Women Try The Burkini Social Experiment

In this social experiment, we got women to guess what a burkini is, without being told in advance what they were looking at and then try wearing it for the first time. Created by Aheda Zanetti to allow Muslim women to enjoy the beach, the burkini swimsuit has since been banned in France in many towns. Many people disagree with this new policy.

The burkini modelled is from Modanisa: http://en.modanisa.com/burkini.htm

Thanks to Tiffany from Garlic Milk: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3mV-QA24FqXivZNo03P2g


elsaeraser says:

The Burkini bans were not without reason in every place. In Austria they were banned in some public baths, because Muslim men and woman started to harass Nonmuslim woman to wear Burkinis to such an extreme extend, that those Nonmuslim woman stopped going to public baths.
Concerning France… well, go to the suburbs of Paris wearing a skirt and experience the tolerance of Muslims toward Nonmuslims first hand.

Cherry Rawson says:

came across this by accident and after all the ignorant comments thought I’d give people something to think about. now I’m not big on religion or anything but I know that Sikhism has some similarities to Islam my main example here would be women covering their heads on entering a place of worship and even just being out in public. so why as a society do we say that a Muslim woman covering up is dangerous but no one really questions a Sikh women who’s head is covered because that’s her religion???? to me it makes no sense and I know that there’s good and bad in every race/religion/culture so we can’t go around judging everyone for a group of peoples bad choices and examples

Melinda S says:

The comment section is so racist, islamophobic, transphobic and just toxic… God, I mean, can’t you just accept and respect each other? …
Well, I found this video great and informative, thank you.

Sadymond Johnny says:

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did anybody come in you yet? says:

Lose some weight.

Meelah Harper says:

the first one is not a woman is it

HotGame says:

fuck islam and ignorant supporters who know nothing about it

Melody Flores says:

I don’t put anyone down for their belief s and respect them . But i want the same , but i wouldnt wear it to swim in but maybe the pants n top as a piece of clothing they look comfortable . But i i do respect anyone who would wear it , there is nothing wrong with being modest . I am a christian and i am modest as well but i do wear tank tops n shorts but not shorty shorts or super short dresses but hat is other ppls rights as well . I just feel when it comes to kids and my grankids i don’t want them seeing womens private parts and they should have respectfor our kids n right place right time if they choose to wear un modest things

Melinda Weeks says:

I would feel more comfortable in that at the beach (maybe not the hair cover) but I always wear cover because I am thin and marginally attractive so that makes people think they can make comments about my body. I dont like it and have actually stopped wearing makeup to avoid additional attention from men.

Dominic Harley says:

”fuckin bitch”

Ner Spin says:

if you dont need. can i have it???

Cannibal713 says:

WTF, so Mohamed approves wetsuits. Just hope you’re not gay or non-muslim or he would want you dead.

MsBritnia says:

Someone please tell Lily that swim caps and modesty aren’t cultural appropriation. SMH

Gr¡ffy ツ says:

his(her?) makeup is amazing

Dan Goodfellow says:

Burkini should be banned just like Muslims should be banned every were

Walder Frey of the Twins. says:


Undercover_Secret_Agent says:

Thank you for this video

JJ K says:

Looks nice on the fat one. You’re in my recommendation feed bitch, deal with it.

Wil Adams says:

they should all of them be rounded up and put in camps.

Abigail says:

I really don’t think its okay to ban the Burkini, obviously but the fact that they made a woman strip down in front of everyone when its against her beliefs is just ridiculous, if they were going to make her do that, at least make her do it in private like it actually baffles me that they did it in general but, they couldn’t at least give her some privacy?

Al Syriab says:

Tard invention.

okaiden says:

the first person hot dang they seem so sweet and i feel like they could rock a dress??????

Melody Flores says:

I am sorry but why is that first person trying it on ? He clearly is a young man which is fine but he is not a woman !

ellie rain says:

While it’s ridiculous to implement a governmental ban on women’s dress, and it hardly represents radical islamicism, wearing a burkini COMMUNICATES – to your host country – that you don’t RESPECT THEIR HOSPITALITY – even if they are totally fine with this as some multicultural thing, even if it doesn’t immediately bother them. It’s what you are saying as newcomers to an established culture, to the WEST, which has a complicated history with Islam. Like you are ignoring people’s discomfort which you are causing for no good reason. All CUSTOMS and manners are learned during integration to make people feel less threatened, not more. It begs the question: Why are you doing it? You are demanding rights for things that make many citizens uncomfortable, while other immigrants are doing everything possible to be gracious, to deal with first generation difficulties, and make their hosts more comfortable. Immigrating to a new country, acculturating, is SUPPOSED to be hard. Everyone else faces discrimination and hardship. What makes you special? What makes you so confident, while others worry and fret and struggle – if not, indeed, the Islamic forces behind you, the 2 billion believers? It is you who force the association, because you fail to provide another explanation. Media might be too dumb or political. People are not.

