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Bravado Bras –
New Look
Jeans –
Burgundy Coat –
Black Coat –
Striped Flowery Shirt –
Vertical Stripe T-shirt –
Batwing Jumper – (Not Maternity)
Camel Jumper – (Not Maternity)
Red Jumper – (Not Maternity)

Jeans –
Black Cutout Top –
Spotty Vest –
Blue Swing Dress –
Trainers –

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We are family vloggers from the UK who are getting ready to become first time parents. We’ll be daily vlogging each step of this journey from scans, to decorating the nursery to our little baby being born. Enjoy!
Ebony x

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Hannah Seymour says:

I bought the exact same coat but in grey. Idk if it was a maternity coat it didn’t say on the rack but the fact that we have the same style is scary. Are you my twin?

Tasha Hollman says:

you look amazing! not too long to go now xxx

Karlie says:

You are absolutely glowing!! X

Mazzy G says:

Found this video so relaxing. That might sound weird haha

Janne Richie says:

All looks pretty perfect with u..

tashha says:

Ebony a actually think your like the cutest person alive

Berit Galai says:

Can you make a comment in another video on a bra that fits you? I’m 38 weeks pregnant and it has been really hard for me to find something good and comfortable. I find it hard to find something that fits because of my size, being small under the boobs and having a bigger cup-size. Right now I’m using a brand called Anita from Germany, and it’s good, but would really like to have some cheaper alternatives for when I’m breastfeeding and maybe have to change daily…

Ane Standal Thoresen says:

What does tatted mean? hahaha

Florinda D'Archivio says:

will you be vlogging in new york? 🙂

Kacey Cmeyla says:

I live in fort drum New York and it’s already starting to get pretty chilly here. Especially when the sun starts going down.

Sammy13454 says:

I live in New York and it kinda depends it dropped to 65 degrees then jumped back to 80 this week. I would prepare for both lol

Karina Bradley says:

It has defined been t-shirt weather here in NY! And a bit humid.

Meagan Culbert says:

I suggest layering in NY. The temp is constantly changing. Days have been warm but evenings and nights are a little cold. So definitely layer!

Danyelle Levesque says:

all of the stores are just moving their maternity clothes to the online store only here in america so i’m happy to watch this before I buy!!! I’m due in Feb 🙂 and short as well. 5ft !

- says:

Your hair looks super pretty like this Ebony❤️

rebekah maryx says:

what a rude woman i would have asked her what her problem was , your looking amazing ebony x

Emily Parker says:

I’m 5’10” with small boobs I have never been able to upsize and it be an option or not look like I’m a huge amazon. I’m jelous! You look beautiful like always fyi 🙂

Caylie and Tim says:

Tilly is SO CUTE!

Aa Artist says:

Thank u for the video. My body is similar to your. God bless x

Holly Yule says:

Go into the store don’t let that one rude woman stop you

Shyla Cater says:

Don’t return anything you really like that may be a little big!! You’ll grow into it in the last month or two!!! Trust me!!! Lol!!

Katherine Wright says:

I love the song playing as you tried on the camel jumper. What is it?

Debbie Spencer says:

Watching this and I’m not even pregnant ! Love a try on haul haha your looking well Ebony x

Magdalie Mexile says:

What’s totted? Not sure if I spelt it right

Bolt Life Family Vlogs says:

Subscribing to everyone who subs to us and comments done!

captain america says:

What’s wrong with having big boobies

Briony Tapp says:

When you said that you didn’t think anything would look good on you, you look amazing in all of the stuff you tried I hope you kept it all especially the cut out top and blue jersey dress!! ❤️❤️

Leonnie Howe says:

I have been looking for a maternity haul for so long as it is so difficult to find clothes that fit so thank you thank you thank you! I am 34 weeks and I bought a pair of black jeans from Dorothy Perkins at the beginning of pregnancy and was like they are massive, luckily I kept them because they fit perfectly now! So if you buy anything you think is too big right now, if you like it keep it because you are going to get a lot bigger haha xx

Bryony W says:

With the nursing top, you pull the stripe top up and the the vest slips down.
I can’t believe the woman tutted at you, I would have asked her what her problem was.
I’m 11 weeks and went to the antenatal clinic yesterday, I’m 23 and was the youngest one there and no bump at all, I felt so judged!

Anonymous Blog says:

The “thing that goes around your wrist” is called the cuff of the jumper lol

Janne Richie says:

Everything on that first bag looks perfect with u.. So keep it.. 🙂

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