They May Take Our Burkini But Not Our Freedom

To all you ladies out there who want to enjoy being on the beach with your family or children, don’t let the current events of the Burkini ban scare you. We have as much right to stay modestly dressed as they have to wear very little on the beach. Last time I checked we lived in a Free World. And though there may be certain laws passed against the banning of the Burkini in some parts of France, does not mean you can’t just wear you’re regular clothes to sit on the beach and enjoy the sun like everyone else. Please press LIKE & SHARE with your friends and family to help give them a little encouragement to wear their hijab in confidence 💪🏼❤️

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Klara says:

How much skin someome shows is up to each women for themselves. Much love Zukreat

jaysavio d says:

The muslim world will always be in chaos because even a lady such as the poster would be considered an atheist by many muslims for her clothing, makeup, etc. Similarly men also taunt other men for not following the true islam..even the most liberal muslims such as Majid Nawaz, Ayan Irsi Ali, etc. are considered atheist by many muslims for fitting in well with the west..The accusations will never stop and thus the chaos..

Jeremey Williams says:

If God wanted you to be covered, you’d have been born covered. Our body is one of the most natural things on earth. It’s 3/4 water just like the earth. To say it’s evil is to say a tree or a blade of grass is evil.

Jesus Christ says:

I scratch my head over this time after time. it amazes me to see Liberals defend the Hell out of Islam AND yet go after Christians…..and I say this as a Liberal myself. How can it be ok to attack one Conservative group and NOT the other? in my honest opinion…BOTH should be spoken out against for their oppression on BASIC human rights….

Momi's Beautyland says:

Omg you two are so cute!!

Nour Mohammed says:

I am Muslim and I really support you I live in Arabic country so I don’t have harassment against my clothes or something but I really really support you may Allah please you

Zahra Wessam says:

شو جنسيتك ؟؟

Donna Gastin says:

I’d wear a burkini just to keep from burning.

Shani says:

To the people saying if you live in the west you should dress to please the west. you say that muslim women are oppressed because they are ‘forced’ to wear the hijab then what are you doing telling muslims what to wear. Isnt that being a hypocrite. you should be allowed to wear what you want where ever you are. Its your choice to be fully clothed or not. As for Westerners saying if they go to muslims countries and not being able to wear the clothes they want then most countries let you wear what you want. There are so many examples of this ie dubai and Turkey. The chances are non existant or very small of being stopped and told to cover up. learn to respect other people’s choices, religion, cultures and stop telling people where they should or shouldn’t live.

Hidayat Khan says:


GrayQ says:

and you call burkini freedoom? people maybe your country become to serius

david says:

The Muslim Australian creator takes a news crew not to Afghanistan (where
young Muslim women are poisoned and attacked with acid for wanting to
go to school) or to Saudi Arabia (where Muslim women cannot do anything
without a male relative as “guardian,” sometimes their own son) or to
Egypt (where over 90% of Muslim women have had FGM performed on them as a
“cultural” practice) or to Pakistan (where according to NGO figures,
thousands of Muslim women die in “honour killings” every year) but to
France… where Muslim women aren’t allowed to wear a swimwear variant
of the Burqa, a garment forced upon Muslim women by Muslim men with no
basis in religion but has somehow become culturally twisted in Western
countries to be a symbol of Muslim women’s empowerment.
What a strange, strange world we live in.  And a clear demonstration of how
the media has no clue as to the truth and real world context
of the stories they report.
And to Ms. Burqini – product promotion in the very place where a Muslim extremist ran over children just months earlier. Very classy.

Ruhama Khatun says:

Ugh I wish she posted more often

rose princess says:

great thinking

shabby says:

Good for you!! You are the most beautiful one on the beach! Who would have thought that the day would come when it is way more acceptable to prance around in your (basically) bra and underwear than to show modesty. To each his own but don’t judge one because you cannot understand how someone would WILLINGLY PUT A BURKINI ON! The ignorant people of this world assume that every woman who covers her hair is being forced to do so. That is stereotyping believe me, that is not the case. I do not cover my hair even though my husband wants to do so and after 25 years of marriage, he is still waiting. I personally do not know of ANY GIRL OR WOMAN that was forced to cover up. I am originally from Egypt and covering up is a choice and more often than not, a choice that is made by the woman.

Oh Joy! says:

dont try to belittle people. its their life. they can do what the hell they want. they can even bake themselves to death if they feel like. ITS THEIR CHOICE. WHAT IF SOME WOMAN FROM YOUR RELIGION SAYS THAT HIJAB IS NOT ALL. YOU SHOULD WERE A NAQAB TOO. WHAT WILL YOU SAY? If some muslim woman belittle you and judges you for not wearing a naqab what will be your answer then? AND BY THE WAY, WHERE IS THE YOUR NAQAB (THE VEIL ACROSS YOUR MOUTH)?

Rita Akther says:

Isn’t wearing a Burkini apart of your freedom tho… freedom to wear whatever you want?

Laila ErSej says:

If we have the right to go with little clothes and so on. Then why don’t we have the right to cover it aswell?

markie lalalalalalalalalala says:

there’s no reason they should have done that , taken away the burkini , that’s your guys idea of modesty why try to take that from you guys, sorry it can be so rough

Johanna Ponce says:

I stand with you! This is not anyone elses land/world but Allah’s!

Noor Alquraishi says:

?so u cant wear regular clothes on the beach

Penny Smith says:

I think a woman should wear what she feels comfortable in. I don’t think we should shame the naked or the dressed. shaming others is mean. you look so lovely. I hope you had a beautiful day at the beach and made wonderful memories with your family.

ankita misra says:

mam you look stunning

bushra h says:

A person can look beautiful and elegant even by covering themselves

Meelah Harper says:

so cute

kss taak says:

Oh god you look so pretty, I’m a Muslim pre teenage pls wish me good luck for my coming up Muslim problems

pat c says:

Lol , ‘it’s a free world’ , yes here in the West it is but in the middle East & muslim countries it certainly is not a free world. Dont bring your repressive middle aged culture here!!!!

Itra deenluva says:

Exactly, awesome video!!

hind sabri says:

can you please show us how did you make your hijab ? thank you

Zeinab Abdualah says:

I remember when I so ur son Sami in the park he was so cute mashalla

Salwa Hurzuk says:

I heard zukreat invent burkini.

Sentinel Weapon says:

you are offensive and obscene wearing what you are wearing on that beach!

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