You don’t wear something that makes hosts who take you in, anywhere, feel they might be judged. Even if many of your hosts ARE that open minded. Wonderful. Show some gratitude by not displaying a potent religious example of CLOSE-MINDEDNESS in return. Talk about feminine virtues and skills – nothing is more important, never mind proper or modest, than feeling out what makes people around us nervous, and tending to it. While the question doesn’t belong before the legislature, it DOES belong in the discourse. Women should ALL be talking about this, and working it out, since we know it will ultimately be a question of how many of US get assaulted by men who do not know the difference.

Also, you actually prevent the rest of us from practicing the most important COMMANDMENT in OUR RELIGIONS – that the People of the Book are supposed to have in common – taking in strangers. How do you take in strangers when they wear something you now have to figure out whether is meant as a slight on your own modesty? It makes it hard to be welcoming, even if we WANT TO. Because YOU introduce the societal question of PROPRIETY when we are near NAKED. On our own beaches, where we all have to trust. You force women to wonder if you ARE trying to insult them, why? For what religious reason, I don’t understand. Am I not modest in my one piece? You’re not praying, you’re swimming. If you feel too bare, wear a sarong. Or some SHORTS. It’s what women in OUR CULTURE do when WE need to cover up. Why would you do it religiously when ALL women feel MODESTY. Or don’t you believe that? Are you calling us immodest?

Wearing Islamic dress is cool, I get it. It feels empowering to have the most obvious patriarchal POWER represented in your SCARF. But YOU are discriminating, not us. Shouldn’t you feel responsibility to assure your hosts that they do, in fact, have nothing to fear from their newcomers? Why is their level of SECURITY, as women, not important to you? It is to every other culture. It has nothing even to do with religion.

As women, you know this. If you feel judged, or a woman in your space implies you are less than her, you cannot in return feel more welcoming. It is WRONG for a woman to open herself up to physical threat. So don’t make us feel vulnerable at the very moment we are TRYING to accommodate you, even though you choose to continue identifying with yet ANOTHER male dominated force as you enter our society. We cannot be open, or globalized, or accepting if you do that. You are causing some of the backlash, not those you unnecessarily made worry about global conflict – just as they took you in. In politics, men simply reflect the systems in place that WOMEN need, to do what is right, securely and confidently. When none of that is an issue, when we don’t have to THINK about whether burkinis will or will not increase non-Western men’s propensity to assault Western women, when that is no longer an issue, then you can wear all the burkinis you want. Take responsibility for the effect that promoting this kind of valuation of women has on emigrating men. Consider their futures, how you are making it harder for the MEN to behave properly toward Western women. Women are not oppressed by the hijab, or by flaunting chastity – they are the ones often being snobby and judgmental of other women – or getting off on their men’s judgment. Not modest. Nor is presuming to come on a beach, where people feel vulnerable, wearing little, and MAKE THEM SELF-CONSCIOUS.

You have been INVITED onto on THEIR beach, and then apply MALE religious condemnation of women’s sensual beauty. You are demonstrating how much more virtuous you are compared to your hosts! It also shows you have no CONCERN for the discomfort of those women. In addition, many of your men now look at OUR women as less good women than you. If you want to practice religion, go home and do that privately. Do not insult your hosts.

Noemi Violetta says:

Cela ressemble beaucoup à une tenue de plongée. voila la solution fini
les interdictions que toutes les femmes musulmanes s’habillent en tenue

Melinda S says:

The comment section is so racist, islamophobic, transphobic and just toxic… God, I mean, can’t you just accept and respect each other? …
Well, I found this video great and informative, thank you.

Amanda Arteno says:

ban that oppressive crap

Imp Again!~ says:

I’m not sure if this would be classified as a social experiment, so much as a self-exploration experiment? But I liked it anyway, really interesting ideas presented.

anissast says:

where can i get one to buy

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