Understanding the burkini ban

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FRENCH CONNECTIONS – Thurs. 25.08.16: This week we wade into the controversy of the summer: the burkini ban. Several French mayors have banned the modest swim suit worn by some Muslim women citing public security and the need to defend state secularism. The local bylaws have sparked widespread outrage. Critics accuse the mayors of stigmatizing French Muslims and opening a Pandora’s box of religious intolerance.

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Haidy M says:

If a women is allowed to be topless then why can’t they also be allowed to cover up their body? French mayors keep saying that they’re freeing women from oppression and being controlled by men but they’re doing the exact same thing by telling women what and what not to wear.

William Sullivan says:

Gotta love how he contradicts himself as soon as he opens his mouth…

Mahamed Farah says:

The amount of dislike, is not about a faith, it’s about freedom of women, France have so many other things to tackle but why woman !!!

Raj c says:

Ban Quran in France

Nikola Tesla says:

We French are all for human liberty provided that you do as told. LMAO

misterawsomeman says:

France is retarded, Religious discrimination was always the start of communist and authoritarian governments. Also Burkini sales have only gone up by over 5x after the ban.

Gregory Foster says:

The French are clearly losing their mind. They are supposed to be bastions of freedom, like the U.S., but obviously they have become completely idiotic in the face of fear, and now bigotry.

Cody L says:

Religion is disgusting. Muslim teachings are horrible, I don’t blame France one bit, especially given the recent attacks.

kenektik says:

Laicite is about keeping government out of religion. So that people can practice their religion free from government coercion. This burkini ban is the opposite of that: Using government coercion to force people to be non-religious in their private lives. This is not laicite, but instead a radical re-twisting of the original concept.

justjustjustify says:

European women are stupid they think bikini is better then burkini,

wake up, you have been fooled by Satan and the pervert man of your society,

they only love you in Porn and sex related industries, because it is profitable

Blackrose 78 says:

Here is a little secret the French haven’t figured out yet. Numerous studies show Muslim women who cover up are lacking vitamin D. So it should be banned for HEALTH reasons!

Najma dolé says:

2000 the time everyone minded there own business. 2016 the time you offend everybody by everything.

Ife A. says:

Just let them wear the damn burkinis

Tylor Johansson says:

If you are a leftist socialist feminist ideologue you brought this on yourself.

Jon Smith says:

LOL the burkini was made as a inclusion to let women go to the beach not a exclusion to control our women LOL. that is so rich in irony and hypocrisy. hey Islamic Republic’s why can’t they just go however they want why do they have to wear them?

Great Choice says:

looking like a horn

Jason Lee says:

When in Rome, do as the romans do. Simple enough right? What would people in the middle eastern countries think when they see a white woman wearing bikini on the beach?

Tsai Jason says:

If you support Burkini, that means you support Muslims unfairness to the woman rights.

Leon Visa says:

If someone invites me into their home for dinner, I cannot judge or command the owners of that house to talk to me how I want or to look at me how I want and criticize their style of choise of how they designed their kitchen or livingroom.

I would be kicked out of that house before I would even know it. You simply cannot do this.

France has it’s own customs and traditions and those are the ones that no other islamic country would respect on their soil, France is a country of the FRENCH and it has it’s own soil. By that it’s own culture, laws and economy.

You as a muslim are offended? Stay away from France, don’t bully and show ironic arrogance, just stay away.

It’s that simple. France is not your country if you don’t want even Algeria, Marocco or Turkey to be like France. It’s very rude and disrespectfull

Stop bullying, terrorizing and stay away.

Liz Oliveira says:

this is crazy! a woman can go practically naked to the beach but cant dress modestly to the beach. totally ridiculous and just sad

NoIsaidposse says:

I don’t like full face coverings etc at all but this seems a bit crazy. Who cares if they want to be overdressed at the beach.

jam sam says:

what happens if a woman goes to the beach weary skiny jeans and a long top?

MomoTV says:

The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! This ban shows that France is really weak!

TheTheddi says:

What you need to understand is that christian right-wingers in France are incredibly intolerant towards muslims. France is the Saudi-Arabia of the west when they tell people what they can and cannot wear.

kenektik says:

France has had way more terrorist attacks than other western countries as a result of their blatant intolerance of muslims.

Shunning muslims from public life and public spaces is a recipe for social strife, conflict, and sadly, more terrorist attacks. You would think the people in Nice would have learned that. We need more tolerance in France, not less of it.

HeyThereBImHope says:

France is a mess, racism and islamophobia is disgusting

jam sam says:

french are perverts and want too see women naked

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