Sub for more: | Joey Millar for Express UK reports THE vast majority of the British public supports banning the burka and burkini in UK according to a new poll revealing cross-party agreement against the head dress.

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Hashtag: #N3 Community Guidelines Disclaimer: The points of view and purpose of this video is not to bully or harass anybody, but rather share that opinion and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about the subject to encourage conversation and awareness.


psyence604 says:

Talk about bullshit. The majority of British couldn’t give a fuck. stop spreading hate you fucktard – UNSUBSCRIBED.

Baja Malibu Surf Report says:

ever see a Muslim surfer? I haven’t

Auntie Semite says:

Islamophobes are hateful scum.

And it looks like the people who want to oppress women are the ignorant scum that don’t care about religious freedom of women to choose.

andy hornett says:

I smell a rat – Survey conducted by YouGov = UK Government – it’s wrong to ban this for so many reasons…..and once that’s in place and the precedent’s been set, ‘they’ can decide what else they fancy banning while they’re at it….see how it works?!

DizzyDish says:

If they want to live under islamic sharia law then they should do it where they can have
all the freedom to live that way, NOT in a free society where just about anything goes and
it goes against the islamic laws.



. says:

*Instead of banning the burqa, can we ban the critters living inside them?*

James Swing says:

maybe they think if they ban them the might leave.

jaydeeinbriz says:

Burkini: No
Burqa: Yes!

NGUYEN says:

A nun choose to wear it.
A muslim women have to wear it
So just banned islam all together.

Jeff Wagner says:

Burkinis are anti west as is islam

Gary Phillips says:

I live in Asia and people wear these all the time. WTF. What about rednecks who wear there clothes at the beach

Michael Larson says:

about time

Marty McFly says:

When i see this burka burkini woman it somehow reminds me of all those people killed, murdered, shattered in pieces in islamic terror attacks. This is why i want this to be banned.

Joris ridder de van der Schueren says:

I agree with them on the Burka, the dress and covering the face, so only the eyes are visible. Burkini indeed you can relate to a wetsuit, so why forbid? Nuns in monasteries, they cover the head, but NOT the face, so there is a or, is the difference.

Ben Wharfe says:

if it covers up a chick with lamb chops and a mustache I’m pro burkini. cover em up

Gary Phillips says:

They need to ban ugly teeth. I had rather see a burkini than a British smile

CUCKSLAYER 3000 says:

Do they have bacon in the UK?


Jewish orthodox women cover up mostly too…
the oppression is by ignorant sheeples. same as when ignorant whites led to believe slavery was morally right

Auntie Semite says:

Muslim women can choose what they want and don’t need Islamophobic scum to force them to strip in public.

Boycott the TERRORIST ussa and APARTHEID israel.

Mary C says:

I think you are right. However, comparatively speaking, nun’s who join convents and wear the old fashioned habit do so willingly and joyfully. They are not born into it. I would compare it more so to the Amish here in the states. Google Amish woman’s clothing at the beach. We don’t ban them. It is religious freedom, but yes I feel its oppressive to women. I’m guessing if they showed up at the beach even in a modest swim suit, it wouldn’t be permissible to the men who run the show. Sad.

joe burkett says:

they need to ban the burka in the usa it drives me nuts seeing it they look like fucking ninjas thet look like their going to rob something i hate muslims

DieNetaDie says:

perverts want to see more than the woman wants to show

Colin Owen says:

I agree. Islamic women have enough to put up with.

david says:

In the news this week a Muslim Australian woman takes a news crew not to Afghanistan (where
young Muslim women are poisoned and attacked with acid for wanting to
go to school) or to Saudi Arabia (where Muslim women cannot do anything
without a male relative as “guardian,” sometimes their own son) or to
Egypt (where over 90% of Muslim women have had FGM performed on them as a
“cultural” practice) or to Pakistan (where according to NGO figures,
thousands of Muslim women die in “honour killings” every year) but to
France… where Muslim women aren’t allowed to wear a swimwear variant
of the Burqa, a garment forced upon Muslim women by Muslim men with no
basis in religion but has somehow become culturally twisted in Western
countries to be a symbol of Muslim women’s empowerment.
What a strange, strange world we live in.  And a clear demonstration of how
the media has no clue as to the truth and real world context
of the stories they report.

divcrfc says:

I support banning them here in the UK

IronThanatos says:

I also support this ban, Islam can keep to itself.


So they can wear that shit but folks get pissed when someone wears a with sheet

woden20 says:

Go to their countries and push your agenda, see how far you get.

I changed My username says:

You have to understand the women want to wear it no one is forcing them if they don’t want to then Allah will hold them accountable. The only country that forces woman to cover up is Saudi Arabia. Which you all call crazy and backward but the way I see it is if you force them not to wear it, you are no better.

Nite Explorer says:

I don’t think most women want to be on the beach in that repulsive outfit,. but their religion requires it and their disgusting egotistical men enforce, it case closed oh and it’s enjoyable upsetting Islamic Males

BIG TINZ says:

Look just don’t cover the face the rest is up to the individual.

Tim Taylor says:

You mean these heathens want to go to a public pool/beach and not have the common decency to show a little T&A… savages

Mel Horan says:

soon it will be the nuns too.. don’t be fooled all religions will soon be banned

Slavir Nabru says:

Right leaning, UKIP voting, Brit here.
There is nothing wrong with the burkini, it doesn’t cover the face. I support the banning of anything that covers the face in public spaces though. If it’s unacceptable to wear a balaclava when out shopping (and believe me it is, even a hoodie will get you kicked out of a lot of shopping precincts) the same should apply to burkahs and hijabs.

Might and Belight says:

Some ladies don’t have any choice but have to cover them self or they get a good beating after they get home by there husband.

ᗰᖇ.ᐯ TEᑕᕼ says:

If religion crosses over to open repression it MUST be stopped ! Repression under the guise of religion is a constant attack on freedom at every level — BAN ISLAM <<< !!!!

Albert Metcalf says:

Janet Yellen and Clinton should be made to wear a Burka , who wants to see them

Tyler M says:

I suggest banning the ideology behind the bee keeper outfit.

Zeno1999 says:

Banning may force these Muslim women to stay home, may get depressed, may even return to their country of origin.

Ivan Freely says:

Burkas should be banned *globally*. The funny thing now, ISIS is now banning Burkas because the British SAS is using their tactic against them now. ( and ) LOL

Here’s why:



Man disguised as woman wearing burqa kills 15 in Chad capital bomb attack


DizzyDish says:

Nuns do not follow islamic law. Women of islam are slaves.

DieNetaDie says:

Dear Gary, I know you are a deeply Christian person and I am a Hindu and it is so nice to see you standing up for the rights of other human beings of another faith to follow their religion and culture.

ChuckHydro says:

Good, then ban it. I don’t won’t any people going around where I can’t identify them, see what’s in their hands or under their garb. For all I know there’s a 21 year old Jihadist with a bomb vest under there instead of a woman, it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s your country and it’s time you take it back.

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