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RC CGC says:

What’s great is that you are protecting your skin from sun damage but you should wear sun screen under your clothing because your clothing is does not have UV protection you should consider that

Sandra Mort says:

Looks comfy and easy to swim in. The only thing that I find curious is the preference for black. Wouldn’t white be cooler in the sun?

Kubiś says:

Well if u ask me i think she looks great in this vid 🙂 There are 3 types of ppl in this comment section, ppl being butthurt about her not showing her body, Muslim ppl being butthurt about her showing her body too much and ppl who respect other decisions, beliefs and privite preferations. In first and second case i have a question for u, why do u care so much if it’s not u wearing it? Are u carryng for her health, her nonexisting boob tan or her redemption so much that u have to write such comments here? Well i don’t think so 🙂 I think that u are trying to impose other ppl ur will or to prove that ur style of living is the only one right. In both cases it means that u are really arrogant, conceited and egocentric person.

reiluna010 says:

I absolutely cannot stand these outfits. They make ME feel uncomfortable to look at them. They also represent a threat to my hard fought liberties. Please stop wearing these cover ups.

Mizan Bandhu says:

i am Muslim

Supergirl D says:

Look at Hasan in the background

Farwa I says:

good video!

SabaA101xx First says:

She recorded on her phone bless

Aqsa Rehman says:

you should where black legins and a black top both lycra and then your swim suit on top and nobody can say you rant coverd

Sumaya s says:

Thanks for this! Really cool video and love your outfit Dina Xxxx

Kaneidare says:

I think a bit of sun on your hair is good for you.. don’t you think?

Gulalai M says:

so much bullshit a womens body is a womens body she may express it any way she wishes if that means wearing revealing clothes and bikinis then she may but if she wants to wêar burkini or something not revealing then she may i dont know what people dont understand

Aminah Abdur-Rahman says:

i never thought to wear bicycle leggings. shukran

MaidMask says:

comment section of this video = cancer
to all the lovely ladies who do prefer to cover up whether it be for religious or cosmetic reasons – ITS FINE! YOU’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND YOU CAN PRESENT YOUR BODY HOW YOU WISH!!!

Irreligious Person says:

There should be a higher goal for human consciousness. Not setting such base goals as putting a head cover on (even that is disputed since Islam is so vague on this issue). I can look upon a woman without wanting to abuse her or to belittle her. Why can’t anyone else? I’m not even religious. Surely the goal of the Quran for how people should behave is too low. This is because it has been written by man in the seventh century. Man made religion.

Olmcz says:

I just don´t get this. I really really don´t understand…..why would ANYBODY wear clothes when going swimming??? Everybody is talking just about laws (to ban or not to ban), but nobody is talking about the common sense and logic! You simply don´t go swimming in clothes. At least that is the culture and thinking in which I grew up and which I understand. And this goes for christian nuns also. Or for anyone else. It must be so uncomfortable. You cannot even fully enjoy the pleasant water on your body. So sad.

S Avgoulis says:

I’m not hating on anyone. Hate is a word you use so readily and wrongly.

Jordyn Reed says:

this is so cute! i love this 🙂 <3

Daniel Coleman says:

This is an awesome practical look! Great job!

Diamond says:

Asalamualaikum people, please learn to respect other people’s beliefs , if you don’t like what we believe in please just keep that to yourself, if you want to make it heard, please do it in a way that does not come out as rude. We believe what we know is good. In many ways. The rules that we have protect us from certain things, they always have a meaning…. If Dina wears the Burkini, why’s it your problem , same as the way she wears her scarf, if you think it’s wrong why say it in a hateful manner, if you really want to tell her say it in a way which is kind. But you can’t really judge because we don’t know her Relationship with Allah. Leave it to be. If we think it’s better than letting our private parts hang out everywhere, just because ‘it’s hot’ then leave it. If it’s better it benefits you. Thank you.

Regressive thoughts says:

So empowering to see a woman made to be ashamed about her body.

Abi Saddique says:

It’s so aggravating looking through these comments and reading all the negative comments about Islam and women being modest. They always talk about allowing women to wear what they want when they wear less clothes. Don’t you think that if we want to wear more clothes we should be allowed to do so I don’t understand why all these people have opinions on something that they aren’t even going to wear. Why don’t you just mind your business? The oppressors of our religion claim that we are being oppressed by it. Your hypocrisy is nauseating.

“Indeed Allah is with those who patiently endure”

Be patient my fellow Muslims and have faith in Allah for he will reward you with something far greater than anything in this dunya, Jannah

Send as much hate as you want I will not reply

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