The ‘Burkini Ban’ Controversy

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barka says:

barka1 minuut geleden (bewerkt)What I don’t understand, that Muslims must not us, only if we also who follow allah and mohamed that thief and rapist, heck he did also called good things like sweets to children. but good, they should not, they find our girls but sluts because they consider them than to nude dress, and the Muslim woman should be all covered with clothing! our women are whores , we are also kafirs. infidels who must or should be also Muslim or death. and then they go between us that they don’t have to sit and swimming, we walk there half naked, some girls toples, and then they go up, is it  not haram?you must not join in, yes even though are you bullied, but not relaxed between onbelievers who almost naked for you stand , run, swim!!! It can cost you a place in paradise, and you know that you people are so afraid of hell is not a cosy place, just ask mohamed and all those other, such as bin laden and Hitler and stalin and lenin, all those people are in hell,you want to join them?So why swimming between nonmuslims that lay there on the beach,toples,drinking bear,smoking weed????O I dig it,you watch sniekie between – – islam is realy a joke!and they smell!real discusting,logic because it is on healty,you body must have an whole to frish up,but wearing a burka or nijab is so bad fore your hair,it smels,stinks,rot,even in the albert hein when they pay their shops they stink!!islam is not aloud to use odorex,or parfum,i mean the woman,the man is aloud to do anything and use anything!!what a fake believe islam,stay in your islam land,far from us the west society!!

Mia Nanor says:

In relation to the Scottish police though, Sikhs can wear turbans in the police force. In the UK uniform police are required to wear hats on the job so in that sense it’s not like one group gets to cover their heads and others don’t.

That being said, I question health and safety with the permission of head scarves. It makes it easier for someone to grab and hurt you.

Franz1987 says:

The French are idiots. We are going to end oppressive practices by oppressive laws-.

Daniel Fordham says:

i live in britain and when i was at college i wasnt allowed to wear a hat but muslim women were allowed to wear there religous veils. Why does that mean they can wear veils when i want to wear a fucking hat

The Vizard says:

If the woman who had designed the garment had not called it a ‘Burkini’ it would have no ties to Islam at all, picking on the women is easy, why not ban the male Muslim Jubba tunic ? I have seen videos of many hundreds of Muslim men doing there Friday prayers in the streets of Paris and blocking them for other people, it is the behavior of the men that needs to be addressed here, when they change, the women will change too.

Max Lake says:

that’s not a burkini.

Gayle MamaButterfly says:

Interesting how anyone could object to a bathing costume that covers up someone….I could see objections to topless swimsuits. Who really cares what someone chooses to wear to swim.

Kashmala Sayeda says:

No one ve right to look at our (women) body. ….and man you just ve shallow knowledge
….who gave you right to speak like that. …first investigate completely. …

mm12122 says:

14:37 – Do nuns ( BLOW PEOPLE UP? ) – No. Do Muslims – Yes, Big Difference Fin Tard.

M H. says:

If you claim that you love Freedom but you want to punish woman with a
burkini for exercising her Freedom, then just go ahead and admit that
you have no idea what the concept of freedom is !!! The french are
falling over themselves to restrict freedom of dress, let me remind
Monsieur le Mayor that égalité is also about diversité. the French are
the most xenophobic people in this world and I’m not surprised about
their hypocrisy , they’re great at it.

Tachytely says:

“What am I gonna do? Come in there with a gun and say take it off?” I don’t know Kyle, sounds pretty hot to me.

Tsai Jason says:

If you support Burkini, that means you support Muslims unfairness to the woman rights.

Luciano Freire says:

If those shamelessly submissive female primates want to flaunt their second class citizen condition, so be it, but they should do it in those countries where they won`t be estranged but rather praised for their choice.

Akram Al Shakly says:

there nothing in Islam says that women diffusion, in Quran the book of the women. verse (34) states that the men are servant for the women. Countries like Nigeria, Guinea, Democratic, Republic of Congo, Zambia and other African countries which are a Christianity countries, we see women rights are severely violated and women are covered up more then a lot of moslim counties like Turkey and Malaysia.

TheDajamster says:

And for the cultures who say that women have to cover up because some men just can’t control themselves when they see a bit of hair, ankle, wrist, whatever, Those men should be fitted with shock collars until they learn to behave themselves.

