Trinidad Vlog 2 of 2 | Beach & Pool Burkini Fun


I hope you guys enjoyed my second Trinidad Vlog!! 🙂 Links below for the burkinis I wore in the video.


Black Burkini: Eleganza

Champagne & Pink Burkini – Amelie Champagne!product-page/c1xuj/d3fdc533-7195-c1b3-1ee9-2e8116f9efb4







Wildhoney says:

14:31 makes me think this girl is a trini!

RiFii Ali says:

Beautiful video and it was worth it cancelling a day of vacation to meet you ❤️❤️

Tom de Haan says:

I like the last minute of your vlog.., au natural, you look amazing, acne and all. I show my wife your vlogs, she loves them for your easy hijab tutorials, but you look amazing natural…., no neem to be ashamed.

Watermelon 0015 says:

I’m living for these vlogs,,,,, AMAZING
Love you Hanan <3

Odessa Singh says:

hey you came to my country lol. is that hyatt. nice rooms

wondering star says:

I think you look very glamorous in your burkini!!!!

Petite Etoile says:

You are so beautifull macha Allah. Love your beach style.

BehrooZ Abshar says:


MH AK says:

wow you are attractive

Aneesah Rashid says:

keep up the vlogging!! 🙂

ema lema says:

amazing vlog there!! btw can you do a video about you swimming with the burqini? pretty please? <3

rabya mulla says:

‘rock what your religion gave ya’ you go girl. ..really admire your courage

Jason A says:


Amina Ishmail says:

you are so beautiful where are you from. this burkini is nice.

noenoenoe1809 says:

salam sis where are the sunglasses from??

Maha says:

Great video!!

seyda acevedo says:

of course you look bett3r in your burkini!!!

amina diop says:


Sanchez Dumas says:

Wow!!!… you are so gorgeous i dont know if i can say that but. Sorry if i can say gorgeous and is bad

Nestan Abdraeva says:

assalyamu aleikum, where is your jersey hijab from?

mudderjen says:

why even go to the pool if you cannot go in because of what you are wearing? I dont get it

M M says:

i have a question: if this happened in a country where burkinis were banned and I saw someone being asked to disrobe or leave the beach, would it be offensive or rude to intervene and offer a spare oversized shirt and some swim pants? they shouldn’t have to change at all, of course, but if the authorities were really adamant about it, would it be acceptable?

Johanna Ponce says:

Love love the vlog.. So happy you had an amazing time.. You looked great you rocked it sister!

ee says:

excuse me..i am new in your excuse me to ask where r u from&where do u live&record this videos.

LeoNisa khan says:

I am from Trinidad, nice to see this

Shuhena Begum says:

ur burkinis are very nice

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