ASOS Maternity Haul | Try On + Review

G’day Everyone! Enjoy my very short ASOS Maternity Haul. I’ve so many formal events coming up in the next few weeks and nothing fits me any more so I’ve finally given up and started buying maternity clothing.

Links to everything I showed:
Navy Jumper – (My least fav items from the haul)
1st Dress – (My fav item from the haul)
2nd Dress – (this dress comes in multiple colours other than just white and black on the website, but not on the app, wtf?!)
3rd Dress –

MY ADVICE: Purchase off the website, not off the app. There are SO MANY MORE OPTIONS that I did NOT see due to using the ASOS app rather than purchasing off the website itself.


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SoraIchigo9 says:

Oh Mary!! you look amazing in those dresses!! I wish you, Ken and the baby the BEST of luck and the safest delivery!!! 😀

Eclectic and Vegan says:

Such a beautiful belly! Youre glowing

Molly Sund says:

Could you not have bought the white and coloured it?

KrystalIceStudios says:

I’m so happy you linked everything in the description <3

Gracie Roberts says:

With that black lace dress if you got it in white you could do like a dip dye or fade from like a good medium blue to the white I think it would like really cute.

angeltheya12 says:

the use of really really and very very is really really funny xD

Willow says:

the black lace dress is so cute

felicia eberstein says:

You can always wear a colorful belt or band around your bust with the black one? 🙂

mythical.x says:

Awe you and Ken will be amazing parents :3

Egle Rymolaityte says:

Just return the stuff. The return policy for ASOS is amazing 🙂

Shanny D says:

Loved this video! ❤️❤️ xx

Diane J. says:

For the square jumper, maybe you could cut button holes big enough for a ribbon to weve through and have the bow lay against your back or even over your belly. The black dress can be mixed and matched with different ribbons, lace jackets, or accessories to make those stand out more than the dress. Just throwing out suggestions because May not have little ones yet but I know how it feel to spend money on something and it not be exactly what you were expecting. Sorry that this is long. Stay safe 🙂

Charlyn Wilkinson says:

I chose to watch this video because I wanted to know what you thought about maternity clothing items.  Thank you for showing us the items you purchased and the words you expressed.  I believe you helped a lot of women make smarter choices on what they should wear versus not wear.  I think you look great in all of the articles you showed.  I agree that the sweater is a frumpy looking but if it is something that keeps you comfortable, why not.  I am looking forward to the next video.

Kitiara Scott says:

Boohoo has a maternity section and they do really awesome sales ☺❤

Rachel-bonnie Moyle says:

mary, will you and ken be doing a birth vlog for baby L?
and will you do a baby shower vlog?
xxx congrats to you both, not long to go now!!

SuperMysticButterfly says:

you look lovely in them Mary.

molly Enderton says:

You are one of the most beautiful people inside and out, baby L is so lucky to be blessed with you as a mother!!!

Manyla says:

Your bump is so pregnant now!! You look stunning. Black lace dress-amazing <3

Amy McCadden says:

ASOS in the UK allows you to return for free, can you not do this with your order?

Emmy Quirijnen says:

*Mary wearing a red shirt* I’ve got a red thread.. I don’t know where that came from..

Love you Mary! You look amazing!

Rhaina says:

The last dress was a no no

Smol Dangerous Chicken says:

The final dress was so pretty! I hope you end up loving it!

SydneyFabxoxo12 says:

I Think that last dress looks great on you!!

Mellissa Reed says:

I wanna see big belly Mary wear that creepy shirt Ken got her forever ago. During Christmas, was it?

Kirstin says:

I have missed your hauls 🙂 loved this maternity version 🙂

jasper osgerby says:

why would u need structure on a baggy jumper ? what did u expect lmao

TheHerpsKeeper says:

Id use the first as a lay-around sweater

Platonic Purple Panda says:

You look so gorgeous and pretty in everything!!! That sweater is just unflattering for anyone I think.

Faith says:

Totally random question but what bra or possibly tape do you use when wearing the noodle strap dress? I’ve wanted to get a dress like that but never found any strapless bra that worked well and i’m not sure if tape would work.

Kim Niehaus says:

That dress you got that you were unsure of looks stunning on you!

HannahChristineStyle says:

That black lace dress is so pretty and classy! Love it!

One of those Fangirls says:

I think you can return to asos

Jennifer Ortiz says:

with the black dress, what about tying a pink, yellow, or green ribbon around the top of the belly area, under your boobs. to bring a pop of color to it.

Noemi Cavada says:

Maybe if you can return the black lace dress , you could get the white and dye it 🙂

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun says:

I am a UK 10 and I love the bodycon dresses on ASOS, like I always wear oversized shirts, I buy men’s shirts or women’s but 1-3 sizes too big since I hate my ass on show or my abdominal area on show, but bodycon dresses actually helped me gain some confidence with my figure.

Paranoid Flamingo says:

Have you talked about your diet during the pregnancy in a video yet? 😀 I’m curious! And I’m so happy for you, you’re really glowing!!

Lisa Ott says:

The color blue looks really nice on you. All the dresses looks really nice on you

Jennifer Bell says:

Could you put a skinny belt over the boxy sweater? Give it a cute empire waist? All those dresses were super adorable! You look amazing Mary! Love your channel and can’t wait to see you and Ken parenting. It’s going to be so adorable!

MedzMedic says:

Add some accessories to the black dress, like a long necklace, coloured shoes etc.. You’ll get rid of that funeral vibe! Great haul 🙂

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