Project V says:

I’m a muslim and I do agree with that any woman who is totally covered is conservative but it’s not because her husband forced her to be fully covered it’s because of a religious reason not because she is a property. Exactly like what you said, Nuns are covered too and it’s for a religious reason so you can say that most of the muslim women prefer being religious and that’s why they are covered. They are not complaining about what they are wearing and they are okay with it so you don’t need to judge someone who chose what to wear. Also I didn’t like what you said about women are mentally deficient and that prophet mohamed said so, I think you should read more about this, don’t just pick the negative and say hey I found one!
Back in the day, Prophet Mohamed was walking and he passed by a group of women who were gossiping and saying bad stuff about other people and what he said meant that they are not religious and that they are immature because of what they said.
Hadith means sayings and the prophet said many things in many situations so don’t just pick what pleases you. you sound racist but you are trying so hard to hide it.

Crazy Unicorn says:

“if u show any skin it must be cover” and then “your wearing to much wear less” wtf people pick a side

vial.of.photons says:

French courts has repealed the ban. Now women are free to choose the oppression that has been internalized. Another win for Islam in the West.

GoldViolinFlutist says:

Burkini is basically just a colourful Scuba Diving suit. Is France going to ban those as well? Why don’t Muslim women who want to cover up just wear regular Scuba suits in response to the ban?

Seconic 1 says:

On the matter of inheritance in Islam, I read that women take “half” the amount because centuries back ago women didn’t work and thus men were and should have the full control of income. This is why men took more, because they worked, and women didn’t work so they got a “half”. The rationale behind this is clearly justified by men working.

Augustuvi Primce dea Vult says:

What, can i still wear diving suit in France?

Slashbash says:

Um, Orthodox Jewish outfits aren’t costumes if that’s actually what they are. Besides, what’s wrong with a grown man wearing a costume? I wear costumes for Halloween :/

Kristine Kruszelnicki says:

100% agree with your position! Refreshingly consistent! Your comparison to wet suits and nuns outfits truly hits the mark!

vial.of.photons says:

If Islamic zealots do not use intimidation to enforce their dress code, then I would agree that everyone should be free to choose. But they do. Therefore, the ban is necessary in order to balance things out.

Faizol Azha says:

Nothing you can prove here.
Waste your time,waste your speech talking about modernization and secular things.

mm12122 says:

7% of 1.6 billion – 48 million genocidal psychopaths. Can really f up the world.

Michael Ahonen says:

Classic sign of a libtard:
When they see Christianity at fault- Christianity is evil!
When they see Islam at fault- Religion is evil!
(They don’t want to single out Islam because they’re afraid of being “Islamophobic.” )

Chabert Garmin says:

up with mini skirts!!!

tim van der velde says:

IT’S NOT A BURKINI BAN IT’S A BAN OF ALL RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS really sad howmedia alwyas try to be as controversial as possible even if that means lying by holding very relevant information back

Sopai Chum says:

Islam sucks donkey dick, but to be free u can wear what ever u fucking want….! can’t wait until we get out of the dark ages!

jane25449 says:

not our problem. Let the countries decide without our interference.

Robert Weekes says:

Just ban the clothing that promotes the religion that has killed well over 100 MILLION PEOPLE throughout history (Islam).

Islamic Terrorists…
…killed twice as many people in one month (5000 in November, 2014) than were killed in in 350 years of Inquisition (2000-3000).
…murder more people everyday than the KKK has in the last 70 years (26 since 1945).
…massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 (1566) than the number of criminals executed by America in the last 40 years (1423).
…slaughter more people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials (12).

Fx Y says:

Have you every seen French men in their Speedos? Yuk. How about a Speekini? Then we can go to the beach without having to see these guy’s fat bellies.

Seán O'Nilbud says:

If one of those brainwashed scumbags in a burkini is around that means one of her owners is also around. They are advertising the fact that they have fucked up ideas about how much skin you can show without being eligible for rape. Allowing those filthy delusional scum to hang around real people on the beach is the same as allowing someone with a Jimmy Saville T-Shirt to sit on the beach watching kids running in and out of the sea.

Kylies sad little attempt to have some kind of one size fits all rule is just some kind of left over libertarian infection.

Micheal Jackson says:

I know guy surfers that wear something like burkini

anilkumar4017 says:

muslims are cunningly using freedom to destroy freedom that is why they are different from nuns and jews , no one throw acid in to face of a nun or a jew . but these vulgar minded muslims do. searching for sound logic is foolish because they are cunning

italian guy says:

he’s comparing people in water with shit on, and then people who are in there places of worship. then he mixes it all up. this shit head is so liberal it’s not even funny. more crap on this channel

JetsfanMrT says:

How is this something bad…if a woman wants to wear a “burkini” that’s her perogative (unless she is forced to wear it then that’s a whole other issue)

rambo man says:

at least there would no skin cancer for women

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