Wearing a HIJAB on TINDER Muslim Dating Social Experiment!

In this week’s social experiment, it’s Muslim compared to Christian on Tinder: Davison created two identical Tinder profiles of a 27-year-old woman named Sara, with the same bio of “faith,” and the same poses, while dressing one in a Hijab and one in secular, modest clothing. The test: how many matches does a woman dressed as a Muslim get compared to an implied Christian woman?

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celtic celtic says:

Many Western and Western ass Lickers are hypocrites and prejudice toward Muslim.

klavier285 says:

Muslim men would rape you either way fool. Hope you’ll be proud when Hillary imports the same rapists Europe is dealing with, a real victory for womens rights…oh wait.

Gabrielle Tillmon says:

44.6%+63.8% doesn’t equal 100%

donnie ahoune says:

This is complete bullshit to further promote this garbage of “islamophobia” that simply doesn’t exist. 

Muslim women are not even allowed to date/marry outside of their faith, so why are you seeking men, whom, would most likely be outside of your faith for marriage/dating? that will be against the will of “allah”! Especially on tinder!

It’s always white liberals who think by defending people it makes them heroes..nope, you’re just a foolish looking retarded liberal.

vindicatorx says:

So, you can’t actually make any definitive claims as to why you got banned and yet here you are religion baiting.

deansusandylan says:

Could it be that somehow people found that by having a non- Muslim tinder account, that you were “not truly Muslim” and that is why you got reported, for “fraudulently portraying” a person, or for having a fake identity. The experiment would work better if identical twins, one Muslim, and one not, were to start their profiles and see what happens.

tpoppapuff says:

This is stupid on so many levels.
1) You dressed more attractively in the Christian outfit because people could see your figure.
2) Your profile got flagged because when the number of people saw you had two profiles, they flagged the fake one. Considering you’re whiter than Cool Whip, they assumed the Muslim one was fake. You can consider that racist, but they were also correct.
3) If you wanted to make it fair, you should have dressed as a nun in the Christian profile. Then no one can see your figure. Or dress as a Mennonite.
4) You said faith was important in both profiles, but you didn’t explicitly say Muslim or Christian. The Christian account says faith in it, but that can also be in the modernized, bullshit “spiritual” non-denominational manner which isn’t orthodox or strict unlike Muslim or Christian views can be.

TheHighBreadGuy says:

if u put it on right yes

FATIMA says:

Muslim woman don’t go on dating apps lol
most likely was blocked for ppl assuming it’s a fake account, or muslims in general just angry wif uuuuuuu for pretending 😉 lol

GrilledSoap says:

create a Muslim and a christian version…not a single piece of clothing or jewelry indicating Christianity. So what exactly makes the girl in the picture christian automatically?

Huntington1234567 says:

I’m not walking around with a goddamn floral patterned ninja.

Why has it become so objectionable, these days, to think female Muslims look ridiculous? They look… ridiculous.

Why can’t we just say what everybody who’s not a Muslim is thinking? Who in the fuck would agree to walking around in a fucking body tent, when it’s 110F degrees out, in the middle of a fucking desert?!?!

I’m supposed to think this type of mentality is a datable, mentally stable woman???

trid2bnrml says:

Perhaps the problem might be the dead Americans from the muslim woman who was here on a FIANCEE VISA. You know, no sane man would want to facilitate another terrorist attack, by being lured into a fiancee visa by a terrorist, even if she is pretty…dead is not pretty. So if you’re trying to point out how we Americans discriminate against murderous terrorists, playing the love/sex card to get into this country, YOU SUCCEEDED.

Hunter's Moon says:

You DO know that Christians are forbidden from having romantic relationships outside the faith, right? AND that in order to have a relationship with a Muslim women, a man MUST convert to Islam. Flawed experiment. Your bias is disgusting.

nikoli gogle says:

Muslim+girls = they DON’T date.
Girls+Date ≠ Muslims. (unless repent)
And God knows well.

Deathrider says:

You know, a LOT of people prefer a potential mate to be the same faith as their own. Considering the fact that Christians are the majority faith in the U.S., it’s almost certainly at least part of the reason for the Christian profile being chosen more frequently. Not to mention the fact that most users are going to realize pretty quickly that you’ve got two profiles up, and they’re going to ignore the second one. Especially since it’s obvious you were doing it as a social experiment. All in all, just a lame ass attempt at making a statement. And I say this as someone who is decidedly not Christian.

using tubes says:

so bizarre that a feminist woman is trying to be social justice warrior for muslims

Salah Usufi says:

This was a horrible message to send out. Muslim women respect themselves. They don’t go on tinder and hookup they are very misguided if they do. They date only to marry. And dating is very different that most people view it. It is supervised and public. Wallahi wise up people

Sin JB says:

this experiment is so flawed ……. since it is more likely the reason you got blocked is for having 2 profiles ppl aren’t stupid they obviously realized the two profiles belonged to you …… had nothing to do with the religion

007VitaminD says:

But Muslim girls don’t do the “dating” thing. So this experiment is just kinda ignorant.

