in your life! And belly is really cute ^.^ Like someone said, it would be a great idea for a video if you and your husband thought of names

irma11189 says:

Ill get some games ! 🙂
that blottle looks cool! i want it!!!! here is so freaking hot!!! i hate it 🙁
im glad everything is going good! :D<3 <3 <3

Alexandra Dominique says:

love your tattoos! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and trying to find a swimsuit is a joke lol so thank yu for posting about one its been hard to find cute ones but i love the colors in that one! congratulations on your pregnancy! <3 xo just subscribed!

Erin The Insomniac says:

Congrats on your little bundle!

Hannah Halsey says:

You should do a what’s in your bag pregnancy addition!

Phyliciababy says:

Have you picked out the going home outfit yet?

ayidas says:

Hey Hannah I’m just curious – in a video you posted a few years ago you said you didn’t like swimming. I remember because you pointed out that you were different because most people seem to enjoy swimming. Just curious if that change of opinion has anything to do with the pregnancy?

Rachel Robles says:

I’m 37 weeks and before I got pregnant I loved room temp water now I neeeeeeed ice cold water or juice. if it doesn’t it just makes me gag lol

Vindie says:

I’ll download a few games 🙂 you should make a baby registry though and link it!

Valentino Ortega says:

second comment

G Rose says:

Congrats on your new house!

Kristyn Colonna says:


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