Cuvello says:

It’s normal to get blocked if you have 2 accounts

Callia says:

Forgetting or leaving out a cross necklace? Sure, the hijab is more noticeable, but a symbol of faith for Christian Sara would have equalized the profile picture and experiment.

MontagnaMagica says:

“Would you give these two women the same chance at a date?”

Yes. I just wouldn’t date ’em!

LangitKe7 Sinema says:



This ‘experiment’ is abhorrent. There is no rigour at all and you were just trying to pander to Social Justice Whiners in proving racism. This is just an attempt to take a preconceived notion and put ‘data’ behind it – with a conclusion you already made your mind up about prior to this.You lost. This is a disgrace. Be honest – are you Laci Green / Anita Sarkessian / Zoe Quinn??

Bo Hector says:

Before I comment, I want to make it very clear that I am in no way bashing Muslims and am simply commenting on what I’ve learned in a year of research.  I’ve been retired since 2005 and that has allowed me to do serious research into man-made religions and man-made churches, as I’m a theologian and this is what I do.  After a solid year of research and talking with some ex-Muslims who are now Christians or Catholics, I’ve come to learn that the Muslim faith and way of life is truly one of violence.  Even the non-violent ex-Muslims said they left the faith and that life simply because it does teach violence & hatred towards others who are not Muslim even though you will never get a practicing Muslim to admit that.  They only admit to the teachings of violence & hatred towards non-Muslims after leaving the faith for fear of serious reprisal against them from other Muslims.  I think this could be the answer as to why your Muslim profile has been blocked?  My research into the Quran also proved to be that of the teachings of violence towards those who are not Muslim.  Sorry, but these are the facts after some serious research into this topic.  God bless and shalom.

ga gamba says:

This is a flawed experiment and verkakte analysis for several reasons.

1) Your Muslim profile is much more conspicuously religious than the “Christian” profile, which is better described as basic white woman of non conspicuous religious affiliation. You should have worn a giant cross necklace or something else that would have been equivalently conspicuous. This Muslim and this Christian are equally observant. You could have controlled for clothing better, either using a monochromatic garment or a floral pattern for both.

2) You should have covered what percent of Tinder users identify as Christian and Muslim in your defined geographic area. Atheists and agnostics should have been considered; as an agnostic I wouldn’t swipe right for a religious appearing person, yet I would swipe right for a person who claims a faith yet doesn’t appear to be overly religious. If your area has a low number of Muslims yet the account received a high number of right swipes from non Muslims this suggests people are much less Islamophobic than you suggest. Further, your report makes no mention of the religion of those who swiped right for both accounts. If you found many “Christians” swiping right for the Muslim Sara and few Muslims swiping right for the Christian Sara what would be your “interesting” conclusion?

3) Appears you failed to read the TOS. Had you done so, you likely would have had better ideas why your account was deactivated. Instead we’re left with your random, ill-conceived speculation.

4) After your Muslim account was deactivated you mention people who don’t conform to traditional gender identities having problems with Tinder. Yet your experiment was for religious identify. What may be true for one group of people may not be true for another group of people whose identity is completely unrelated. Religion is not gender and gender is not religion. When making an extrapolation it’s more sound to base it on like for like.

Moving on, had you researched Tinder better you would have learnt of it’s per day limit, therefore you needn’t have wasted your viewers’ time moaning about it.

Further, though you do not mention explicitly which account was created first, it is implied the basic white woman’s account was first made. This may be a reason why the second account was identified as illegitimate.

Moreover, had you read the privacy agreement, you would have learnt that Tinder can identify the device the accounts are created and used. Since you didn’t mention this detail in your video the viewer will infer both accounts were created and used from the same device. This may also explain how Tinder was able to determine the illegitimate account.

Reading your emails to Tinder we see that you lied, claiming you feared your account was deactivated due to your faith, which isn’t your faith at all. Since you are a liar there, what assurances do we have you are not a liar elsewhere in your experiment?

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